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Signia Pure 312 7Nx

Signia Pure 312 7Nx
  • Brand Signia
  • Model 7
  • Device Code B325SIE
  • Series Nx
  • Technology Level Premium Level
  • Battery Type Size 312 Battery
  • Avg. Performance in noise
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The Pure 7Nx 312 is the premium receiver-in-the-canal made for iPhone hearing device from Signia that uses a 312 battery. The smaller battery means less battery life than the Pure Nx 13, but it also gives us a physically smaller hearing aid. It delivers clear, rich sound quality and ease of listening in very difficult listening situations. The Pure Nx features much improved sound quality over the previous Pure platform and comes with Own Voice processing to improve initial user acceptance. The automatic adaptations for speech in noise, car, outdoors and music ensures clarity of speech without the user needing to make any adjustments. For those who like control, up to 6 manual programs can be customised (including tinnitus sound treatment programs) and accessed with the on board controls, Touch control app for smart phones and remote controls. If you want to stay connected to your Bluetooth devices the built in Bluetooth capability connects to your mobile phone, TV, or other Bluetooth audio capable devices. The hearing aids are dust and water resistant and easy to maintain. This is a good solution for people with very socially active life styles who wants optimal sound quality, automaticity, connectivity, and control.

Key Features

Std Warranty
3 Years
Multiband Directionality with Beamforming
Automatic features
Automatic Scene Selection, Noise reduction, Directionality, Volume Control, Automatic Adaptation, Wind Noise reduction, Auto Phone - Landline
Connectivity Options
Made for iPhone, Ear-2-Ear Control, Ear-2-Ear Coordination, Audio Streaming between Left/Right Hearing aids, Direct connection to Public Loops & Compatible Landline Phones
Special Features
Directional Speech Enhancement, Directional Speech Enhancement (3 steps), Dynamic Soundscape Processing (DSP), EchoShield, eWindScreen, eWindScreen binaural, extended 12 kHz bandwidth, Frequency compression, Integrated Acoustic-motion sensors, Narrow directionality, Own Voice Processing, Sound equalizer (6 classes), SoundBrilliance, SoundSmoothing, SoundSmoothing (3 levels), Spatial Speech Focus, Speech Focus, SpeechMaster, Tinnitus Masker, TruEar, TwinPhone
Extended Warranty, TV Streamer, Extended Warranty, Several colour options, Remote control, Remote Microphone, Smartphone app
Noise reduction
Multiband Modulated noise reduction
48 (20 Adjustable)
Automatic & Manual options
Feedback management
Advanced Feedback Management
Auto / Manual

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