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About our clinic

Brisbane Hearing Clinic

Value Hearing is a specialist hearing and audiology clinic located in the Brisbane CBD. It is ideally located in Creek Street for busy business professionals and, for those travelling into the city, Value Hearing is conveniently located within easy walking distance from Central Station.

We offer comprehensive hearing assessments as well as a wide range of hearing aid brands and models. Our friendly in-house audiologist will take the time to find the most suitable hearing solution for you and even custom fit your hearing aids.

We offer a combination of the highest level of hearing expertise, exceptional customer care, top quality ethical hearing aids and an aftercare program that is much more comprehensive than our competitors.

When you choose to get your hearing solution through Value Hearing, you receive:
  • Lower prices.
  • 3 Years of clinical support.
  • 3 Years of battery supply.
  • Unlimited follow up appointments within the first 60 days of your hearing aid fitting.

You won’t find better value anywhere else.

Come and see us for a no-obligation, cost free hearing aid discussion appointment. There is no catch, just great value brought to you by our caring, innovative and specialised team, continually striving to offer the best possible services to you.

Call now on 1800 157 429 or click here to book an appointment.

Our Location

Our Brisbane Hearing Centre is located within easy walking distance from Central Train station. When you exit the station simply go to the left side exit (facing away from the station) and we are diagonally across the street. We are located right next to St Andrew’s Uniting Church and directly opposite the Australian Government Centre.

There is plenty of parking in the area of our Brisbane hearing centre, but we would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you use the train to save costs and effort. Parking in Brisbane is some of the most expensive in Australia.

Please note that attendance to our Brisbane hearing centre is by appointment only.

More About Our Hearing Centre in Brisbane

Value Hearing is a specialist hearing centre that operates Australia wide providing top quality hearing solutions within many major cities including Brisbane in Queensland.

It isn’t just about our low hearing aid prices. We are proud of our lower prices, especially for the high calibre of hearing aids that we sell. We want to provide and fit you with a high quality and personalised hearing solution that will offer you true value and also enrich your life.

We are an independent, privately owned hearing aid retailer and audiology clinic. Unlike some of our competitors, we can select a hearing aid solution that is customised specifically for your needs and your level of hearing loss. We stock and sell a very large range of hearing aids across various brands, unlike many of our competitors who are limited to in the brands that they offer.

We want to change your life for the better.

Call now on 1800 157 429 or book directly below

Staff Members

Romeo Asa

Audiologist // Brisbane


Romeo graduated the University of Queensland with a Master in Audiology Studies. He joined the team at Value Hearing and Tinnitus Solutions at the beginning of 2019.

What has been like working with Christo and rest of the Value Hearing Team?

Feels like I finally found the place where I’m supposed to work. Having a working environment that has similar ethical standards and values as mine. Feels like coming home.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned while you’ve been with Value Hearing?

That everyone really works to lift up each other up and have a sense of pride belonging to Value Hearing.

What’s been the most memorable reaction from a client?

A lady cried because that’s the first time that someone really cared about her hearing difficulties and given her the chance to hear properly again.

Romeo works from our Brisbane hearing clinic.

Thank You Romeo and Value Hearing, you have truly been professional and honorable in your dealings!

I rang the contact number after feeling uncomfortable with the sales technique used by another audiology after visiting them. In a swish shop in a shopping centre. Their trip seemed to be a rapidly escalating journey through products to see where I winced at the price. Testing was performed with little feedback on that or the offering. I was told there was only one brand and model that was suitable, hence the suspicion and the subsequent call to Value Hearing. What a refreshing difference. A telephone conversation ensued, that led me to the Website. There was lots of information that informed me of ways to self determine my holistic need and the questions I needed to satisfy myself with to whatever degree the facet concerned me. An appointment was arranged. Romeo attended to my testing and offered me choices, and then reconciled my concerns. The product I have is now very subtly and transparently supporting my level of loss. I am not sure I am at the pinnacle of the adjustment, but as I have not had perfect hearing for 35 years it is hard to guess what is missing or possible. Thank You Romeo and Value Hearing, you have truly been professional and honorable in your dealings! - Robert Dorsett Brisbane

