starkey hearing aids

Starkey Hearing aids


Starkey hearing aid Strengths:

  • Makes some of the smallest invisible hearing aids on the market
  • Decent programming flexibility for the clinician, so most can be fine tuned.
  • Great range of styles for all kinds of hearing loss
  • Lithium-Ion based, rechargeable hearing aids even in in-the-ear-models.
  • A popular brand – so has wide ranging support and availability
  • Good reliability
  • Direct iPhone connection without intermediate device in all their latest hearing aids
  • Wireless CROS hearing aids available
  • Solid tinnitus masker option built into many models
  • Additional sensors such as heart rate monitoring and fall detection in it’s Livio AI and Livio Edge AI range of hearing aids

Latest Ranges:

  • Livio Edge AI
  • Livio AI
  • Livio
  • Muse IQ
  • SoundLens IQ

Older ranges:

  • Halo 2
  • Halo
  • I30, I70, I110
  • SoundLens
  • Series S

Starkey is an American hearing aid company that came to fame when Ronald Regan first wore their completely in the canal hearing aids. Their philosophy is to only introduce technology that has been proven through research to add client benefit. They have some novel technology such as real ear measurements through their hearing aids, they are also one of the first companies to use 2.4Ghz Wireless connectivity. They were also the first company to introduce the invisible in the canal style hearing aids late in 2010. Other manufacturers have since followed suit in order to remain competitive. Starkey’s Soundlens still remains one on the smallest invisible hearing aids on the market even today. Starkey has also recently introduced the Livio Edge AI which is a hearing aid made for iPhone and comes with a variety of additional sensors for things like fall detection and heart rate monitoring.


Starkey Hearing Aids Price

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