• Frequent technology releases and keeps pace with industry
  • Relatively easy for even less experienced clinicians to get right, yet flexible
  • Great range of styles for all kinds of hearing loss
  • Built in Lithium-Ion battery, rechargeable hearing aids
  • A leading brand - so has global support and availability
  • Great options in all levels of technology - good balance
  • Good own voice perception in latest Nx range
  • Direct to iPhone connectivity does not sacrifice performance in noise.
  • Wireless CROS hearing aid options available
  • Good Mobile phone app
  • Non custom instantfit invisible hearing aid - Silk
  • Tinnitus Masking options in most models

Latest Ranges:

  • NX
  • Cellion - Rechargeable
  • PX
  • Orion 2

Older ranges:

  • Bx - Oldest available range - still branded under Siemens
  • Orion

Siemens is a well-known producer of electronic equipment in almost all industries. Siemens often innovate with new technologies and were the first company to introduce basic wireless capability into hearing aids with ear 2 ear. This allowed the hearing aid user to make changes in volume or programs in one hearing aid and the other hearing aid would respond in the same way wirelessly. Their current Chipset called Binax released late 2014 is the second fastest hearing aid chip on the market at 480 million operations per second (Phonak's New Venture Chip runs at over 550 MOPS). With Binax, Siemens has really raised the bar in sound quality and performance. They looked at all the best technologies on the market and set these as the baseline for their hearing aids. Siemens has been acquired by another company a few years ago and is now trading as Signia Hearing Aids.

Siemens Hearing Aids Price

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