Exercise and Hearing Aids

Time to Read: 3 minutes

Full length of instructor with fitness class performing step aerobics exercise in gymWe’ve covered in a previous article, how exercise is good for your hearing health. If we’ve left you inspired, you might also be wondering how to successfully exercise while wearing hearing aids.

We’ve got you covered.

In fact, there are some very good reasons why you should wear your hearing aids while you exercise:

  • You need to be able to hear well for your personal safety. If you are out jogging or cycling, it is important to listen out for on-coming traffic and other hazards
  • Listening to instructors, whether it is a one-on-one training session with a personal instructor or a class full of spin cyclers or weight lifters.
  • Get better music. If you have Bluetooth streaming on your hearing aids, you can listen to your choice of music and not the gym's. Perhaps use the time to catch up with your favourite podcast.

Don’t shy away from vigorous exercise.

A study conducted by Hear the World Foundation revealed that 70% of hearing aid wearers say they wear their devices during sporting activities without a problem. And, 37% percent of users say wearing hearing aids makes sports more enjoyable.

If you are concerned about losing your behind-the-ear hearing aids while exercising, there are a number of things you can do to ensure they stay in place.

  • EarGearConsider your exercise clothing. Hooded tops sometimes catch on your hearing aids. Wear a comfortable T-shirt, instead.
  • Instead of a cap, consider wearing a sun visor that can double as a sweatband.
  • Depending on the sport, you might want to wear a skull cap to keep your BTE hearing aids in place.
  • Invest in something like Ear Gear which is a hearing aid cover with a cord and a clip, so should your hearing aids come out, they won’t disappear.

Just as important is caring for your hearing aids after exercise.

As part of your sports kit, bring along:

  •  a cleaning kit
  • a puffer to dry out the hearing aids on the spot, and 
  • some disinfectant wipes to give your aids a once over wipe after exercising.

Do this in addition to your daily hearing aid cleaning routine and, if you don’t already have one, invest in a hearing aid dehumidifier

The only exercise which is really off limits with your hearing aids is swimming. Do remember to take your hearing aids out before you take the plunge. Also, consider using swimmers ear plugs in the water to keep your ears dry.

Now, get out there and hit those fitness goals!