About Us

An Informative Approach

Value Hearing was developed by Christo Fourie after 11 years of working in the traditional model of hearing services provision. His innovative and new hearing aid provision business has been designed from the ground up to deliver the best long term outcomes to hearing aid clients.We provide you with the highest quality in service and information, using gold standards in hearing aid fitting techniques and procedures. This enables you to make a more considered choice when selecting your hearing aids. It also helps deliver the best results to improve your lifestyle for years to come

To Provide A Hearing Difference

At Value Hearing, it isn't simply about our low hearing aid prices. Of course, we are proud of our prices given we specialise in serving the self-motivated hearing aid customer. But on top of the quality of your hearing aid purchase, our central philosophy is to offer true VALUE.We offer a combination of the highest level of hearing expertise, exceptional customer care, quality hearing aids and a level of aftercare much higher than the average hearing aid provider. This importantly enables our hearing aid clients to be empowered with time in making decisions to properly address their needs for less overall cost.

Independent And Privately Owned

We are a completely independent privately owned hearing aid retailer. Unlike some of our competitors, we can select a hearing aid solution tailored specifically to your needs and hearing loss, from a very large range of hearing aid brands, rather than being limited to one or two.Choice and personalised service give you the extra value that you deserve. Come and see us for an obligation and cost free hearing aid discussion appointment. There is no catch, just great value brought to you by our caring, innovative and specialised team, continually striving to offer the best possible services to you.

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