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About our clinic


Audiology Clinic on the Gold Coast  

Value Hearing is an independent and specialist hearing/audiology centre located in Varsity Lakes on the sunny Gold Coast. Varsity Lakes is home to the renowned Bond University and close world-class shopping at Robina Town Centre and Pacific Fair.


Value Hearing provide comprehensive hearing assessments as well as a large range of hearing aid brands, makes and models. Our experienced in-house audiologist will take the time to find the perfect hearing solution for you.


We will take into account your level of hearing loss, budget, lifestyle and many other factors when selecting your best hearing solution and we will even custom fit your hearing aids. The service doesn’t stop there though, we will also educate you about your ears, your hearing condition and provide on-going support.


We offer the highest level of hearing expertise, exceptional customer care, top quality ethical hearing aids and an on-going aftercare program that is much more comprehensive than our competitors.


When you choose to get your hearing solution through Value Hearing’s Gold Coast clinic, you’ll receive:

  • Lower prices.
  • 3 Years of clinical support.
  • 3 Years of battery supply.
  • Unlimited follow up appointments within the first 60 days of your hearing aid fitting.

You won’t find better value anywhere else – we want to enrich your life as best as we can.


Come and see us for a no-obligation, free hearing aid discussion appointment. There is no catch, just great value brought to you by our caring, innovative and expert team who are continually striving to offer the best possible services for you.


Directions to our clinic:  

Coming on the M1, take the Robina turn off, through the first roundabout and right at the second roundabout into Robina Town Centre Drive. Turn right into Scottsdale Drive, veer left into Christine Avenue, through 3 roundabouts into Varsity Parade, left into Main Street and we are in the Steel X building.


Coming from Bermuda street turn into Christine Avenue (Left coming from the south and Right coming from the north), right into Varsity Parade and left onto main street.


More About Our Gold Coast Hearing Centre  

Value Hearing is a specialist hearing centre that operates various clinics all over Australia providing life changing hearing solutions.


It isn’t just about our low hearing aid prices. We are very proud of our lower prices, especially for the high quality hearing aids that we stock. We want to provide and fit you with a top quality and customised hearing solution that will offer you true value and enhance your quality of life.


We are an independent, privately owned hearing aid retailer and specialist audiology clinic. Unlike some of our competitors, we can select a hearing aid solution that is customised specifically for your needs and your level of hearing loss.


We stock and sell a very large range of hearing aids across various brands which means that we can provide you with more options and choices to suit your individual needs. Many of our competitors are limited in the hearing aids that they offer which can be restricting and often results in customers not getting the best hearing solution.


We want to change your life for the better and provide the best support that we can.

Staff Members

Therese Marais

Audiologist // Gold Coast


Therese Marais joined Value Hearing in 2018. She has a Bachelor Degree in Communication Pathology Speech Pathology and Audiology from the University of Pretoria.

What has been like working with Christo and rest of the Value Hearing Team?

It’s great to have their support. In many respects working at Value Hearing is like being part of a family. Everyone is supportive of everyone else. They really live the values of Value Hearing.

What gives you the most satisfaction in your role?

I hear from many of my clients who are absolutely amazed at the sounds they can now hear – and it’s usually the most subtle sounds that make such a difference, like hearing a tapping of a keyboard or hearing what the grandson says. It’s very emotional and personal.

What’s important is to focus on what can be gained with hearing aids. People have told me they’ve heard sounds they haven’t hard in 34 years.

Even people with profound or very severe loss can be helped with hearing aids.


Therese and team were very, very responsive

Therese and team were very, very responsive in getting me in in a timely way when my old hearing aid stopped. Therese is very efficient and effective in asking questions and in providing alternatives. Prices appear competitive, and their customer service is great in providing a temporary loan of a hearing aid. Therese and Adele get my highest recommendation!! - Ken Kramme (Gold Coast)

John - Gold Coast

This is my second pair of fully in the canal hearing aids. I did not go back to my original hearing aid centre due mainly to a bad fitting experience, both from a “good fit” perspective and from the actual fitting experience, which was quite painful. With Christo I initially tried the Insignia Insio which did not require a mould to be made. It was evident after trying various sizes of the Insignia that it was not right for me. Christo suggested the Oticon OPN1 which required a mould to be made. I was apprehensive about this after my first painful experience but this proved far wide of the mark and the procedure for making the mould was painless. The new hearing aids fit like a glove and I am very happy with the new hearing aids and extremely appreciative of the service provided by Christo and his team.

