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Our Melbourne Hearing Centre

Value Hearing is a specialist hearing and audiology clinic located in Melbourne, and is conveniently located one block away from Melbourne's Central Station and close to the famous Chinatown district. We perform one of the most comprehensive hearing assessments in the industry. This allows us to identify any hearing problems that you may have and provide the most relevant treatment right from your initial visit. We also stock a large range of hearing aid brands, makes and models. We do not stock out of date hearing aid models or hearing aids that are considered low quality. Following a hearing assessment, our experienced in-house audiologist will take the time to find the perfect hearing solution to fit your needs. Our skilled audiologist takes many factors into account when prescribing your hearing aid options including your level of hearing loss, budget, personal needs and lifestyle. We will even custom fit your hearing aids for you and provide you with knowledge and education about your ears, your personal hearing condition and answer every question that you may have along the way. Our expert staff provide the highest level of hearing knowledge, exceptional customer care, top quality ethical hearing aids and an ongoing aftercare program that is far more complete than that of our competitors. When you choose to come to our Value Hearing Melbourne clinic, you'll receive:
  • Lower prices.
  • 3 Years of clinical support.
  • 3 Years of battery supply.
  • Unlimited follow up appointments within the first 60 days of your hearing aid fitting.
You won't find better value anywhere else - we want to improve your hearing and enrich your life as best as we can. Visit our Melbourne clinic for a no-obligation, completely free hearing aid discussion appointment. There is no catch, simply great value brought to you by our caring, innovative and expert Audiologist. At Value Hearing we aim to offer you the most appropriate services and beneficial treatment. Call now on 1800 157 429 or click here to book an appointment.

Our Location

Our Melbourne Office is now located Level 19, 180 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. It is within walking distance of Melbourne Central Station and has paid parking in the building. View detailed instructions on getting there. When you enter the ground floor of the building from street level, take the elevators to the left of the entrance. When on level 19, exit the lift and walk straight through the glass doors until you reach the Regus reception. On level 19, you will be greeted by general Regus reception staff that will assist you. Please note that the level lifts only operate to level 19 from 8:30 am sharp.

More About Our Melbourne Hearing Centre

Value Hearing is an independent hearing centre that operates many clinics across over Australia providing life changing hearing solutions. It isn't just about our low hearing aid prices. We are very proud of our lower prices, especially for the high quality hearing aids that we stock and the value that we add to our service. We want to provide and fit you with a top quality and customised hearing solution that will offer you true value and enhance your quality of life, whilst still being reasonably priced.

Huge Range Of Hearing Aids

We are a privately owned hearing aid retailer and specialist audiology clinic. We can select a hearing aid solution that is customised specifically for your needs and your level of hearing loss. We don't upsell - we just want you to get the solution that is right for you. We stock and sell a diverse range of hearing aids across various brands and types of hearing aid. At Value Hearing, we give you more choices in order to suit your individual needs. Many of our competitors are limited in the hearing aids that they offer which can be restricting and often results in customers not getting the best possible hearing solution.

Let Us Help

We want to change your life for the better and provide the best support that we can. Call now on 1800 157 429 or use the booking schedule below to book in at our Melbourne hearing clinic. [google-reviews-pro place_name='Value Hearing, Melbourne VIC' place_id=ChIJZyI5vBlo1moRnXJOreyYsp4 auto_load=true rating_snippet=true min_filter=4 disable_user_link=true view_mode=slider open_link=true]

Staff Members

Lawson Peters

Audiologist // Melbourne


Lawson started his career as an audiologist in Singapore and Changi General Hospital, where he completed his supervised Certificate of Clinical Practice and worked across a range of audiological fields; testing balance and hearing, as well as working with hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Returning to Melbourne after two years, he followed his keen interest in hearing rehabilitation to join a major hearing aid company in Melbourne.

His clients included those receiving aids through the Office of Hearing Services and through Work Safe Victoria following diagnosis of industrial deafness.

Lawson has traveled extensively for his work as a locum and among his favourite places were Maitland, the Atherton Tablelands and Emerald.

He also spent a year working in Canada but is now more than happy to call Melbourne home.

Totally changed my hearing ability and environment

Georgia was terrific. The hearing test was excellent with an extra test with background voices and noises. She was extremely professional and made choices of hearing aids easy. In fact my amazing Phonak hearing aids were $7000 less than another hearing group. I have used my hearing aids all day every since I received them. Totally changed my hearing ability and environment. I can sincerely express my appreciation for their services, help and professionalism. - David Silcock

K - Melbourne

Dear Chisto, I know you are busy and would not intend to bother, but having had a very positive experience with Value Hearing I hope this mail brings its own small  reward? How well I remember first mailing you on  Sunday morning (never expectimg a reply until the working week). The helpful reply came swiftly from yourself - AMAZING! I had tested an appointment with another supplier and was not impressed. I had viewed the ABC program exposing the excesses of some in the Hearing Aid Industry. I was looking for an ethical business and happily I found one."

Clinic: Melbourne, Technician: Product:

Peter S

'My new hearing aids from Value Hearing saved my life. They are generally fantastic and very comfortable to wear. Good after sales service - number 1! I am very happy with everything. Georgia is very patient and always willing to help me.

