Half Shell In The Ear Hearing Aids

Half Shell In The Ear hearing aids are powerful yet reasonably cosmetically appealing devices that occupy that lower portion of the outer ear. Sitting snuggly in the lower half of your outer ear, the half shell hearing aid delivers great results for people experiencing mild to profounnf hearing loss. Whilst not as discrete as some other options, their size enables the addition of many wonderful features like volume controls, directional microphones, Telecoil and special settings for various listening environments, whilst also being easy to manage.

Due to their larger sizes, half shell hearing aids can be easier to handle than the much smaller models, especially for those who are lacking dexterity. These hearing aids are small enough that they are often disguised by hairstyles or sideburns.

The average battery life of the half shell aids is roughly 2 weeks.


  • Wind noise is reduced with the size of the hearing aid.
  • Less visible to others when in the ear compared to full shell hearing aids.
  • Easier to see and handle while still being visually appealing.
  • Very easy to insert and manage.
  • Most hearing aid features except for Rechargeability available in this style



  • Slighlty educed power and may not be strong enough for the most extreme hearing loss.
  • Still prone to wax and moisture damage
  • More visible than some other styles

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