Help Your Friends Help Themselves And You Both Get Rewarded

Time to Read: 5 minutes

Value Hearing's purpose is to empower self-funded Australians with hearing loss to engage and thrive through optimized hearing.

To do this, we are committed to delivering ever-improving services as well as quality long term outcomes at reasonable prices.

  • The benefits to having clients referred to us
  • Referral rewards program
  • How to refer

There are significant benefits to having clients referred to us:

  • Referred clients tend to be more like the people who referred them i.e. you. Frankly we really enjoy working with people just like you and would love to have more people just like yourself to serve
  • It actually costs a lot less to get a client through a referral than through traditional marketing. It is this second point, which has made us decide to pay those marketing savings back to those who are referred to us as well as to those who have taken the trouble of referring their friends or family to us.

So I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our brand new referral rewards program:

As a valued client of ours, you are entitled to refer someone to us, which in turn makes them eligible for discounts not available to anyone else:

  1. 100% off the assessment cost
  2. $100 off per hearing aid purchased from us over and above any other specials or discounts

To the person who referred the client - YOU:

We give $200 worth of Value Hearing Points that can be used at any time for any purchase from any of our clinics.

These points are assigned to your file 60 days after the person you referred has bought their hearing aid/s from us. This is just to ensure that they are happy and are keeping their hearing aids.

You may accumulate as many of these points as you can muster. If you are really good at referring, this could even pay for your next set of hearing aids.

You are even able to assign these points to another client if you prefer not to keep them yourself. These points cannot be exchanged for cash however and can only be used for purchases from us.

Who to refer: 

  • Any of your friends or family, over the age of 26, who has hearing loss and who is motivated to address their hearing loss.

How to Refer: 

Honestly and openly talk to you friends and family about your experience with us and your hearing aids. Ask our reception for referral cards and hand them out to those you feel could benefit from the service you received.

  • You could also get the person you are referring to SMS the word "Refer" to 042 824 4582
  • Email the person you wish to refer’s details to
  • You or the person you are referring can visit our referral page and complete the form. We will then contact them soon after to arrange the next step

We have several helpful guides for those you wish to refer:

We appreciate all referrals and will take as much care of those you trust us with as we did with you.