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Unitron - Producing high-quality hearing aids


Unitron Hearing aids


Unitron is originally a Canadian hearinginstrument company, who was bought by Sonova, the same company who owns Phonak hearing aids, a few years ago. Their research and development is still based in Canada, but their production facility is on the same grounds as Phonak is Switzerland.


Unitron has always been a leader in producing great value hearing aids. They generally seem to select the best technologies on the market and package them into a lower cost, well performing hearing aid. In the last few years they have innovated with their own technologies such as SmartControl, which proven to significantly improve a hearing aid user's hearing in noise. They share the same super fast chipset with Phonak, so their hearing aids are truly high Quality. Their lastest North Range of instruments contains the most recent chipst technology driving some really innovative software for better hearing in all situations. 


When it comes to fantasitic value and exceptional performance combined with great sound quality, you cannot look past Unitron.


Unitron Australia is located in Baulkham Hills, Sydney.



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Interesting information about Unitron Hearing Aids:


Unitron's Latest Hearing Aids

Unitron Updates their hearing aids for better performance in noise

Unitron has recently updated their Era Platfom hearing aids to the new SmartFocus2 technology, that significantly improves their performance in bacground noise. Their new models come with a "2" designation and are branded Quantum2, Moxi2, Dura2 (water resistant model), Moxi2 Kiss. All these models also now include features to help mask tinnitus if required. 

Hearing Aids from Unitron


Unitron Released their brand new ERA chipset based range of hearing aids in July 2011 in Australia. These hearing aids combine the best features available on the market today in a great value Package. The hearing aids containing the ERA chipset and its advanced wireless features are the Quantum 20, Quantum 12 and Quantum 6. In May 2012 brought the Australian release of  Unitron's New Moxi Pro and Quantum Pro hearing aids, which adds significant spacial features to their line-up, which should dramatically improve the user's ability to hear speech in the presence of background noise. Unitron has now also released an iic hearing aid based in the Quantum range to compete with the SoundLens from Starkey, the Nano from Phonak and the Groove from Sonic Innovations. It is called the Quantum micro CIC and even comes in the very affordable Quantum 6 range, making it the most affordable invisible-in-the-canal hearing aid on the market today.


Unitron has also currently has available small Moxi hearing aids with the new chipset in the form of the very advanced Moxi 20, the mid range Moxi 12 and the capable, but basic Moxi 6 hearing instruments.

Unitron alo has a newly designed casing for its Moxi KISS range of aids. These aids have the same features as the normal Moxi, but also introduces a tinnitus management feature.


You simply cannot look past Unitron hearing aids if you are looking for exceptional value.

Latest Unitron Hearing Aid News

March 1, 2012

Unitron Announces Premium Hearing Instruments for Quantum and Moxi

Quantum Pro and Moxi Pro feature binaural spatial processing for enhanced listening in the most challenging situations


March 1st, 2012 - Kitchener, Canada – Unitron announced today new premium hearing instruments for its Quantum™ and Moxi™ product families. Built on Era™, Unitron’s latest generation platform, Quantum Pro and Moxi Pro deliver industry leading enhancements, including binaural spatial processing and SpeechZone™, to enrich clients’ hearing experience and speech understanding – even in the most challenging listening environments.

Know the direction of speech with binaural spatial processing
The power of the Era platform has made Unitron’s unique binaural spatial processing possible in Moxi Pro and Quantum Pro. The Pro premium hearing instruments continuously process information from both hearing instruments, allowing the technologies to work together to pinpoint the direction from which sound is originating.

Pro zones in on speech
SpeechZone is the newest feature in Moxi Pro and Quantum Pro, automatically letting clients clearly enjoy conversations – even in the toughest listening situations. Enabled by binaural spatial processing, SpeechZone activates maximum directionality when the hearing instruments determine that speech is coming from the front in a noisy environment. Listening becomes easier as both hearing instruments automatically zero in on speech, with no need for a wearer to adjust their hearing instrument controls.

“Knowing the direction of speech is a very significant step forward in our efforts to deliver a natural sound experience with superior performance in speech intelligibility,” says Don Hayes, Director of Audiology, Unitron. “Advanced features such as binaural spatial processing and SpeechZone™ put new technologies in the hands of hearing healthcare professionals enabling them to address the number one complaint of clients: understanding speech in noise.”

uDirect 2 and uTV 2
Also being announced are uDirect™ 2 and uTV™ 2 accessories. For hearing instrument wearers who enjoy music or use cell phones, Unitron is now offering its uDirect 2 accessory with Bluetooth®, enabling seamless wireless connection to entertainment and communications devices. It also acts as a remote control for quick access to essential features. Unitron’s uTV 2 accessory provides similar wireless connectivity for the television, sending stereo audio to both hearing instruments via the uDirect 2.

“Since their launch to the market in June 2011, Quantum and Moxi hearing instruments have received rave reviews by hearing healthcare professionals for their delivery of high-fidelity, natural sound quality,” says Jan Metzdorff, President, Unitron. “With Quantum Pro and Moxi Pro, we now extend those capabilities into the premium market category , adding sophisticated binaural spatial processing to determine the location of speech and SpeechZone to automatically deliver superior speech intelligibility for the hearing instrument wearer in any environment.”


About Unitron
Unitron is a global company that understands the hearing healthcare business is built on strong, personal relationships. We work closely with hearing healthcare professionals to improve the lives of people with hearing loss. A member of the Sonova Group, Unitron has a proven track record of developing hearing innovations that provide natural sound with exceptional speech understanding. Headquartered in Canada, Unitron distributes its full line of hearing instruments to customers in over 60 countries. For more information, please visit us on the web


Unitron Announces Tiniest Quantum Ever

Quantum family of custom products expands to include tiny micro CIC


March 1st, 2012 - Kitchener, Canada – Unitron announced today a new addition to its Quantum™ product family – the Quantum micro CIC. Available with Quantum 20, 12, and 6, the custom micro CIC is the tiniest Quantum ever delivered yet continues to provide high-fidelity natural sound. So tiny it is nearly invisible, Quantum micro CIC is a great hearing instrument for a first time wearer, offering a fully automatic, natural listening experience and fit right from the start.

Quantum’s remarkably small size is made possible by new transducer technology. These new microphones and receivers are smaller than previous generation components while still allowing the Quantum micro CIC to deliver 108/35 dB output and gain.

“Many new hearing instrument wearers are looking for the smallest possible device to address their hearing loss,” commented Bruce Brown, Vice President, Corporate Marketing.  “The Quantum micro CIC responds perfectly to this need by offering an industry leading size and fit rate, while still providing natural sound and the advanced features of the Quantum family.”

Powered by the Era™ platform, Quantum represents the next generation of hearing instruments that deliver life’s sounds naturally. Quantum makes enormous strides in automatic performance and speech understanding in noise.


June 6, 2011

Unitron Announces Quantum, Moxi and TrueFit

New generation of hearing instruments and fitting software delivers high-fidelity sound

June 6th, 2011 - Kitchener, Canada – Unitron, a global provider of world-class hearing innovations announced today the release of its new Quantum™ and Moxi™ product families, and its new and intuitive TrueFit™ fitting software. The release, one of the most significant in Unitron';s company history, brings to the hearing healthcare marketplace a completely new generation of hearing instruments built on Era™, Unitron';s next generation sound processing platform.

“The announcement of Quantum and Moxi represents a new generation of products for Unitron – products that will define their category, and offer our customers and their clients tremendous advancement in reliability, accuracy, performance speed and sound quality ,” says Bruce Brown, Unitron Vice President of Global Marketing. “We are particularly proud of Quantum and Moxi';s ability to provide enhanced speech understanding and a more natural sounding hearing instrument.”


Announcing Quantum – High-fidelity sound the way nature intended
Powered by Era, Quantum represents the next generation of hearing instruments that deliver life';s sounds naturally. Quantum makes enormous strides in automatic performance and speech understanding in noise, through intelligently combined high-fidelity features. Quantum offers three technology levels (Quantum 20, 12 and 6) all wireless, including capabilities such as Binaural Phone and uTV™ that enrich the wearer';s hearing experience. It is available in a full spectrum of shells and styles (BTE and ITE).

Announcing Moxi – Open fit goes high-fidelity
Moxi takes open-fit performance where it has never been before. Also powered by Era, Moxi is a beautiful little canal receiver technology (CRT) hearing instrument, with performance that goes far beyond great looks. An integrated open-fit strategy makes for an incredible listening experience, combining three proprietary technologies – Automatic Program with SmartFocus™, Natural Sound Balance and Pinna Effect - to deliver high fidelity sound. Available in three wireless technology levels (Moxi 20, 12, and 6), Moxi ensures smooth, effortless transitions for more natural listening.