Anthony F

When he told me how much they cost I was startled

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product: Siemens,

Shane – NSW

Just want to say thankyou to you and your staff, especially Pauline. The music aspect, Bluetooth, etc. even on my now old aids has made a significant difference to my musicianship, music appreciation, hearing in noise and general quality of life. The ability for your staff to set up an extra music channel with the protection of reduced volume, allowed me for the first time to wear my hearing aids while playing on what can be loud stages. That combined with a better representation of what ‘stereo…

Clinic: Brisbane, Chatswood, Technician: Pauline Primrose-Heaney, Product: Phonak,

Stephen Herbert (Brisbane)

Value Hearing employ well qualified people who are very professional in the way they conduct each appointment. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable which makes me feel comfortable that I am being looked after. I have not had any issues with the hearing aids I have purchased, which to me says that their assessment of my needs has been spot on. I would recommend Value Hearing to anyone who has a hearing problem and is unsure what to do.

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Romeo Asa, Product:

Ronel Maree (Brisbane)

From the moment we walked into the office we were treated as if we were known and Romeo really showed that that he cared and are interested in our situation and he really went out of his way to assist us, with the owner of the franchise, with the best hearing aids that will make a difference in our lives and what we could afford. We will recommend this franchise to all family and friends.

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Romeo Asa, Product:

Robert Dorsett Brisbane

I rang the contact number after feeling uncomfortable with the sales technique used by another audiology after visiting them. In a swish shop in a shopping centre. Their trip seemed to be a rapidly escalating journey through products to see where I winced at the price. Testing was performed with little feedback on that or the offering. I was told there was only one brand and model that was suitable, hence the suspicion and the subsequent call to Value Hearing. What a refreshing difference. A telephone conversation ensued, that led me to the Website. There was lots of information that informed me of ways to self determine my holistic need and the questions I needed to satisfy myself with to whatever degree the facet concerned me. An appointment was arranged. Romeo attended to my testing and offered me choices, and then reconciled my concerns. The product I have is now very subtly and transparently supporting my level of loss. I am not sure I am at the pinnacle of the adjustment, but as I have not had perfect hearing for 35 years it is hard to guess what is missing or possible. Thank You Romeo and Value Hearing, you have truly been professional and honorable in your dealings!

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Romeo Asa, Product:

Keith Chandler

I've been 'elsewhere' and in brief, I don't like: seem mostly the blind trying to influence others. However, I gave a reasonable rating for service at Value Hearing's Brisbane office because of : 1. The statement that Value Hearing was willing to suggest a wide range of brands, and recommend the most appropriate for my hearing-loss situation, if hearing aids were an appropriate choice. 2. Anna-Marie's professionalism. She took care to analyse my auditory situation in several ways, listened carefully to my beliefs and queries about my hearing, answered my queries carefully and in terms I understood, gave sound reasons why hearing aids were appropriate, and why she was recommending one brand of product over another, and made sure I was familiar with hearing aids and how to operate the new ones.

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product: Phonak,

Grahame Redcliffe, Qld

I would like to thank you for your all your help and the ongoing service with my recent purchase of my new hearing aids. The difference in my life has been overwhelming. Your dedication to your job and the thoughtfulness you offer is without doubt remarkable. Your patience and understanding of my hearing loss was very professional and at no stage did you embarrass me. I do appreciate all you have done throughout the process of purchasing my new hearing aids. The after sales service that I have received has also been outstanding. Every visit there has been excitement in your job to make the client feel welcome and to make sure everything is working as it should. Value Hearing has excelled with the hearing aids and with the help of professional staff I now have a better outlook in life. Once again I would like to thank you for caring and doing a fantastic job

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Product:

Col Howkins

Georgia, I felt I just had to contact you again. The difference you have made to my hearing aids is, quite frankly, amazing. I am now hearing things as I remember them. Simple things like biting into a piece of toast and hearing the ‘crunch’ as I remembered it, and not a crunch with a metallic ring to it. The sound of the brush going over my shoes when I polish them. The list goes on I now look forward to using my hearing aids, whereas previously it was a question if why should I bother. You and your expertise in the adjustment of these hearing aids is to be commended.

