In The Ear Hearing Aids

photo-ite-3The In The Ear Hearing Aid may not be the most popular option due to its visibility, but it is a leader of its field when it comes to battery life in the the custom group of hearing aids. The circuitry which this aid runs on is all housed in a custom-made earmould. This mould sits just inside the ear, filling some of the bowl of the outer ear with a portion leading down into the ear canal.

All of the hearing aid components of this aid are contained in one shell – either a Full Shell or a Half Shell depending on how much of the ear bowl it fills – and users have no wires or tubes to challenge them.  The shell is generally custom-fit from an impression of the user’s ear and made available in a range of skin tones to blend with the colours found in the outer ear. This approach guarantees that the aid is an exact match for the ear and ensures comfortability and ease of insertion and removal.

Advantages of the In The Ear Hearing Aids:

  • Long battery life
  • Easy to use on telephone as microphone lines up with phone speaker and can have telecoil built in
  • Easy use for people with limited dexterity
  • Easy access to controls
  • Noise reduction
  • Directional technology
  • Some models have Bluetooth connectivity

Disadvantages of the In The Ear Hearing Aids:

  • Highly visible
  • May be susceptible to moisture and wax within the ear

Who does this hearing aid suit?

In The Ear hearing aids suit adults who have mild, moderate and severe hearing difficulties. Larger than some of the other styles out there, the aid is ideal for users who have trouble using their hands for small tasks or where other custom styles tend to slip out of the ears. This style may not be as cosmetically appealing as other styles, but the long battery life makes it perfect for users who may forget to charge or change their batteries.

If you would like more information about In The Ear hearing aids or any other type of hearing aid, talk to the friendly and experienced team at Value Hearing today.

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