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Widex Moment 220 M2 Ric 312 D

Widex Moment 220 M2 Ric 312 D
  • Brand Widex
  • Model W 220
  • Device Code B244HAO
  • Series Moment
  • Technology Level Standard Level
  • Battery Type Size 312 Battery
  • Avg. Performance in noise
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Key Features

Std Warranty
3 Years
Multiband Adaptive Directionality
Automatic features
Automatic Scene Selection, Noise reduction, Directionality, Volume Control, Automatic Adaptation, Wind Noise reduction
Connectivity Options
Made for iPhone, Ear-2-Ear Control, Ear-2-Ear Coordination, Audio Streaming between Left/Right Hearing aids, Direct connection to Public Loops & Compatible Landline Phones, Proprietary short-range wireless connection to brand accessories
Special Features
Audibility Extender, Focus Mode Program, High Definition Locator (6 channels), Impulse noise control, InterEar Preference Control, InterEar Variable Speed Compression (6 channels), InterEar Volume/Program Shift, InterEar Zen, InterEar Zen/Zen+, IP58 rating, Variable Speed Compression, Noise Reduction, PureSound, SmartSpeak, Soft-Level Noise Reduction, Sound Class Technology (3 classes), True-Input Technology, Variable Speed Compression (6 channels)
Extended Warranty, TV Streamer, Extended Warranty, Several colour options, External Bluetooth Streamer, Remote control, Smartphone app
Noise reduction
Multiband Modulated noise reduction
Automatic & Manual options
Feedback management
Advanced Feedback Management
Auto / Manual