Clinic: Gold Coast, Technician: Product:

Carl Planting (Gold Coast)

Value Hearing was the best hearing aid consultation I have experienced - I have dealt with them from Denmark, Surrey UK, Cape Town and elsewhere on the Gold Coast since 2006 - nothing like it!. Your systems are top class and your latest technology is awesome - shared all the information with me and all the information was clear and in writing - no ambiguity. Also the test was more thorough and the discussion about the choices was comprehensive. I would recommend all to go to Value Hearing for an excellent experience. Well done and keep it up.

Clinic: Gold Coast, Technician: Therese Marais, Product:

Ken Kramme (Gold Coast)

Therese and team were very, very responsive in getting me in in a timely way when my old hearing aid stopped. Therese is very efficient and effective in asking questions and in providing alternatives. Prices appear competitive, and their customer service is great in providing a temporary loan of a hearing aid. Therese and Adele get my highest recommendation!!

Clinic: Gold Coast, Technician: Therese Marais, Product:


My new hearing aids are fabulous. I am virtually wearing them all day, as they are so comfortable. Seriously those Siemens used to drive me nuts. I literally could not wait to take them out plus, by comparison, they were of little benefit. I went to a concert last night. The sounds were heavenly! Anyway, back to you!! Thank you for your time and service. First class. My brother in law is intending to make an appointment with you in the next couple of weeks.

Clinic: Gold Coast, Technician: Christo Fourie, Product: Phonak,

Graham D - QLD

I have visited a few hearing clinics, over the past few years, and during my recent appointment with Christo Fourie, I realised that he and the service he provided was on a higher league, compared to the other clinics. He is thorough and professional in his approach and I recommend him to any person who has hearing difficulties.

Clinic: Gold Coast, Technician: Christo Fourie, Product:

Ron R

Thank you very much for the time spent with me this afternoon , your  easy going manner and the visual aids with your explanations made the choice easy! I am amazed at the difference they have made even in the few hours I have been wearing them .The results are far superior to the other units I have trialed, even in front of the tv where I am at the moment ,without even connecting the tv unit the performance and clarity Is amazing. Your soundproof booth and the general quietness of the area made a noticeable difference to the testing. The first thing I noticed when I stepped outside the building was the noise of approaching vehicles on the wet road, they were comfortably audible without blowing my head off as the previous units had done. Thank you once again and I look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.

Clinic: Gold Coast, Technician: Christo Fourie, Product: Phonak,

G. Deane

I have visited a few hearing clinics, over the past few years, and during my recent appointment with Christo Fourie, I realised that he and the service he provided was on a higher league, compared to the other clinics. He is thorough and professional in his approach and I recommend him to any person who has hearing difficulties.

Clinic: Gold Coast, Technician: Christo Fourie, Product:

Joanne Hipkiss

I was recommended to Value Hearing by a friend in 2013 after struggling with my hearing since I was a child. I had tried other hearing aids and not found them very good, in fact I stopped wearing them. My life was starting to get very introverted with me not wanting to be in crowds of people. I stopped volunteering for things and being on committees, it was miserable. When I met Christo for the fitting of my new hearing aids he was very sympathetic to my particular problem and made sure they were giving me the very best sound possible. I had problems with them last year 2015 and was actually living in Malaysia. Christo and Sue at the office couldn't have been more helpful. I posted them back to Australia  and Siemens  actually replaced my aids with new ones and they posted them back to me. Alas they still weren't right so on my next visit I went back to see Christo and he sat with me for over well over an hour until he got them right, nothing was too much trouble even after nearly 3 years!  I really appreciated the fact that nothing was too much trouble. I have a much better quality of life now with my confidence returning, yes I still have a few minor problems when I struggle but nothing like before Thanks to Christo and his team on The Gold Coast.

Clinic: Gold Coast, Technician: Christo Fourie, Product: Siemens,

Rhonda - Gold Coast

Dear Christo I would like to let you know how happy I have been since you fitted me with my Phonak’s Hearing Aids. For the past 15 years I knew I had a serve hearing problem and had investigated options a few times but never followed through due to the aids not doing the job I required. About 18 months ago I took up the cause again and went to see an Audiologist, they were helpful but a bit pushy and very pricey, so I called your practice, made an appointment, got fitted and haven’t looked back. This email is to let you know that you have made my life so much easier by giving me my hearing back and I would not hesitate in recommend you to anyone that may need your service.

