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Hearing Aids in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and on the Gold Coast

Did You Know You're Paying Up to $3,000 More for Hearing Aids than You Have to?

Here's the “Dirty Little Secret” Most Providers Don't Want You to Know...


Did you know that you may be paying up to $3,000 more for your hearing aids than you need to? It's true. And it's a secret many providers in Australia would rather not have you know.


We'll get to the reason for this in a second, but first, I wanted to fill you in on some facts you may not know, and that may be unnecessarily costing you thousands of dollars...


-- Self-funded clients in Australia are likely to pay among the highest prices in the world for hearing aids (but YOU don't have to...more on this in a second).


-- Providers who service BOTH self-funded clients and those enrolled in our government's hearing aid assistance program often are forced to charge YOU, the self-funded client, more, to make up for what they lose on clients such as pensioners.


-- As a self-funded client, it's incumbent upon you to seek out a qualified provider who does NOT participate in the government's funding scheme, so you don't end up subsidising, or essentially paying for, clients who are not self-funded.


So, what does all this add up to?


Self-funded clients are bearing the brunt of hearing aid costs for everyone. You're forced to pay more, for less, to make up for the “bread and butter” government hearing aid system for pensioners.


This isn't fair, and it doesn't make sense. YOU shouldn't be made to pay for THEIR inefficiencies.


That's where Value Hearing is different:


"I have been singing your praises to all my friends and would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone with a hearing problem...also the fact that you saved me over four thousand dollars on a set I had previously been quoted by my former supplier. Once again, Christo, a heartfelt thank you from a very grateful client." Donald Thornhill


"...I was unaware until then that my supplier was owned by one of the major hearing aid suppliers. Surely Value Hearing could not supply aids for less than the price I had been quoted? Nothing ventured, nothing gained I emailed Value Hearing for a quote...A savings of just on $3,000!" Stephen Smith - North Turramurra


"I came to see Christo after a less than satisfactory experience with another Hearing Service provider that was restricted to recommending and selling a particular brand. Christo's business is outstanding in the respect [that] he can compare and recommend the most appropriate aid regardless of the branding. He is not restricted by a parent company. Come and see Christo if you want outstanding knowledge and professionalism and an unbiased recommendation for a hearing aid to make your life easier."  Karen Moloney


We Service Self-Funded Clients Only...So You're Never Forced to Pay for Someone Else's Care


We service ONLY self-funded clients. So you never wind up paying more to subsidise someone else's hearing aids. Plus, because we're so highly specialised, we're able to fit many more hearing aids per clinician than the Australian average.


And these savings are passed on to you.


To keep it simple, our volume, plus our specialised focus, equals thousands in savings for our average client. We're not tied down by government schemes. We don't have to spend our resources dealing with their system. So we have more time to dedicate to YOUR needs. And because of our volume, you wind up paying less. We've been doing exactly that for five years, and we continue to grow, serving more and more self-funded clients who recognize the true value of dealing only with a service that recognises your unique needs.


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Here's the Real Reason We Can Offer the Exact Same Hearing Aids You'll Find Elsewhere for $3,000.00 Less


It's simple. Because we're independently owned, because we don't service anyone but self-funded clients, and because we aren't “tied” to any particular manufacturer, our options are greater.


It may sound incredible, but our clients are often able to get the exact same hearing aids that other providers offer -- brand new and the exact same models -- for $3,000.00 less than our competitors can offer. And of course, they still come with the exact same three year Australian warranty.


The hearing aids are the same, the warranty is the same, but there IS a difference, so let's be completely upfront and explain what that is...


We offer them at a fairer price.


Sorry if you were waiting for a big revelation. The truth isn't any more complicated than that simple fact. And the reason why, again, is because we aren't hampered by the inefficiencies that go along with participating in the government's hearing aid scheme.


In fact, we can often save you even more by using the latest hearing-in-noise tests to pinpoint your ideal hearing aids, which, contrary to popular belief, are NOT necessarily the most expensive ones you can afford. Imagine that! An honest evaluation and recommendation that's not driven by a need to make up costs on your back because we're losing out serving clients who are not self-funded.


That's what sets Value Hearing apart.


"...I recommend anyone go to Value Hearing as they really give you the best service." Denise Castillo 


"...Many thanks for all your help in fixing up my underperforming hearing aids. I had seen two others before you without much success. I congratulate you on your special skills and conscientiousness, which now have made my aids suit my hearing needs so much better." K E - Birchgrove


"My life has changed since wearing these little wonders. They are comfortable and I can now hear the high frequencies in music and appreciate the finer notes in life. I have recommended them to many people in my age group. Your very satisfied customer, Dennis Caldwell, Snowy Mountains, NSW."


