Phonak Hearing Aid Strengths:

Latest Ranges:

  • Audeo P - P90, P70, P50, P30
  • Audeo M – M90, M70, M50, M30
  • Virto B – B90, B70, B50, B50
  • Bolero B – B90, B70, B50, B30
  • Naida V – V90, V70, V50, V30

The 90 range is the premium range, while the 30 is the lowest performance level in the range.

Older Ranges:

  • Audeo B
  • Audeo V
  • Audeo Q
  • Bolero V
  • Bolero Q
  • Naida Q
  • Virto V
  • Virto Q

Phonak Hearing Aids is a premium Swiss hearing aid company owned by Sonova, who also produces Unitron Hearing Aids. Phonak is one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world and has always been at the leading edge of technology especially when it comes to improving a person’s ability to hear speech in noise. Their latest chipset, called the Paradise platform, is one of the worlds most powerful hearing aid platforms. It delivers exceptional performance in background noise and has second to none Sound quality resulting in fantastic music reproduction. It also has a few handy tricks like tap control, making it easier to take calls, stream/pause audio from your phone or simply to get your voice assistants attention. Paradise improves noticeably on the previous Marvel platform. 

Phonak Hearing Aids Price

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