Clinic: Gold Coast, Technician: Christo Fourie, Product: Phonak,

Bill S.

“I have been wearing hearing aids since 2008. Due to average service from my original provider I decided to research Providers, Devices and Costs more thoroughly before replacing my existing hearing aids. I needed a provider who was knowledgeable, experienced, service focused, cost competitive and up to date with current technology in testing and customising hearing aids. I needed a hearing aid which was powerful, resistant to perspiration and moisture and which provided clear hearing in different background noise circumstances. I interviewed 3 different providers on their service package, technology, devices and costs. I chose Value Hearing and was very impressed and pleased after my first consultation. One year later I continue to be impressed and pleased with their service. Value Hearing they were able to help me finalise selection of the correct hearing aids for my needs. They have modern up to date software programs and computer hardware to test and adjust hearing aids and explain your hearing loss. In my situation I needed a sound mode which reduced background noise and enhanced conversation volume in a dancing venue or restaurant. Using their software programs they were able to adjust my hearing aids to provide exactly that. Now when I walk into a dance venue or restaurant I just press a button and my hearing aids go into and stays in the correct mode (dance / dining  mode).  In particular, their Audiologists are very knowledgeable, up to date with current technology, listen to your requirements and know how to make the adjustments to  suit your requirements. They are able to explain sound settings / modes and adjust sound levels in each ear. The local office staff, central support staff and service processes are superior to my previous experiences. Value Hearing office staff phone me every six months to check my hearing aids and book a complementary consultation to make any adjustments if required. Finally hearing aids are expensive and I found Value Hearing to be most cost competitive. Value Hearing is Knowledgeable, Experienced, Service Focused, Cost Competitive and Technology Current. I am very pleased to highly recommend Value Hearing.” Please also pass this on to your staff at Robina and Head Office

Clinic: Gold Coast, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product: Phonak,

Coralie Gilmour

Hi Christo, My experience with Value Hearing and in particular with yourself, gave back the confidence I needed in seeking advice about my hearing problems.  Tinnitus had been a real issue for me and trying to speak to other Hearing Clinics was very difficult as there did not appear to be the understanding of the condition.   I had hearing tests and quotes from two other clinics and then immediately felt the pressure to make a decision about purchasing hearing aids.  In fact, I almost felt harassed by staff to make a decision, having a time limit put on me.   Needless to say, I did not go ahead. Then, I made enquiries with Value Hearing and here I am, one very happy customer who has learned the joy of being able to hear in noisy situations and feel more confident about talking in group situations.    The after-sales service was invaluable and again, any questions I had regarding my hearing aids and the use of them, were answered promptly and the advice given about little glitches were quickly resolved. A sincere thank you for your professional approach in your area of expertise and for ensuring that at all times your clients feel cared for.

Clinic: Gold Coast, Technician: Christo Fourie, Product:

Howard Fletcher

I would like to say thank you to you and your staff, for the way that my initial enquiry, and subsequent visits to Value Hearing were dealt with. I received what I thought was the best professional advice to resolve my hearing problems, with no pressure to purchase the latest, most expensive hearing aids, as a previous hearing centre had advised me to do. You showed me several options, and explained to me the benefits of each option, with no pressure whatsoever, and it is because of this experience that I have no reservations in giving my recommendations  to other people to use Value Hearing as a solution for their hearing problems. Wishing you all the best in the future.

Clinic: Gold Coast, Technician: Christo Fourie, Product:


At Value Hearing & Tinnitus Solutions I received such exceptionally good service and value for money that I tell my friends about it - and a number have already shared my experience and also bought their hearing aids there with great satisfaction. Christo and his team give honest, sincere value which is important in an industry where the sky can be the limit. That value extends beyond the purchase, with attentive post-purchase service. It is true to say my hearing aids have been a life changer.