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Product:

John Hile.

hank you for your interesting news-letter. It was great to read your progress from very humble beginnings and the battle that you have had along the way with the major companies and suppliers. (they should be in jail!) Having worked overseas for a number of years, I was fully aware of the treacherous rip-off being foisted on Australians who needed hearing assistance – until I read some of your client stories on the net and made contact with your company. I have been a client for near four years now and can only complement you and your staff for the honest and helpful assistance always provided me. My new Oticon hearing aids are a huge advance on my earlier aids, especially the I-phone direct link. It works superbly – the only issue is the gawking of onlookers when you answer the phone, with no apparent link to your ears! Thanks again for your help.

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product:

Ted - Brisbane

I recently went through the process of looking for replacements for my existing hearing aids and did a lot of research on the likely cost. No one came close to the value offered by Value Hearing and I was very happy with the price I paid and the level of service. I would recommend Value Hearing to anyone looking for the best deal and best service.

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product: Phonak,

Anthony F

To Value Hearing, Thank you for the excellent product and service. Anna-Marie was very professional and helpful in setting up the hearing aid with tinnitus masking. The hearing aid is great quality, does exactly what I need and is so small it is hardly noticeable. I would recommend Value Hearing to anyone looking to buy a hearing aid.

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product: Siemens,


I would just like to thank you and your team especially Anna-Marie for the excellent service you have provided me over the last 3 months. I am looking forward to a long and happy relationship with you as I will be a client for a very long time. Thank you Anna-Maria for the one on one consultations where you never pushed me into purchasing anything but instead gave me all the information I required to put my mind at ease and then helped me make my choice.

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product:


Well, I’m going good J.  The little adjustments that you made after my first 2 weeks seem to be working very well. I can’t tell you what a difference these little hearing aids have made to my life, they are just amazing and I LOVE them.  I have surprised myself just how much I love them.  As you know, I was quite apprehensive on our initial consultation.  The main reason being vanity I guess, but I needn’t have bothered because the Phonak aids that you have fitted me with are so discreet even I struggle to see them, and even people that I tell get really up close and personal and almost need a magnifying glass J, so that was that concern laid to rest.  Another concern was that I would get ‘interference’ like buzzing or shhhhing, but NO, none of that either.  From the moment you fitted them my life has improved beyond belief, I hadn’t realised how much I was missing or should I say just not hearing.  I sit outside in our garden just listening to the birds, not that I couldn’t hear them before, but all I could hear without my aids was ‘birds’ now I can distinguish the different bird sounds, unbelievable!  My husband is a happy boy too, he no longer has to come looking for me to get my attention, he can call from the other side of the house and I hear him, he can’t hear me answer though which is quite funny now.  He will be your next candidate I reckon.  Oh, and another thing, when the little alarm sounds now, I do realise it is the batteries that need changing, it’s not the doorbell, so I don’t answer the door anymore….doh! Anyway, thank you again, also for being so professional, but friendly at the same time by understanding my concerns and addressing them without being patronising.  You guys made the whole experience comfortable and enlightening.  Most of all, thank you for giving me back my ‘quality’ of life. J Look forward to seeing in you in 6 months, if I don’t need you sooner, but so far so good.

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product: Phonak,

Rita de Heer

At the time that I got my hearing aids I did a couple of blog posts. The first one a before situation: And the second one a few days after I got them: I'm still hooraying my hearing aids, telling people what I can hear, how good it is getting top class ones etc. Thought there are situations now where I don't wear them at all, and I do sometimes forget to put them in. I know this is against your recommendations but I love them so much, see the second blog post, that I swore I wouldn't get so used to them that I didn't notice all those sounds anymore.

