Hearing Aid Troubleshooting

Video Guides to Hearing Aid Troubleshooting

Maintaining hearing aids are fairly simple once you know what is expected, but some tasks are easier to explain by way of video.

As such we are in the process of compiling a series of short but clear videos to help with the more complex tasks of Hearing aid Maintenance and troubleshooting.

Please comment if you need a video not featured here as we are continually expanding our library based on the most common requests.

Changing Wax Filters

Changing the Cerustop Wax filter - found on Widex, Phonak, Unitron and Hansaton receiver-in-the-ear hearing aids

Changing the Oticon Pro-Wax MiniFit filter - found on more modern Oticon receiver-in-the-ear hearing aids

Changing the Signia/Siemens Wax Guard - found on more modern Siemens/Signia receiver-in-the-ear hearing aids

Changing a Siemens Click Dome

Changing Hearing Aid Speakers

Pairing Bluetooth Phones and Accessories