Clinic: Melbourne, Technician: Product: Phonak,

Noel A

I contacted Value Hearing for a hearing assessment at age 75 because I realised that I was not hearing music as brightly as 10 years earlier. My wife has worn hearing aids for about 10 years, first Oticon and then Resound from two different companies with multiple hearing centre outlets around Melbourne. She received a cursory free hearing test and was recommended into top end aids by the audiologist. Her hearing loss is low to moderate with no abnormalities. Having accompanied my wife during her audiologist visits, I was unsure what I would get from Value Hearing. My research on hearing aids had established that prices in Australia were up to 3 times overseas prices and that I would need to bargain strongly to get a fair deal.  I thought that for music fidelity, the Signia 7 Primax Cellion would be a good choice (based on reviews) and was prepared to buy the top of the range thinking that the higher the technology level, the better the result. The first contact with Value Hearing was with the owner Christo Fourie. He gave me a quote to supply the Signia aids but said they were not the best choice for music fidelity. Christo has a comprehensive knowledge of hearing aid technology and gave convincing reasons for his opinion. Be aware that it is impossible find technical information about hearing aids on the web. Technical data is only provided to audiologists when requested by them. My first appointment with Value Hearing lasted 90 minutes versus the 30 minute tests that my wife had received. I felt I had been treated professionally and that all aspects of my hearing had been tested. My audiogram revealed that my hearing was satisfactory in the normal speech range but dropped off in the higher frequencies explaining why my music fidelity was suffering. A report was sent to my GP with my consent. Then the surprise! The Value Hearing audiologist (Michael) recommended that for my hearing, the top of the range aids would be an over kill and that the lowest cost entry point aids would be appropriate.  He fitted me with his recommendation and told me to return them for full refund or upgrade to a higher model if I was not happy. Needles to say I still have them 5 months later and have spent one third of my initial budget. Music now sounds like it used to and I can hear much better in noisy situations. Value Hearing pride themselves in recommending the best price performance aids for their patients hearing condition. They do not over sell. Everything is clearly explained and you feel you can trust them. I did not intend to buy at my first appointment, but found no reason not to. I did not have to barter on price. Value Hearing has my absolute recommendation.

Clinic: Melbourne, Technician: Product: Phonak,

Ambrose, Kay, Lorelle and the 7 other siblings!

To the team at Value Hearing Melbourne In times of crisis and turmoil to have been supported with so much compassion and empathy by this team has just renewed my faith in service. From the beautiful lady we spoke to on the phone (I think it was marg?) who arranged our immediate appointment with such care and concern, to the wonderful audiologist Michael who took such particular care with our Dad, we cannot thank you enough or recommend you enough for your outstanding professionalism, but even more so for your real empathy for our family. Dad's positivity and quality of life has returned, my mum as unwell as she is can now look forward to sometime returning home and knowing she will be heard. I really can't find enough words to convey our appreciation and our thanks to each and everyone of you. May you continue to prosper knowing that you are servicing an industry the way it should be serviced. Your outstanding commitment should be experienced and replicated. Thank you, thank you, thank you from our family.

Clinic: Melbourne, Technician: Product:


I'm writing to thank you and your team at Value Hearing & Tinnitus for  fitting of my new hearing aids , The Phonak I had fitted is much better than the well know Australian Brand I had before , Michael and the team at the Melbourne Clinic are very professional and attentive .

Clinic: Melbourne, Technician: Product: Phonak,

Mary G - Mebourne

I am grateful to everyone at Value Hearing for your excellent client focus. You discussed my product options with compassion and understanding and your non-aggressive sales advice has made purchasing my hearing aid from you a positive, problem-free and enjoyable experience.  The follow-up emails, newsletters and minor adjustments have been great too!

Clinic: Melbourne, Technician: Product: Phonak,

Graeme - Melbourne

Yesterday I attended your Melbourne clinic to have my new hearing aids fitted by Michael. This is my 6th set of hearing aids, and the methodology used by Michael to adjust the aids was different from that used by any other audiologist I have consulted. Every other set of aids I have purchased have taken an hour or more to adjust at first attempt and in most cases a second visit in a short space of time was required in order to achieve optimum performance. Yesterday, from the first time Michael tuned the aids they performed very good, requiring only a couple of minor “tweaks” to get the optimum result. Consequently, I am delighted with the results and am experiencing much improved hearing. Further, your pricing was very favourable and to date I am very happy with the service provided by your team.

Clinic: Melbourne, Technician: Product: Siemens,


Dear Christo, I am happy to confirm my satisfaction with Value Hearing. I have received very competent professional service from my initial contact and hearing test to supply and fitting. And it is comforting to have a regular equipment check and any query has been dealt with most professionally.

Clinic: Melbourne, Technician: Product:

Sheamus Sushames

Christo, just for your information, I had an appointment with Michael this morning and bought a pair of hearing aids. I was very impressed with the customer service both from your receptionist and from Michael. I have used another hearing aid firm in Geelong previously but although small your team in Melbourne did a far better job in both educating and explaining. You should be very proud of them. I don't write many emails lauding companies staff so congratulations.