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Product:

Chris Graham - Tinnitus

Hearing Experience at Value Hearing As I had never visited a hearing specialist before I thought it would be useful to arrange a couple of appointments, with different audiologists, to draw a comparison. This is something I would recommend to everyone as the quality of diagnosis and costs quoted at my two meetings varied enormously. Over time I had become aware that what I was hearing increasingly lacked clarity. I would strain to hear and often ask people to repeat what they had said. What ultimately prompted me to arrange a meeting, however, was the onset of tinnitus (apparently hearing loss and tinnitus are often associated) which I was keen to suppress. When hearing aids were suggested, my initial response, for purely cosmetic reasons was to seek implants. Unfortunately, the nature of my hearing loss was not compatible with this option. Bracing myself for what I thought would be some cumbersome alternatives I was pleasantly surprised at what is currently on the market. Technology has clearly made advances in this field, with very small, unobtrusive, “around the ear” options to choose from.  They are also available in a range of colours, which was useful in being able to select a shade that blended with my glasses. When purchasing the hearing aids, I was offered a variety of after care packages. As this was a journey into the unknown I thought it would be sensible to opt for at least the One Year Package which includes adjustments and maintenance (this can be extended at the end of that year). I am so pleased I made this decision as I realise now achieving the optimum performance from hearing aids is an on- going process. For example, when I first attached the hearing aids the sounds around me and indeed my own voice, sounded overwhelmingly loud. This, I think, was a reflection on how much my own hearing had deteriorated. Rather than simply trying to live with this oppressively loud sound, the aids were adjusted down, to something both manageable and comfortable. Then over time, as the brain accommodates the changes, gradual readjustments upwards can be made. Obviously this requires a number of visits which were included in the after care package. The hearing aids have also proven useful in diminishing my tinnitus. While they have not eradicated the problem, the reduction in tinnitus sound has enabled me to avoid focussing on it. This has reduced stress levels which in turn I feel has further reduced tinnitus levels. I would like to thank Anna- Marie at Value Hearing for her tremendous support and guidance both at the diagnostic stage and in subsequent meetings. I found Anna- Marie extremely responsive to addressing my needs and making the necessary hearing aid adjustments along the way

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product: Siemens,

Ella O'Rourke

While my mother was visiting us we noticed how bad her hearing was. We had to repeat what we were saying to her to the point where it was frustrating. We contacted Value Hearing and after a hearing test was happy to be fitted with a hearing aid that enabled her to hear again. We initially thought that it would be heard to communicate and do the hearing test because of the different language my mother was speaking, but that was no problem at all. We were impressed with Vaule Hearing's services and the fact that our needs were taking are of. I would recommend Value Hearing to my family and friends.

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product:

Merv Carey

I have experienced hearing problems for over the last 15 years& have visited a number of hearing Clinics. Some 5 years ago I responded to an ad by Value Hearing & sought their help. Since then I have had no problems & am a very happy client .This is entirely due to their professionalism & after sales service. I can recommend them.

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product:

Tricia Harding

I have had severe high frequency hearing loss in both ears for many years now and have worn hearing aids for the past 14 years. I have had them replaced twice by two different audio clinics - both extremely expensive and certainly with one company they sold me already out of manufacture aids which did not do the job that I needed.  So it was with some trepidation that I sort another audio centre - I chose Christo from the web and read the various reviews which were all excellent. After my initial meeting with Christo I found his knowledge and care for what hearing aids would suit my lifestyle refreshing - he was not selling me the most expensive aids but one that would do the job I needed.  They were adjusted to fit once they arrived and I am pleased to say have made life much better, especially at work where I was struggling during meetings. Any after sales requirements I have needed have been met by the Value Heating Clinic staff with a wonderful response.  I could not recommend Value Hearing more highly and would urge anyone who has any doubts to go along and see Christo and his team as they will make such a difference to your life.

