The first 24 hours wearing your hearing aids

Time to Read: 5 minutes

If you are new to wearing hearing aids, you might just be surprised by what you hear straight away. In the controlled environment of the clinic you'll be experiencing sounds and conversation with greater clarity.

Your specialist may have even run through making and taking calls steaming directly to your ears. For a first time hearing aid wearer, the experience is truly quite remarkable.

So, what might your first 24 hours be like after you leave Value Hearing?

Young attractive woman in glasses driving a carTravelling home

You might be surprised by all the sounds you hear when heading back home - the sound of the engine when you key the ignition, the clicking of indicators, even the sound of tyres on the road. We have had one client convinced that something was wrong with her hearing aids because of a strange noise she could hear. When asked to describe the sound, it turned out that she was describing the sound of tyres which she'd never heard before.

Back home

What are you likely to notice? The squeaks and clunks of the garage door as it opens; the 'snick' of the front door as you close it behind you; the different sound your footsteps make as you move from tiles to carpet. Do you hear the sound of a ticking clock? What about the 'click' of the kettle as it switches itself off?

Watching television will also be a new experience. The first thing you might notice is the volume is too loud. Once you've turned it down to a comfortable level, you're likely to find that watching TV is much more enjoyable. If you've elected to get a TV connector, the sound of the TV streaming directly to your ears via your hearing aid.

Friends eating at a restaurant  and looking happyA bite to eat

Your clinician will likely to have mentioned that your voice is going to sound different when you hear it through your hearing aids.

But did you know that you are likely to be surprised even chewing and swallowing will sound a little different in your ears?

This will be amplified (pardon the pun) by having a receiver in your ear which but it is something you will get used to over time.

Heading for bed

After such a busy day experiencing new and forgotten sounds, it is time to give your ears (and your brain) a rest from all the sounds you're experiencing.

Take this time to take a look at your hearing aids once more and familiarise yourself with its parts. If you have a battery hearing aid, be sure to open the battery door to switch off the aid, and give it time to breathe.

If you have a rechargeable hearing aid, remember to put it in its docking station so it will be on full charge for you in the morning.

young woman jogging in city park at early morningThe next day

Put your hearing aids in as soon as you wake up. Even when the house is quiet, there are still sounds you will hear and this is very important for your brain to get used to hearing sounds, even the quiet ones. The more you practice listening, the easier it becomes in more trying circumstances such as dining out in a restaurant or going out shopping.

However, don't wear your hearing aid in the shower - they are water resistant but they are not waterproof.

Most of all... enjoy!

Wear your hearing aids all day and make a note of all the sounds you experience. The more active participation you make in hearing and listening, the more benefit you will get from your hearing aids.

Also, bring your observations to your next appointment. Giving feedback to your clinician will enable them to give your additional advice and as well as fine tuning of your hearing aids to ensure they are effective and comfortable.