Starkey Table Mic Overview

Time to Read: 5 minutes

Difficulties hearing in noisy listening environments is one of the first things people report when they start to notice some hearing problems.

Even with optimally-fitted hearing aids, the ability to hear in situations with diffuse noise levels can be challenging (even for those with normal hearing).

While hearing aid technology offers directional microphones, noise reduction and speech enhancement, some hearing aid users may require some additional assistance. These can come in the form of assistive listening devices such as FM systems (for best performance in noise) or remote microphones (typically most effective for small groups and meetings). However, Starkey’s release of their Table Mic now offers another solution to hearing aid users who are still struggling to hear in certain situations with their hearing aids, whether it be in noise, meetings, lectures, TV or more. In fact, it can even be used by those without hearing aids. Table Mic is a remote mic with a difference.

About Starkey's Table Mic

Starkey’s Table Mic is an accessory that enables enhanced communication in both quiet and noisy listening environments. It incorporates 8 directional microphones and beam-forming technology to enhance listening in challenging environments. There are 3 modes to select from:

  1. Automatic mode (default). Place the Table Mic on a table top and let it search and find the dominant talker at any point and isolate their voice to provide up to a 10 dB improvement in signal-to-noise ratio (SNR);
  2. Manual mode. Select 1 or 2 of the directional microphones by simply tapping the side of the Table Mic you wish to focus on. The Table Mic will then freeze and isolate those beams in the directions selected, providing up to a 10 dB improvement in SNR; or
  3. Surround mode. Use the Table Mic as a portable TV listening device or remote mic for meetings and smaller group conversations where you want to hear everyone.

The Table Mic has an operating range of up to 15 metres, so can be used in a classroom or lecture environment. It uses 2.4 GHz technology to allow direct pairing to any Starkey Livio hearing aid, with no need for an intermediary device. It can be controlled via an iPhone or compatible Android Smartphone, or on the Table Mic directly and utilises a simple tap on the top of the device to turn it on, and to increase/decrease the volume. A full charge takes 2 hours and offers up to 12 hours streaming time. Battery life is shown on the Table Mic LED indicators, with low battery warnings audible in the hearing aids as well when there is less than 1 hour of battery life remaining.


Table Mic can also be worn and used as a remote microphone to stream the voice of the person wearing it directly to the hearing aids. Its in-built accelerometer and gyroscope will automatically sense which direction is up and focus its microphone in that direction.

Another use for Table Mic is as an audio streamer - it can stream audio from any device that uses a 3.5 mm audio out jack such as a TV, stereo, computer, and more. Lastly, Table Mic doesn’t need to be used with a hearing aid. It can be used with wired headphones to benefit anyone who would like to make hearing more effortless in quiet and noisy situations. 

Starkey’s Table Mic is a multi-purpose accessory that is ready to stream sounds to all Livio hearing aids (Livio, Livio AI, Livio Edge AI), and is truly a multi-function accessory, offering assistance with TV, a remote mic and remote control all in one small package.