Clinic: Melbourne, Technician: Product:

George W.

I would like to place on record my sincere appreciation for the extraordinary level of service and consideration I received from audiologist Melissa Chandler. The name of the company, “Value Hearing” says it all! The hearing evaluation was very professional as was the explanation of the hearing aid options I personally thought were appropriate for my particular needs. Needless to say, the hearing aids I have acquired based on Melissa’s advice have opened up a new dimension in my lifestyle. I have no hesitation in recommending “Value Hearing.” “

Clinic: Melbourne, Technician: Product:


A big thank you for helping me with new hearing aids. With the new Oticon Alta Pro hearing aids I now realise how much conversation I was missing. I can now hear clearly when conversing in a crowded noisy meeting. I am confident I will now be more engaged with family and friends and not have to ask them to repeat themselves. The two hour hearing test and consultation left me with a full understanding of the new technology now available . Your state of the art testing equipment with large screen graphical display of my hearing loss made your detailed explanation easy to follow. Your enthusiasm and confidence immediately put me at ease during my time with you at Value Hearing. I am very happy to recommend you to friends in the future. Thank you again.

Clinic: Melbourne, Technician: Product:


I saw Melissa again today who went through the new 'apparatus' and it is truly invisible...... amazing. Even my wife couldn't find it after searching intensively, so I'm quite happy about that. I look fwd to seeing, woops hearing, everything at work, especially meetings & students questions without having to 'guess'.

Clinic: Melbourne, Technician: Product: Phonak,


This is just to thank you for your excellent service last week.  I hadn't realised how much I'd been missing out on for so long!  The televisions have been readjusted, the trafficators in the cars do actually click, gravel paths make a lovely scrunchy sound when I walk on them, paper bags crinkle when used, my slippers make a lovely scuffling sound when I walk on our slate floor and my wife has been talking to me!  In Maria's words from The Sound Of Music, these are a few of those wonderful things..... I've not had any problems at all and am pleased that I at long last have done something about my hearing loss.  H.and I still hope to wander Gippsland in a few weeks’ time and will try to brave Melbourne traffic so that you can check that I'm getting maximum benefit from my aids.

Clinic: Melbourne, Technician: Product: Phonak,


Four weeks ago I committed to purchase a pair of Siemens Pure hearing aids from Michael PARKER at your Melbourne clinic. Today I had my follow up visit to do some fine tuning. I have come away particularly happy with the purchase, from the point of view of value,  and more so from the view of quality of hearing I now have. Michael's approach "that we have got to get it right" was very assuring, and I believe he has got it right. Thank you for doing that. Even though it is a 4 hour plus round drive for me to attend your clinic, the value for money and the service given is worth it. A very personal comment, before purchasing the Siemens Pure I had trialled the Oticon Ultra, the Siemens seems to be better suited for me. Regards and thanks.

Clinic: Melbourne, Technician: Product: Siemens,


" I first went to a local hearing place for one of those free hearing tests and was fitted with a trial pair of hearing aids, and made to sign a paper saying I would be responsible for $12,500  if I lost them in the week of trial.  I  was conscious the whole week of the possibility of them falling off, and meanwhile I googled other possibilities and found Value Hearing's site.  They seemed like a good option. I took the $12,500 ones back to the local place and subsequently made an appointment with Value Hearing in Melbourne. I had the  test etc as detailed on the website. Michael Parker, the audiologist, was thorough and clear, and the cost of the Oticon hearing aids was very much less than for the equivalent ones from the first place I went to. Particularly useful was the little bit of tubing attached to each, which fits into the curl of the ear and stops them falling off. Simple and effective.  That was nearly four months ago and it's all good so far.   Good service and aids.   Thanks very much.

Clinic: Melbourne, Technician: Product:


Hi Christo, I would like to say a huge thankyou for your time and patience in regards to my initial enquiries and subsequent purchase of a Phonak Audeo Smart IX hearing aid and iCom. As a self funded user of hearing aids I was looking for the best deal for a replacement hearing aid and having spent some time liaising with some of the major hearing aid providers in Melbourne and found just the hearing aid I required which allowed me to use the hearing aid with Bluetooth as well as a number of different electronic devices, in particular my mobile phone using the iCom wireless connection. After falling off my chair at a $5500 price tag I started searching the net for a lower price. I found Value Hearing WA and was astounded by the low cost of the same Phonak hearing aid and iCom devices. I called Christo to make sure it was not a mistake and was reassured that the price was correct AND there was a further discount for interstate customers. After creating a spreadsheet from hell which included variables of flight, accommodation and loss of pay, numerous emails to and fro with Christo, I took the plunge and went all the way from Melbourne to Perth for a 4 day holiday and I was still some $1700 in front. Christo was most understanding and thorough in his testing and subsequent fitting of the Phonak Audeo Smart IX hearing aid and I am extremely happy with the outcome. I recommend (and have recommended) any self funded purchaser to speak with Christo at Value Hearing WA for the best pricing and service in Australia. Kindest Regards

Clinic: Melbourne, Technician: Christo Fourie, Product: Phonak,