Invisible In The Canal Hearing Aids

invisible-in-canal-hearing-aid-in-ear-iicInvisible In The Canal Hearing Aids are the smallest type of hearing aid on the market. Fitting snugly deep inside the ear canal, they allow the wearer to benefit from the natural shape of the outer ear helping the aid to produce a clear and vibrant sound. With the aid's location close to the ear drum, the chance of sound distortion is also minimised. The discrete location and available colours of the hearing aid shell makes the IIC aid the most aesthetically pleasing choice.

Invisible In the Canal Hearing Aids are custom-fit to each individual’s ear. They are made possible through the use of a laser scanner to map out the ear’s impressions and a 3D printer which creates the hearing aid shell. The components of this hearing aid are wrapped in this tiny shell and because of its small size, they don’t usually come with any volume or program controls.

Advantages of IIC Hearing Aids:

  • Very discrete due to location deep inside the ear canal
  • Custom made for you
  • Easy to wear with eye glasses
  • Great quality, natural sound through use of outer ear
  • Better sound localisation (help determines the direction of sound) and minimal distortion
  • Colour of hearing aid shell designed to blend in with the ear

Disadvantages of IIC Hearing Aids:

  • Highly usceptible to damage from ear wax and moisture
  • Not suitable for people with narrow or bendy ear canals
  • No manual or volume controls
  • Battery life is limited
  • Not appropriate for people with poor manual dexterity due to size of the aid
  • Shell thickness is often very thin, meaning more frequent breakages and repairs.
  • Limited ability to improve hearing in noise
  • No Bluetooth or Rechargeable options

Who does this hearing aid suit?

IIC Hearing Aids are ideal for wearers who experience mild to moderate hearing loss. As these aids are incredibly small and located so deep inside the ear, they are not suitable for people that have narrow or particularly windy ear canals.

These hearing aids are the tiniest on the market and are suitable for people who have control over their fine motor functions. A good use of fine motor skills is necessary to ensure that maintenance and use remains as easy as possible.

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