Optimal Outcome Plans

Carefully designed Pro-active hearing aid Aftercare plans designed to ensure your best hearing for as long as you need us.


Proactive Aftercare can increase Satisfaction with Hearing aids by 23%

According to EuroTrak 2022, the world's largest independent survey of hearing aid users, those hearing aid users that have opted for pro-active aftercare have an 85% satisfaction rate with their hearing aids compared to those who only have access to call-us-if-you-need-us (reactive) aftercare.  Not only that, but people who have opted for proactive aftercare, wear their hearing aids for longer each day as well.  

Unfortunately, many if not most, hearing clinics in Australia only offer reactive aftercare, where you contact the clinic if you have any issues. 

This is understandable as reactive aftercare is a lot less expensive to offer and looks similar to proactive aftercare to the uninitiated hearing aid user who might be shopping on price.

What is proactive aftercare?

Proactive hearing aid aftercare is an approach that emphasizes regular and ongoing care to prevent potential issues and optimize hearing aid performance. This approach involves regular recall appointments with a hearing healthcare professional, such as an audiologist, to ensure that the hearing aids are functioning properly and meeting the individual's specific hearing needs. Proactive aftercare may include regular maintenance, cleaning, and adjustments to hearing aids, as well as education and support to ensure that the individual is using the devices effectively.

How we approach proactive aftercare

Value hearing recalls our clients if we have not seen you for a period of 6 months using email and/or sms.  You spend 30 minutes with your audiologist, where they perform a quick service on the hearing aids, replacing any worn or blocked parts and they also check your hearing.

We also recall you 3 months before your hearing aid warranty runs out. This way we can send your hearing aids for a manufacturer's service, to reduce the risk of anything going wrong once the manufacturer's warranty expired. We can even arrange some loan devices for you to use, while your hearing aids are being serviced. 

Benefits of proactive aftercare

  • Prevention of potential issues before they happen which can save you time, money, and frustration in the long run.
  • Optimisation of hearing aid performance - we check your hearing, ears, and hearing aids during these recall appointments and can make adjustments to adapt your hearing aid to your changing hearing or lifestyle over time. 
  • Education and support - during your recall visits, your audiologist will also help you understand how to get the best out of your hearing and hearing aids through education and counseling.
  • Having access to proactive aftercare leads to 23% greater satisfaction with hearing aids as well as longer periods of hearing aid use per day. So you get the best out of your solution you can. 

Value hearing follows a Hybrid approach. We have active recalls at set intervals, but also invite you to contact us in between these recalls if you have any issues with your hearing aids. 


Optimal Outcome Plans

Value Hearing offers a flexible range of aftercare plans, which we call Optimal Outcome Plans (as it is more than just about hearing aid care).

Our default Optimal care plan is our Ultimate 5-year plan, which gives you all you need for a period of 5 years. This includes things like no out-of-pocket manufacturer repairs for 5 years, batteries (if needed), consumables, and much more.

For those who need less support or want to work according to a budget, we also offer a 3-year, 1-year, and 60-day plan depending on your needs

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