Rechargeable hearing aids finally grow up

Time to Read: 4 minutes

Rechargeable hearing aids, or more accurately, Hearing aids using rechargeable batteries have been around for some time. Siemens were first to release their rechargeable hearing aids at least a decade ago. Later GnResound dipped a toe into these waters, only to discontinue their rechargeable hearing aid options soon after.

These older rechargeable hearing aids worked by replacing the normal battery cell with a rechargeable cell. You could interchange between the rechargeable cell and the normal cell and often you had to during a normal day, especially with the earlier versions.

These older rechargeable hearing aids were  fraught with issues:

  • The rechargeable battery cells are expensive ($25 each) and needed replacing a couple of times a year, so could cost more than normal batteries
  • The cells might only last 4-8 hours when a few months old, which was a problem if you wore your hearing aids more than that on average

Now there is a New Rechargeable Hearing Aid option on the market that solves these problems.

Phonak launched its new Audeo B-R range of  rechargeable hearing aids as part of its new line of Audeo B hearing aids. Now they have also launched a Behind the ear Power Hearing aid with a Built-in Lithium-ion battery called the Bolero B-PR.


Neither the Audeo B nor the Bolero B range  bring much change from the very successful  V (Venture) range of hearing aids, apart from a tweak to its design, now giving a higher water and dust resistance rating , and tweaks to its processing, improving your ability to understand soft speech.


Audeo B-R and Bolero B-PR rechargeable hearing aids are however completely new

Available in B90-R, B70-R and B50-R models, the Audeo B-R and Bolero B-PR rechargeable hearing aid has a built-in  Lithium-Ion battery rated for 24 hours continuous use including some audio streaming using Bluetooth accessories.

A three (3) hour charge using the included charger gives you a full 24 hours’ worth of use. There is also a 30 minute quick charge, which delivers 7 hour of use.

Included in the package is a travel battery pack, which we are told gives you Seven (7) days of recharging without the need to access a power point.

These rechargeable hearing aids do not have battery doors anymore, so it removes the need to fiddle with batteries completely. According to Phonak the built-in battery is designed to last for the life of the hearing aid. If anything goes wrong outside of warranty, then the battery can be replaced for a fee. In warranty, repairs are free of charge.

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