Introducing the new Phonak Paradise CROS

Time to Read: 6 minutes

In this video, Emma discusses the long-awaited new CROS from Phonak that is compatible with the popular Paradise hearing aids: CROS P. Although not currently available in Australia yet (as of October 2021), we do know that it should be released before the end of 2021, and comes in a Lithium-ion rechargeable version as well as a size 13 battery version.

Watch the video or read the transcript below:


Hi there, I'm Emma from Value Hearing. 

I'm a clinical audiologist, and in today's video, I'm going to talk about the new Phonak CROS P.

Phonak CROS PSo, finally Phonak have released their latest CROS. We've been waiting a few years for this, and a few platforms.

For any of you who have a unilateral hearing loss, or an asymmetrical hearing loss, where you've got one ear that's just not aidable, then this is for you.

You may already have a CROS or BICROS system and you want to update it, or maybe you're just wanting to know what your options are. 

Phonak has always been the market leader when it comes to CROS and BICROS systems. The other hearing aid manufacturers over the last few years have definitely started to produce some really fantastic CROS systems so you should definitely talk to your audiologist about which CROS system is best for you.

But today's video is about the Phonak Paradise CROS. It's exciting for us at Value Hearing to know it's coming to Australia because we've had so much success with the Paradise chip from Phonak.

So, so, so many happy people with the Phonak Paradise hearing aids, so to now know we can offer this to the people that need a CROS or BICROS system is super exciting for us. 

To find out what is so awesome about Paradise, the Paradise chip please, have a look at the video that we've linked to that I made when Paradise first came out a year ago.

It will go over what is essentially different about Paradise compared to its predecessor, Marvel. It will give you an insight into some of the unique aspects of the Paradise chip but essentially, it's a fantastic sound quality.

You will have hands-free phone calls, you will also have Bluetooth for any device. Any device with Bluetooth, these hearing aids can be paired with.

So now we've got that in a CROS.

With the CROS and the BICROS systems that we set up, the CROS part of it, Phonak will be releasing a CROSS PR, so a rechargeable model and a CROS p13, so one that runs on a size 13 battery.

The battery life 

Packshot_Rechargeable_Charger_Case_openThe CROS PR, because it is a CROS system; a BICROS system, so we're having this wireless transmission coming across from the unaidable ear to either the good ear, or the ear that's able to wear a hearing aid.

That constant transmission is very, very tough on battery life.

Phonak has said that the CROS PR will last about 12 and a half hours - and that's pretty conservative because they've said that is with four hours of TV watching.

So, streaming with the TV, two hours of phone calls, two hours of streaming music or audio from your phone, and 20 minutes in a really noisy situation, having a conversation in that day and that will bring it down to 12 and a half hours.

Most people will probably get more than 12 and a half hours, but it's definitely something to consider because your other option is to go for the CROS p13 that runs on the 13 battery and if you have those kind of days every day, the battery will actually last about six to seven days.

That may be more suitable for some, so definitely watch our videos on Paradise to teach yourself a little bit more about it.

I'm afraid in Australia we do not have an exact date for it being released, but it should hopefully be by the end of this year 2021.

You guys in the USA are pretty lucky, you've already got it so when looking at a CROS or a BICROS system, definitely talk to your audiologist about all your options, not just Phonak.

There are lots of others out there. Talk to them about what you need in terms of support and background noise and they will help you decide what level of technology to match the CROS to.

If you need any further advice please feel free to get in touch with us at Value Hearing.