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Christo Fourie, Product: Phonak,


I have gladly completed your survey and you will read that I have nothing but great things to say about Anna-Marie Marais.  I found her to be everything and more that has been written about her on your website - I read all the comments before attending :-)).  She is a great asset to your organisation for the reasons that so many have stated, and she embodies the philosophies that you espouse on your website.  Given that hearing devices are not a cheap commodity (especially for a private client), I am delighted that you are able to offer a range of products at competitive prices as well as a selection of aftercare packages and services.  Anna-Marie was excellent in assisting me select a product that is suitable for my current needs, without steering me in the direction of the most expensive. Thank you for running an organisation that actually lives up to its claims - so many don’t these days

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product: Siemens,


Hi, Just wanted to get a quick note to say thanks to the staff at Value Hearing at Brisbane.   In the lead up to the appointment, I requested on numerous occasions for information concerning hearing aids, and without fail, Ms Sue Grey answered every request with up to date and accurate  information.  This is very helpful when you are making such an expensive and life changing decision. Further to that, the receptionist was very friendly, and understanding. Then, came the crucial part.  A meeting with Anna Marie, was both very informative and very professional, leaving nothing to chance in explaining what was happening and the direction the meeting was taking. As an experienced user of hearing aids, it was good to see that there was no pressure to buy the up market or the most expensive one, but to find the most suitable for my needs.  I had already made a decision, and Anna Marie came to the same conclusion professionally.  I was totally impressed that all the equipment was used to ensure that I got the best outcome, and recommendations were made that saved me money and made the equipment I was purchasing more flexible. At the end of the day, I would recommend this team to any new person who needs hearing aids.

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product: Siemens,

Stephen Wenke

I suffer from Meniere’s and have severe hearing loss in one ear. I have struggled with a hearing aid to the affected ear for 5 years without any real benefit.  I did a series of ‘‘hearing tests” with several local audiologist and was advised that they could have me hearing well if I purchased two hearing aids as there was some loss of hearing to my other ear too. They only offered a short trial period of a week or so with some costs involved. Fortunately my ENT specialist asked if I’d had a “speech recognition” test with the audiologist as he had strong doubts that my badly affect ear would be helped with a standard hearing aid. I then did a search of the web and found ValueHearing listed on the Gold Coast and exchanged emails with Christo Fourie.. I gleaned some confidence from the emails and research and despite the 440km round trip, made an appointment. ( I live on the Sunshine Coast, 150km north of Brisbane). I was impressed with Christo’s thoroughness and that he did a “speech recognition” test. He said a normal hearing aid for my badly affected ear would be of no benefit as speech recognition was so poor. I was offered a Phonak Bolero Q BTE and a Phonak CROS BTE for my bad ear. I had to wait a few days and go back to Brisbane to have them fitted. I was given a 60 day trial and a 3 year full warranty and maintenance period. I needed a few adjustments to get the aides working comfortably. The price was reasonable and nearly half of other quotes and with a higher quality solution. I needed an aid that could handle “sweaty” situations. Once I got accustomed to the hearing aids I was pleasantly surprised with what I could actually hear.  I have since enhanced my hearing ability with a few add-ons since to assist especially in noisy crowded situations, which ValueHearing have been most helpful. I have had the hearing aids for over two years now and appreciate the follow up service by ValueHearing. This being the final year of the free maintenance period, I hope will set me up for the next few years out of warranty. I can highly recommend Christo and ValueHearing for their professionalism and understanding of my hearing needs and the effective solution they have given me at a reasonable price.

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Christo Fourie, Product: Phonak,

Paul R Earl. Warwick. Queensland.

So you thought you weren’t deaf!!! Ever been in the pub and couldn’t hear the guy next to you at the bar ? Have you had to ask “What was that?”  when your grandchildren tried to say something to you ? Has your wife or partner said something pleasant to you and you didn’t have a clue what she said ? Ever been in company and someone asks you a question and without knowing what was said you attempt to answer the question and make a complete ass of yourself ? Have you had a conversation on the phone and had to ask the caller to repeat what he/she said and been so frustrated that you swore that you would never answer the phone again ? Do yourself a favour !!! I have a lovely daughter in law that pleaded with me to go and have a hearing test. She by the way, is also very deaf. DEAF ? NO! HARD OF HEARING ? NO ! This lovely woman is very DEAF !! Call it what you like ! I FOUND OUT THAT I WAS VERY DEAF!!! After I had a hearing test at VALUE HEARING and TINNITIS SOLUTIONS in Brisbane. The professional , dedicated and caring staff at Value Hearing  proved to me in a very sensitive manner that I had a very severe hearing loss in both ears. They fitted me with hearing aids that most people can’t see, are comfortable to wear and the price was very reasonable. (So comfortable that I quite often wear them to bed by mistake ! I AM DEAF !!! But, I can hear the birds chirping (something that I haven’t been able to do for approx. 20 years) I can intelligently enter into conversations in most situations of life. I can hear on the phone. I can hear my grandchildren when they speak to me. I can hear music like never before. Thank you everybody at Value Hearing and Tinnitus Solutions

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product: Phonak,

John – Poona, Qld

With bilateral Meniere’s disease I have had longstanding hearing problems and have worn hearing aids for several years. Having undergone assessment for a Cochlear Implant I was trialled with new, upmarket digital hearing aids, which as it turned out enabled me to avoid going down the path of an implant. Before going ahead with the purchase of a pair of new hearing aids I checked out prices for the same item elsewhere. Fortunately, I discovered Value Hearing and purchased a set of aids with care packages, at an exceptionally better price. In fact a saving of greater than 25%. Price is only one consideration though and it is the service and support which prompts me to add to the long list of testimonials. My association with Value Hearing started with Jodie Shipard and from the outset I felt comfortable as to the company’s values and their sincerity. I arranged an appointment with their audiologist in Brisbane Anna-Marie Marais. From there I’ve never looked back. The process around assessment, fitting and follow-ups has been excellent but above all, the stand out for me has been their after sales support. Sure, I had purchased the care packages but I had two instances where I can attest to a genuine high level of support. The first was a relatively simple warranty issue with an accessory and everything was handled promptly and in the interim I had the benefit of a Value Hearing loan unit, ready for pick up and tweaked to my particular setup. The second was a problem with an actual hearing aid and at the time I was overseas. An email exchange, and I had repairs arranged and effected that same day in Singapore. As you could appreciate being on holidays with one hearing aid not working, I couldn’t have been more delighted with that level of support. To anyone with a hearing problem and contemplating hearing aids you can be assured, from my experiences, that Value Hearing is great on price and exceptional when it comes to customer care. They definitely ‘walks the talk’ as the saying goes.

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product:


I have had hearing aids in the past, but because these aids were inserted in my ear, and so blocked up the ear, they produced what I can only describe as a number of weird and distorted affects. I was less than impressed with these aids but thought this was the “norm”. Down the track I did some research and before I went to Value Hearing I had already discovered that what I needed was hearing aids that sit behind the ears and allow at least some natural sounds to enter the ear. In fact, Subsequently I was tested by a couple of providers who indeed suggested this, but decided to explore Value Hearing because the aids I was considering were less expensive. I turned up without an appointment at Value Hearing in Brisbane and although I had to wait awhile, I was subsequently impressed with the knowledge of the consultant and with the service offered. The service seemed more professional than the advice I had received elsewhere. I then booked a test with the consultant and was prepared to pay $100, even though I had been tested elsewhere. In fact, the test was more extensive than I had received elsewhere and the consultant appeared more knowledgeable. So far I am confident that Value Hearing offers a service that is superior to many.

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product: Phonak,

Brisbane client


Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product: Phonak,

David J O’Connor

After subjecting my family to raised audio levels on the radio and television and constantly asking for them to repeat things, I began to realise that I certainly needed to improve my hearing, in fairness to them and myself. However I had reservations about wearing a hearing device, due I think to vanity. I did visit a couple of local hearing specialist stores in local malls but baulked at actually purchasing hearing aids. I then read about Value Hearing in Brisbane and booked an appointment with audiologist Anna Marie Marais. As well as having an extensive series or hearing tests, to evaluate my hearing levels, the explanation was most competently explained. Suggestions were made yet under no pressure whatsoever and I was shown a range of products that would be best suited to my requirements. After trying a number of devices I settled on a set of Unitron Moxi Hearing Aids that suited my budget and more importantly my hearing requirements. They are comfortable to wear and I am not at all self-conscious about wearing them and my hearing has greatly improved. The units have adjustable audio levels that make them ideal for home use and particularly at meetings or in a crowd situation where they can be adjusted easily and quickly. My first reaction upon leaving Value Hearing and going out into the street was to hear birdsong clearly, something I never realised I had missed all those years. The after sales service and care is excellent. The battery life is good and the units are easy to maintain. I was most impressed with Anna Marie’s thoroughly professional consultation and follow up calls. The staffs are friendly and competent and I can highly endorse that Value Hearing offer a thorough, comprehensive easily understood evaluation. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product:


I am very pleased with my recent hearing assessment and subsequent supply of Siemens 7Bx ITC hearing aids.  The service provided by Anna-Marie Marais was the most thorough I have experienced.  I have been using ITC aids for the past ten years.  The cost is competitive and I would be more than happy to recommend Value Hearing to anyone with hearing problems based on my experience with your service. The 7Bx aids perform significantly better than my previous aids that cost a similar amount five years ago.  The aids automatic programming works well most of the time.  Wind noise when cycling with hearing aids is an issue at even quite moderate speed.  It is not only annoying but also potentially very dangerous.  I have found a solution that works very well with the 7Bx.  It comprises furry wind deflectors that are attached to the helmet strap in front of each ear.  I can often hear a cyclist about to overtake me and almost always can hear when a car or truck is approaching from behind. I strongly recommend that any cyclist with hearing aids use these wind deflectors.  They worked okay with my previous aids and extremely well with the 7bx.

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product: Siemens,

G. Nicholls

It was time for new hearing aids and the previous pair had cost $10,000, so I was not happy about having to do it again. Then I started seeing Value Hearing’s ads on Facebook. The offer was EXACTLY what I was after – great quality hearing aids at a sensible price. Organising the consultation was easy and in fact my first consultation was just a tweak of the settings on my old hearing aids while I got the whole story on what I could move to. Six months later, it was time to move on, so after another consultation and re-check of my hearing, my new aids were supplied.  I’m delighted with the sound quality, the ease, and most of all – the price.  It was about one third of what I paid for the previous pair – 9 years ago. I now happily recommend Value Hearing to anyone I know who needs hearing aids, because of the extensive range of quality aids, and the reasonable pricing.

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product: Phonak,

Bill Duffield

I wanted to let you know that as a result of your excellent service when I placed an enquiry about the cost of hearing aids, I had an appointment with Anna-Marie in Brisbane and decided to purchase a Phonak aid from Value Hearing. Although I opted for a more expensive solution than I originally intended, I found Anna-Marie’s advice courteous, professional and suited to my longer-term needs. I came away from the appointment with an aid that was not only comfortable but effective in the city environment. I will recommend your company to anyone requiring an independent audiology assessment, which is very rare in the current economy where companies own most of the outlets and offer little choice to clients. I look forward to a long association with your company. Thank you from a satisfied customer