The Best Possible Performance at a Price that's Fair


Because you're not subsidising others, and because we serve so many clients, our highly skilled and university trained audiologists are able to meet or exceed the best in precision and satisfaction in hearing aid fitting that you'll find in Australia.


We use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure the best possible experience. And of course, we back up everything we do with a full 60-day money back, no-hassle guarantee.


And once you leave, we continue to make sure your expectations are met. Our policy of following up with our clients every six months ensures that we can catch any problems early on, and do what needs to be done to make everything right. We're in it for the long run.


You simply can't find this combination of expertise, care, affordability and long-term customer satisfaction anywhere else in Australia.



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Offering You More for Less from Day One

Dedicated to Providing Excellent Service at Fair Prices


From the very beginning, Value Hearing was built with you, the self-funded client, in mind. Founded by an experienced Australian audiologist, we took the best solutions available and incorporated them into what we do, and got rid of the things that didn't work or that patients disliked.


The result was that we became an overnight success with our very first location in Perth in 2009. And we haven't looked back. We continue to grow, opening new locations around the country because of our commitment to putting customer satisfaction before profit.


Transparency and honesty in everything we do is a core principle at Value Hearing. And when we can combine those values with more comprehensive testing, more attention to detail, more choices, the best fitting techniques and more included extras than our competition, it's easy to see why we've grown as fast as we have.

More Choices Means You’re Always Getting the Hearing Aid that’s Right for YOU

Freedom to choose what is ideal for you... 

It would be ridiculous to visit a doctor who could only prescribe one brand of medicine. So why would you limit yourself to this kind of practice when it comes to your hearing aids?


It may not be widely known, but many clinics in Australia are tied to only a few brands, so even if there's a hearing aid that may be better for you than what they can offer, they'll never tell you. And some retailers are actually owned by a SINGLE BRAND. This limits your options, limits the quality, and very often increases the price for the very same features that can be found for less with other brands.


Value Hearing isn't tied to any brand, so we're free to recommend the best hearing aid at the best price, regardless of manufacturer. Our clinicians are not in any way incentivised to offer one brand over another, so your needs truly come first.


And because our clinicians fit up to three times as many hearing aids per month as the average clinician, we have more experience with more brands than anyone you'll find in Australia.

The Science of Selecting the Right Hearing Aid at the Right Price

Don't Pay for What You Don't Need


There's an old saying that “you get what you pay for.” But when it comes to hearing aids, this isn't always the case. Unfortunately, many providers and clinics would have you believe that a more expensive device is, naturally, going to be better for your situation. And with prices often varying by up to $2,500 per device, this can be costly advice.


Here's the truth about how evaluations work, and why the most expensive option is not always the best option...


First, any recommendation needs to be made only after a full assessment conducted by a qualified hearing professional, such as an audiologist. The reason is that no two people are the same. One person may need a device that helps filter out “background noise” or background conversation so that they can clearly hear the person to whom they're speaking. Another may only need help in hearing when background noise isn't present.


This can only be determined by a careful and thorough evaluation. Obviously, the hearing aid that works best for you will be determined by this kind of assessment. And even though this kind of testing is widely available, not many hearing professionals actually use them. At Value Hearing, we do.


What this allows us to do is recommend a device that does exactly what it needs to do, but that doesn't include extra “bells and whistles” that you don't need, and that can drive the price of your device up by thousands of dollars.


To us, this is selling you something you don't need just to make more money. It's unethical. This is just one of the reasons why we keep our options fully open, don't allow ourselves to be tied to just one or two manufacturers, and never compensate the professionals who work for us based on the price of the device you select.


To the contrary, we often recommend the most basic technology that will suit your needs. Then, if you find more is needed, we can recommend more advanced devices. But there's no reason to pay for features you don't need. And at Value Hearing, you never will.

13 Reasons to Choose Value Hearing Over Your Other Options

We know you have many options when it comes to your hearing aid provider, so we constantly strive to stand out with superior service at a fair price. Take a look at some of the things that make us different...


-- We give you up to 66 batteries per hearing aid instead of just the usual 6 batteries you'll find elsewhere. This means you have lower backend expenses, on top of the savings you already receive from our hearing aid pricing.


-- We spend up to two hours with you during your initial consultation compared to 30 minutes or an hour at most competitors. This allows us to completely understand your needs, the extent of your hearing loss, and all hearing aid options before making recommendations. We want to get it right the first time, and research shows that spending more time with clients initially leads to more satisfied hearing aid users in the long run.


-- We never try to “sell you” on a specific hearing aid because we'll make more money. Unfortunately, several of our larger competitors do exactly that. We determine your requirements and offer you independent hearing solutions, but the choice remains yours and you are never under any obligation to follow our advice or purchase from us.


 -- We offer full after-sales support for three years after the date of your initial fitting, rather than the one year industry standard. Thus, any visit relating to hearing aid issues or adjustments are completely free for three years, meaning you will continue getting the best possible performance from your hearing aids for years to no charge.


-- We contact all of our hearing aid clients once every six months for a hearing aid “checkup” and adjustment to ensure they are consistently getting full benefit from their hearing aids. Most other providers would only call you if they think you need new hearing aids (i.e. see an opportunity to make more money).


-- We offer free telephone and email support for the life of the product.


-- We offer you a choice of hearing aids from most major manufacturers available in Australia, meaning you will be able to get the best available hearing aid on the market at any given time, rather than being tied to one hearing aid manufacturer. Between 70% and 80% of our competitors are actually owned by hearing aid manufacturers, which severely limits your choices.


-- We use unique, individualised hearing aid comparison charts, produced by software developed in-house, that clearly compares the features of hearing aid solutions specifically tailored to your needs. This makes it easy for you to see the differences between your various hearing aid recommendations.


-- We give unique and fully transparent hearing aid quotes showing the chosen hearing aid's features, as well as fully explaining all of the features offered for the price. We never recommend features you don't need, which, once again, allows us to offer more competitive pricing.


-- We have no issues giving pricing by phone or by email if you have already been given a quote from another provider. We make it easy to shop around and even encourage it.


-- We offer after-hours appointment times on request


-- We provide services and procedures specifically designed for, and geared to, self-funded clients, rather than the generalised services and procedures offered by regular hearing clinics. We do one thing. And we do it very well.


-- During your fitting, we use only the latest proven real-ear fitting and verification techniques, allowing us and you to see exactly how the hearing aid is responding in your individual ear canal. By taking the care and time at the initial fitting to use these advanced techniques, we can ensure you have the best possible starting point on your journey to better hearing. Without these advanced techniques, which are far too frequently neglected in hearing aid fittings, you have a 30% chance of getting things right the first time. With our procedures, your chances are greater than 80% that your fitting will be perfect the first time.


Oticon is one of the most prominent hearing aid brands in the world supplying hearing aids with stylish design and containing some of the very best hearing aid technology. Oticon is one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Oticon is based in Denmark. They are commonly called Opticon by new users. Their range includes Alta Pro, Alta, Agil Pro, Agil, Acto Pro, Acto, Ino Pro, Ino and the latest small Intiga 10 ,8 and 6 Wireless hearing aids.


Phonak is a Swiss hearing aid company that is renowned for their technical prowess and innovation. They are one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Their hearing aids are considered to be some of the most flexible on the market and their range is second to none. Phonak's current range includes Lyric2, Bolera, Virto, Naida Q, Audeo Q, Nano iic and the revolutionary CROS aid. They have also just released a waterproof range of hearing aids called H2O.


Siemens is a well known German brand, who designs some innovative technologies. They were the first to introduce wireless technology in hearing aids and have also recently released the Micon Chipset. Siemens' range includes the Pure and Motion range, which comes in at 4 price points. They also have the super power Nitro range of instruments.

Gn Resound

GN Resound is a group company of Great Nordic, who is responsible for Bluetooth technology. They are a Danish company who specialises in making hearing aids that have great sound quality and unique wireless technologies. Resound's latest range is the Verso which is available wireless and non-wireless options at three price points.


Widex is another of the Danish hearing aid manufacturers who prides themselves on making hearing aids with the very best sound quality on the market. Their sound is often described as the Widex sound and it is often difficult to wean previous users off Widex. Their latest range include the wireless Dream 440, 330, 220 and 110 well as the slightly older Clear range of products.


Starkey is the largest American hearing aid company and specialises in making some of the smallest custom hearing aids on the market. They are innovative with their developments like sweep control and have just released their Wi (wireless) and Xino range of hearing aids available in 110, 90 and 70 variants. Starkey also have an invisible in the canal hearing aid called SoundLens available at 3 price points.


Bernafon is a Swiss hearing aid company specialising in value for money hearing aids, containing good technology. They share a lot of technologies with Oticon as they are both owned by William Demant. Their lastest Bernafon Acriva range of hearing aids take advantage of this relationship using Oticon's latest chipset with Bernafon's own ChannelFree processing and market leading feedback manager.


Unitron is a Canadian hearing aid company, who specialises in making exceptionally good value hearing aids, by collating all the best hearing aid features and introducing quality hearing aids at lower cost. Unitron now has the excellent ERA chip in their latest Moxi2 KISS 20, 16 and 10 hearing aids as well as in the Quantum range with the Quantum Pro at the premium end.

Sonic Innovations

Sonic Innovations is an American company, specialising in electronic noise reduction algorithms. The have been bought out by the same company that owns Oticon and Bernafon. Their latest Flip wireless hearing aid available in the Flip 100,80 and 60 variants uses Oticon technology and combines it with Sonic's software. Sonic also has the ultra small Groove invisible in the canal hearing aid available.