How to Pair Your Oticon hearing aids to an Android phone

Time to Read: 3 minutes

This guide helps you set up your Oticon More hearing aid/s for direct audio streaming via Bluetooth from your Android phone and allow remote control of the hearing aid/s and other functions from the ON app.


1. Check that your Android device is compatible for direct Bluetooth streaming (as a general guide, your phone needs to run Android 10 to work):
2. Download the Oticon ON app from the Google Play Store:

3. Open the Oticon ON app.
4. Allow Bluetooth when prompted:

5. Allow location permission (this is required for Bluetooth to work):

6. Restart your hearing aids by either pressing and holding the BOTTOM button on the rocker switch until you see an orange light (the hearing aid has been turned off). Wait for a few seconds, then press and hold the BOTTOM button on the rocker switch again until you see a green light (the hearing aid has been turned on). Do this for each hearing aid:

7. Once the app has detected your hearing aid/s, you will see the name appear on the screen. Select PAIR:

8. Wait for the app to connect to your hearing aid/s. If requested, allow permission for your phone to pair with your hearing aids. Once the hearing aid/s are connected, press CONTINUE to complete the process.