Clinic: Gold Coast, Technician: Christo Fourie, Product:

Lionel C

I first went to Value Hearing for a second opinion. I initially went to a highly regarded hearing firm which an ENT recommended and which is actually owned by a consortium of ENT’s; reputably one of the best around. After very comprehensive tests they put some top of the range Phonak aids in my ears for a week free trial. Sure they worked well, but they suggested no alternatives to me and at the next appointment the sales pitch was essentially “go with the best, you deserve it”. Friends of mine had paid up to $14,000 for the same devices and service level, so it seemed a fair deal. But after a bit of Googling, to my mind even $11,000 seemed a bit steep and  I wondered if I needed all of the features of the top of the range anyway. Right from the first moment, Christo made me feel he was very competent and honest. I did not tell him about the previous experience and why I was there. He did all the same tests and a few more then arrived at exactly the same hearing diagnosis. Then surprisingly, he recommended a lower spec Phonak because the extra bells and whistles of the top of the range model  were of no extra benefit to my situation. To add to his credibility, Christo explained that a new very much improved model of Phonak range was about to be released in the next week, which the others had failed to mention. The new model had a significantly better processor so the bottom of the range in the new series was equivalent to a much higher spec in the old series.  The end result was the new generation Phonak, matched exactly my needs and cost $4,500 fully serviced for 3 years. The price difference was incredible and I am very happy with the result with great after sales service. I can’t help but wonder how many others have been oversold in an industry reputed for overcharging. I am very glad I met Christo and Value Hearing. They are refreshingly honest, fair, and well qualified with access to the best testing and equipment available.

Clinic: Gold Coast, Technician: Christo Fourie, Product: Phonak,


Anyone who has experienced the process of buying a hearing aid will know it is a difficult and expensive procedure where I think in general terms there is a lack of transparency and where the buyer is at a disadvantage. For example, many of the sellers are owned directly or indirectly by a manufacturer and only present their brand of products  ( unknown and not advised to the buyer)- whether those are the best to suit the hearer’s specific needs or not. Prices are also artificially inflated in a captive market situation, and the information supplied to clients is confusing and inadequate to allow them to make an informed decision. As one becomes more experienced as a purchaser and user of hearing aids, one is better informed and can start to see the difference between suppliers and the level of service offered, and in particular the pricing and the value for money equation. I for one considered purchasing hearing aids overseas in Asia or America at a considerable lower initial price than that available in Australia, but this has the problem of lack of service here and backup, which is a very important attribute and is not to be advised in my opinion. It was refreshing to come across Value Hearing a couple of years ago, who provided a comprehensive web site with excellent and up to date information and who are not tied to a specific brand or product and most importantly can offer a range of products which can be tailored to your particular needs-and most importantly again at a competitive and reasonable price range. I was able to purchase a top quality product which was a big improvement on my previous experience. This was followed up with excellent service and regular consultation and adjustments as needed. I can highly recommend Value Hearing.

Clinic: Gold Coast, Technician: Christo Fourie, Product: Siemens,


It's been 3 years since I purchased my Aids from Value Hearing, and I would like to relate to you my experience. At the first consultation you took a holistic approach, taking time to listen to my problems. You then explained what options were available, and answered all my questions, in a plain and honest manner. I looked at many alternatives before coming to you, Online, Overseas, Second Hand etc. I cannot stress highly enough how lucky I was by Not taking any of these paths. My experiences have shown, that aftersales support and assistance is as important as the Aids themselves. The price is soon forgotten (You were actually $2700 cheaper than my best quoted price) but the quality and service/or lack of service still remain. Value Hearing has well exceeded my expectations in this regard, to the extent of even following me up for periodic checkups. Christo, please accept my thanks, and pass on my warm regards to Sue and Adele. You have built a Great Team!

Clinic: Gold Coast, Technician: Christo Fourie, Product: Phonak,

Bob Rogers

The reason I chose value hearing was the very competitive cost together with the after sales service. I bought my hearing aids two years ago the product and the service has been great. I have had one minor issue with the hearing aids and that has was fixed immediately by Value Hearing.

Clinic: Gold Coast, Technician: Product: Siemens,

S S - Ettrick

I had my appointment with Value Hearing this week and saw Tim. I found him to be excellent - he answered all my questions and I felt very much at ease. I purchased Phonak Audeo S Smart IX aids and so far I am very happy with them. They were also at a better price than I had been previously quoted from another company. I would recommend Value hearing to anyone looking for good, caring service and value.