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product: Phonak,

Col B

I started noticing my hearing problems several years ago and finally took the decision to look at solutions. I saw a local audiologist who identified my hearing loss and suggested some solutions. After seeking a second opinion from Anna-Marie from Value Hearing I received the best advice and solution for both my hearing loss and tinnitus but more importantly suited my lifestyle. Suffering from mid-range audio and tinnitus hearing difficulties Anna-Marie recommended Phonak Q 70’s with Compilot and TV Link streaming technology (at really competitive prices). Now, not only can I hear general conversations in meetings and social gatherings I can also listen to recorded music and even stream my “live” guitar practice from my laptop using the Bluetooth technology. If you are in Brisbane or the Gold Coast a visit to Anna-Marie will be worth your while. Anna-Marie’s professionalism has impressed and I cannot recommend her more highly. Once fitted Value Hearing provide an excellent after sales experience and nothing is too hard to make sure you are satisfied with your hearing aids. Anna-Marie makes sure that everything is adjusted “just right’’ and listens to all you’re concerns. Thanks Anna-Marie

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product: Phonak,

Geni F

I would like to give you some feedback about my experience with your Audiologist in Brisbane. Anna-Marie is AMAZING!!! She is an absolute treasure! (Definitely worth more, more, more) I have had a rough 18 months with Breast cancer treatment and losing all my hearing in the left ear last year due to shingles. I was devastated with my hearing loss as I drive trains for a living and I am a musician. I was referred to a pig of an ENT specialist who then referred me to a hearing solution company that was pathetic. (Owned by ENT’s) My experience with them was appalling! Even tho’ they let me trial the Phonak q90 and Cros –aid they never followed up and didn’t even give me any instruction. Even the ridiculous quote they gave me was on a blank piece of paper! I contacted a few other hearing places as well. I did a lot of research on the internet and contacted people around the world looking for Hearing aid options,new technology and of course a good price- a ‘FAIR’ price. Luckily I found Value hearing and emailed straight away. I was at the end of it all and still very devastated about my hearing loss. Jodie replied with a quote straight away. I was impressed! She followed up with more emails and information about your business- I couldn’t believe what I was reading. It really sounded too good to be true... I was very familiar with that sort of internet marketing and thought- ‘here we go’. But I just had to make an appointment! So I met Anna-Marie and my world has changed. I have been saved from depression about my hearing. She had more knowledge than anyone I met or contacted. She told me things before I could even ask! WOW!!! Anna-Marie could sense my deep sadness and sense of loss and has changed my life! Not just with her expert knowledge of hearing aids but her understanding of what I was going through. I could write pages of all the wonderful things she has said and how she has educated me with my hearing loss but I’ll try not to. (I’m also still very emotional about it crying as I write this) Just know you have the most amazing ‘person’ working for you who is helping people hear better! As she said ‘my job is to help you hear better’ and she has! She also said ‘ I am here for you’. Powerful words that are so passionate! I am hearing better! Thankyou so much Kind Regards Geni F Phonak q50 and Cros. Brisbane AM I wish I could do or say more but know I will recommend you to everyone!

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product: Phonak,

Gordon Pfeiffer

I have just concluded an exceptional experience with Anna-Marie. She took me under her wing for an auditory program, which took 5 and a quarter hours, and three encounters. Now - everything is audible and another satisfied customer has registered in your records. Her attention to detail was phenomenal. She wouldn't let me go until I was completely satisfied. And that I was! The price, too was exceptional, (and I had had other quotes.) I am happy to extend my congratulations to Anna-Marie and wish her well for future success in Brisbane, or wherever her experience takes her. Many thanks.

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product: Phonak,


Thank you so much for your very professional and extremely caring approach to my hearing deficit. Your friendly manner, expert knowledge and attention to detail was greatly appreciated by me and my husband. I had consulted with other companies previously and I can, and have been recommending Value Hearing to everyone since purchasing my hearing aids from you. My research had proven to me that Value Hearing is definitely the best value and one is not locked into buying a particular brand. Thank you once again.

Clinic: Brisbane, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product: