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Value Hearing provides the highest quality in service and information, using audiology gold standards in hearing aid fitting techniques and procedures. We are proudly independent and privately owned, with 9 conveniently located clinics in all major cities. We offer a combination of the highest level of hearing expertise, exceptional customer care, quality hearing aids and a platinum level in aftercare when compared to other hearing providers.

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Words of encouragement from our Audiology team

Feeling pressure from friends and family to do something about your hearing? Our clinical team are caring and compassionate professionals who can take the time to guide you through the process to better hearing and better relationships.
Pauline Primrose-Heaney, Audiologist Pauline

Skeptical about hearing clinics and hearing aids and looking for something that works well without being sold to? As an independent hearing clinic we learn and understand the features and benefits of hearing aid technology, breaking down the tech talk.
Romeo Asa, Audiologist Romeo

Fustrated by not being able to hear well in noisy social situations? Hear comfortably and clearly in challenging environments such as family gatherings, your local cafe or restaurant, and start enjoying your social connections once more. We can help you achieve this.
Raza Hashimi, Audiologist Dr Raza
Dr Raza

As a hearing rehabilitation and diagnostic specialist clinic we know that hearing is all about communication, but this communication looks and sounds different for every individual. We take the holistic approach to positive hearing outcomes.
Minerva Ho, Audiologist Minerva

Read what clients say about us

inverted-commas After realising that my hearing had deteriorated to a point that I was missing out quite a lot in general conversations and interactions with others I carried out some web research and came to the fortunate decision to contact Value Hearing in Perth for an initial appointment. From the outset I was most impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of all the staff and by my comprehensive and unhurried assessment by Alisha. My first pair of Phonak Smart V aids was in January 2011. 

Bob McCathy

inverted-commas Excellent after-sale service, highly competitive pricing, that is Value Hearing. Been wearing hearing aids for more than 10 years. I strongly recommend Value Hearing to anyone in need of hearing aids. Be prepared before visiting the clinic. Read Christos' Hearing Buyers Guide for Self-funded Australian, visit their website and watch them on YouTube. There is vast information there. If you are prepared you can work with the excellent staff to be fitted with the hearing aids that suit you the most. 

Dann Wing

inverted-commas Well, my world certainly came alive when I left you today... I could hear the click, click, click of heels on the pavement over the top of two lanes of traffic and that was on the other side of the road! Later, at home, I thought I had a feedback problem, a soft “whooshing” like the sound of the sea… until I eventually realised it was the sound of wind rustling in the trees; something I haven’t heard for almost 20 years…
So happy with my "new ears".

Mandi B.

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