Clinic: Gold Coast, Technician: Product: Phonak,


I have been deaf all my life and have somehow managed until my mid sixties when I decided I had to do something. It was a major step for me to take that decision and after reading much information about hearing aids etc, I contacted Value Hearing and am so glad I did. Anna-Marie who looked after me from the start was unbelievable. She was just so patient and gentle with me, so professional and understanding which made adjusting to having to use hearing aids so much easier. My experience with Value Hearing was always a positive experience. They continue to give wonderful service and that is much appreciated and the cost of my hearing aids represented very good value. Thank you Anna-Maree for looking after me so well

Clinic: Gold Coast, Technician: Anna-Marie Marias, Product: Phonak,

Dr John K.

What started out as a mission to discover the best Hearing Aid at the best price led me to discover Christo Fourie at Value Hearing on the Gold Coast. I sorted out four clinics and had a consultation with each and listened to their assessments and their quotes for the brand of hearing aids best suited to my condition. The end results were a clear winner for Value Hearing. I am thrilled with Christo’s choice of a Siemens Pure 3MI—it does the job perfectly and the best part—it was $2000 less than the same product from another Clinic!! Nice one Christo!!

Clinic: Gold Coast, Technician: Christo Fourie, Product: Siemens,


I hope I don’t sound like a stalker but I just have to sing your praises again. I have to apologise as I have forgotten the name of my audiologist but I need to thank him again! I have tests that I perform to gauge how well my aids are delivering sound after I get them adjusted which with another provider (name witheld) has been nothing but a nightmare as in the last 2 months there has been at least 4 attempts to get decent sound out of them (including one by the Phonak Rep). 1 talking to my wife in our lounge (high ceilings and wooden floors so lots of echo 2 Reading my book while I drive (I have a kindle so it reads to me over my car stereo) 3 Talking on the phone (lately I have been having to adjust the aids as everyone sounds muffled) 4 Watching TV I haven’t done dinner at a restaurant or going to a movie yet but let me tell you that just the slight adjustment made yesterday (by using the type of equipment you have – testing the sound that the aid gets when I am wearing them) has made a vast difference (a truly recognisable difference in my everyday life). Please pass on my thanks as I was able to converse for quite some time with my wife while sitting 10 feet from her without having to walk up to her and turn my ear towards her and ask her to repeat herself 5 or 6 times. Last week I drove to Longreach (15 hours) and was so disappointed when I couldn’t listen to my book as despite making all sorts of adjustments to my hearing aids and turning the volume up and even adjusting bass and treble nothing helped and I just couldn’t understand what they were saying. Today I went for a drive in the 110 zone of the M1 and listened to my book without having to adjust anything. Also talking on the phone is no longer muffled and while TV still isn’t what I want it to be (without the Bluetooth receiver) I can certainly say that I understood more last night than I have for ages. So thanks, I can’t wait to get the new style ear moulds as I am sure they will help even more. After that appointment I will be making my feelings known to the directors of the other hearing provider (name witheld). Cheers.

Clinic: Gold Coast, Technician: Christo Fourie, Product: Phonak,

Robina client

I just wanted to thank you so much for looking after my sister Pamela. She was so impressed with Anna Marie's consultation and follow up a couple of days later. What a lovely person she is. It is a life changing experience for Pam and I want to sincerely thank you for your generous discount to enable me to purchase the aids for her. Like me, she can't believe how wonderful it is to hear with such clarity. We are now both as happy as larry! Must be a twin thing again!

Clinic: Gold Coast, Technician: Product:


I just wanted to formally thank both of you for a wonderful experience. It was fantastic to get more than a fancy reception area and not much else from a hearing aid provider. For the first time in a long time I feel confident that my experience will improve because I feel I am working as part of a team with you guys rather than be told we are the experts so shut up and take what we give you. The whole hearing test session was so professional I was shocked (considering recent experience) as not only was decent equipment used (rather than wires hanging all over me that worked and sometimes don’t – don’t get me started) but it was handled professionally by an audiologist that showed CARE for his client and actually didn’t have to call someone else to seek advice. The presentation of the findings helped me understand better where I am at and what my options are, solutions rather than buck passing. In the 3 years I have had my Phonak Naidas hearing aids I have not had as helpful a discussion as I did today. Thanks again and keep up the great work, please pass my congratulations along to the principles of your company. You haven’t just earned a new customer, you have won an advocate which is the best type of customer to have!

Clinic: Gold Coast, Technician: Christo Fourie, Product: Phonak,


I really appreciate it. I was very impressed with your service and the way you explained the difference in the hearing aids. I will be recommending your business to any person I come into contact with who needs your service.

Clinic: Gold Coast, Technician: Product: