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Resound Hearing aids


Resound Strengths:

  • Technology releases and keeps pace with industry
  • The most stable direct to iPhone connectivity on the market
  • Relatively easy for even less experienced clinicians to get right, yet flexible
  • Good soft sound pickup
  • A leading brand - so has global support and availability
  • Great options in all levels of technology - good balance
  • Direct to iPhone connectivity does not sacrifice performance in noise.
  • Unique and effective noise reduction system
  • Good modern options for severe to profound hearing loss
  • Excellent iPhone app
  • Tinnitus masker in most models
  • Nice Lithium Ion rechargeable option in the Quattro - R
  • ASHA compatibility - allowing streaming direct to select Android phones

Latest Resound hearing aid Ranges:

  • Quattro 3D
  • Enzo Q
  • Linx 3D
  • Enzo 3D
  • Enya

Older Resound ranges:

  • Linx2
  • Enzo2

GN ReSound is among the world's largest manufacturers of hearing aids. Since the company was founded in 1943, ReSound has been known for great sound quality, design excellence and meaningful solutions that help hearing impaired people rediscover sounds. They were the first company to bring made for iPhone hearing aids to the market and have several years of experience in this niche.
Their experience has lead to one of the most stable direct to iPhone hearing aids currently on the market. They are also the only brand to offer direct to iPhone and ASHA connectivity in an in-the-canal hearing aid. They have been quickly climbing the ladder and are looking set to take their place in the top 3 hearing aid brands.

ReSound Hearing Aids Price

In order to give you an accurate quote for a ReSound hearing aid, please fill out the free quote form on this page or call us today on 1800 157 429.