Ethical Hearing Aid Selection

Time to Read: 3 minutes

Like all decent hearing clinics we thoroughly assess your hearing ability in quiet, using Video Otoscopy, Typanometry, Audiometry and Speech Audiometry. Like many other providers we also consider your lifestyle needs when deciding on the best solution to your hearing loss. All ethical audiologists including those at Value Hearing Solutions will always consider medical options as a priority over hearing aids when appropriate.

Critically, we take the hearing aid selection process even further by also specifically assessing your unique ability or inability to hear in noise. This allows us to perfectly match your individual results to a hearing solution that is best equipped to address your difficulties in even challenging environments, while at the same time providing optimal value.


 The Result: The accurate identification of a uniquely ideal solution that will help you hear better in quiet and in noise without over-prescribing expensive hearing aids with features you may not require. On the flip side, it also allows us to identify when your hearing difficulties are outside the scope of what hearing aids are currently capable of addressing, so that we can recommend alternative solutions when indicated.  Critically, our clinicians are NOT incentivised to prescribe one model or brand over another, and are free to choose the best solution for you out of hundreds on the market.

Your Benefit: This removes a great deal of guesswork and frustration in trying many hearing aids that may or may not work for well you. It speeds up your journey to better hearing and means better hearing quicker, and for less money, in many cases.

Our Benefit: Less wastage of expensive clinical time on hearing solutions that are unlikely to help. No ethical pressure on our clinicians to prescribe something they do not believe will help. More happy clients in less time at a lower cost. Those savings get passed back to you in our fair pricing.

Value Hearing's unique process means you're assured of a hearing aid which is right for you.