Amazing New Wireless Hearing Aid Technology

Time To Read: 5 minutes

Wireless Hearing aids are hearing devices that have the ability to communicate with one another.

When listening in a noisy environment, the brain relies on information that is supplied by the two separate ears.  Sometimes the signal of interest is in one ear and not the other, for example sitting eating dinner with friends and family and trying to have a conversation with someone on your left hand side.

Synchronised differences between the two ears provide crucial information as to where the sounds are coming from. Being able to assign location to all of the sounds in the environment is the first step in separating the signal of interest (especially speech) from background noise.

Aid-to-aid communication allows two hearing aids to coordinate, synchronise and process sounds binaurally.

  • Binaural coordination allows volume control adjustments and program changes made on one hearing aid to be wirelessly communicated to the other.  This allows hearing aids to be balanced at all times and minimises the need for constant volume adjustments.
  • Binaural synchronisation allows state changes in automatic adaptive features such as directionality and noise reduction to be made simultaneously on both hearing aids.  Binaural synchronisation is essential features for pinpointing the sources of the sounds around us and for understanding speech in noisy settings.
  • Binaural processing aims to improve sound localisation and sound stability in fast-changing situations by preserving ear-to-ear level differences.  Advanced binaural processing automatically tracks and focus on speech, regardless of the direction, enabling understanding without the need to face the speaker.

Modern hearing aid technology makes hearing and understanding in most situations enjoyable.  But when you’re on the phone, watching TV or in a noisy place, following a conversation can still sometimes be frustrating.  With wireless compatible hearing aids, accessories can be added to your hearing aids to help you hear more in challenging situations.

  • Remote control allows you to adjust the volume and change the programming of the hearing aid without having to touch the hearing aid.
  • Steaming devices can turn your hearing aids into a Bluetooth compatible device e.g. mobile phone.  With a wireless streamer you can turn your hearing aids into a wireless headset, allowing you to answer phone calls without having to pick your mobile device.
  • Streaming device plus a TV link makes it easy to hear your favourite TV programs.  This is achieved by sending the audio from the television (via TV link) to your streaming device, which is wirelessly linked to the hearing aids.  This gives you independent volume control, allowing you to watch you television programs at a comfortable level.
  • Having problems hearing the television? By connecting the TV link to your television, we are able to send the audio signal directly from the television to your hearings (via the streaming device).  This gives you separate control of the television volume, allowing you to have separate control of the volume.