Announcing TrueFit – Intuitive and flexible fitting software
Unitron TrueFit™ fitting software was designed in collaboration with hearing healthcare professionals with their client';s needs in mind. It features intuitive and easy to navigate screens that provide hearing healthcare professionals with all the tools they need for a successful fit.

Two product families, four signature features
Quantum and Moxi product families each leverage four signature features. These are:

  • Automatic performance with SmartFocus™ - Long recognized for a superior automatic approach, Unitron advances this technology by enabling the custom blending of the hearing instruments'; response based on high-resolution sensing and precise classification of the complex sound environment. The Automatic Program is further enhanced by SmartFocus, technology at work in the background that combines adaptive features for optimal speech intelligibility or comfort depending on the situation, to provide a truly effortless way to enjoy all of life';s sounds.
  • Pinna Effect - The location of hearing instrument microphones alters the natural sound enjoyed by people with normal hearing. Pinna Effect uniquely corrects for the location of the hearing instrument microphones, providing more natural directionality, particularly at high frequencies.
  • Natural Sound Balance - Continuously monitors the combination of unamplified and amplified sounds entering the ear canal and makes precise adaptive adjustments to deliver one clear, balanced signal.
  • Best in class wireless - The Era platform offers the most advanced broadband wireless capabilities, offering a fast and stable wireless connection.


“Unitron continues to make dramatic improvements in platform design and in the technology powering our hearing instruments. The Era platform along with the Quantum and Moxi product families and new TrueFit software is the culmination of the efforts of Unitron';s research & design team who are united by a passion to build nothing but the best for our customers and their clients,” says Ara Talaslian, Vice President of Research & Development, Unitron.


October 19, 2011

Unitron Announces Enhancements for Quantum and Moxi

New Automatic Adaptation Manager transitions hearing instrument wearer from first fit acceptance to optimal speech understanding

October 19th, 2011 - Kitchener, Canada – Unitron announced today new feature enhancements to its Quantum™ and Moxi™ product families including a new Automatic Adaptation Manager to transition hearing instrument wearers from first fit acceptance to optimal speech understanding; an attractive new micro 312 BTE for Quantum; and a new discreet, easy-to-use remote control that offers wearers straightforward control over essential features.

New Automatic Adaptation Manager
The Automatic Adaptation Manager, available across Moxi and Quantum product families, is a new feature enhancement that transitions hearing instrument wearers from first fit acceptance to optimal speech understanding – gradually, gently and automatically. Wearers continually experience natural sound quality as they transition towards the ideal amplification that will provide optimal speech intelligibility. The Automatic Adaptation Manager is intelligent enough to be automatic, but is designed to be flexible so that hearing healthcare professionals have the option to customize and personalize the feature settings.

“Our Automatic Adaptation Manager provides a critical bridge between first fit acceptance and ideal amplification, allowing hearing healthcare providers to add value to their fittings while improving early client satisfaction with their hearing instrument. The combination of automatic performance and intelligence is unique from other adaptation managers on the market today, and it allows for a gentle transition over time to optimal speech understanding,” says Donald Hayes, Ph.D., Director of Audiology, Unitron.

New micro 312 BTE for Quantum™
A new 312 micro BTE is now available for Quantum, offering great natural sound quality at three technology levels, all wireless in a discreet and attractive design. Available in a variety of colors with open-fit slim tube or earhook options to fit a wide range of client needs.

New Remote Control offering straightforward control over essential features
Providing hearing instrument wearers with more control, connectivity, and convenience, Unitron has added a new remote control to its suite of accessories. The new remote control is ergonomically designed with an easy to hold shape, large buttons, and simple functionality.

“Since our launch to market in June 2011, the Quantum and Moxi product families have received tremendous worldwide market acceptance, fully delivering on our brand promise to enable high-fidelity sound as nature intended. We have received a very positive reaction from the hearing healthcare community, and directly from their clients – who are enjoying natural sound quality and an improved listening experience,” says Jan Metzdorff, President, Unitron.

Unitron’s Quantum and Moxi product families along with the company’s new and intuitive TrueFit™ fitting software were announced in June 2011. The release represented one of the most significant in Unitron’s company history, bringing to the hearing healthcare marketplace a completely new generation of hearing instruments built on Era™, Unitron’s latest generation sound processing platform.