Completely In The Canal Hearing Aid

cic-in-earTrue to its name the Completely In The Canal Hearing Aid is located completely inside your ear canal. This location boasts two benefits – it renders the aid almost completely invisible and the sound the aid produces has a natural quality.

Completely In The Canal (CIC) hearing aids are tailor made by making a custom mould of the wearer’s ear canal. When a CIC is made and fitted correctly, it should fit comfortably and be cosmetically pleasing due to the aids near invisibility. As the aid itself can’t be removed from the ear canal using your fingers, a small extraction cord is attached to the hearing aid shell allowing for easy removal.  In order to fit in the ear canal, the shell is fitted out with some of the smallest components available which means that battery life, amplification and user controls are somewhat limited.

Advantages of CIC Hearing Aids:

  • Very discrete due to small size and fit location within ear
  • Custom made for you
  • High cosmetic appeal
  • Easy to wear with eye glasses
  • Great quality, natural sound through use of outer ear
  • Location of microphone helps with using the telephone
  • Protected from wind

Disadvantages of CIC Hearing Aids:

  • Susceptible to damage from ear wax and moisture
  • Less reliable around background noise as it cannot be fitted with directional microphones
  • Battery life and amplification is limited
  • User controls are limited
  • Not suitable for people with narrow or bendy ear canals
  • Not appropriate for people with poor manual dexterity due to size of the aid
  • Not suitable for children

Who does this hearing aid suit?

CIC hearing aids are suitable for wearers who would like an aid that is aesthetically pleasing and potentially invisible. They are most beneficial to wearers who are experiencing mild to moderate hearing loss.

The aid is not suitable for wearers who feel that they have difficulty using their hands or for people who have especially narrow or bendy ear canals.

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