What are the best hearing aids?

Time To Read: 6 minutes

There is a lot to consider when purchasing hearing aids. The first question we’re asked is which hearing aids are best.

We give you five top tips to finding the best hearing aids.

There are:

  • Ones that you wear
  • Ones that best address your hearing loss
  • Ones that offer the best warranty and service
  • Ones that invest in research and development
  • Ones that will be with you for the long term

The best hearing aids are ones that you wear

If you’re not wearing your hearing aids most of the time, you are not getting the best value for your money or for your ears!

Your hearing aids should be comfortable and effective to wear for a minimum of four hours a day.

If you're not wearing them for that long each day, you're not getting the full value.

We help you maximise your success with hearing aids. In fact, our clients have a better than 95% success rate in wearing their hearing aids.

Value Hearing has a clearly defined client journey which provides education and on-going support.

Ones that best address your hearing loss

A cheap hearing aid that doesn't address the most urgent aspects of your hearing loss is not the best value for your wallet or your ears.

Your hearing specialist should be taking the time to comprehensively test your hearing, including the all important speech-in-noise, and take the time to understand your needs and your lifestyle.

Some clients consider vanity over function when looking at hearing aids but making the choice on looks alone is a waste of time and money. Your hearing specialist should be able to tell you why they recommend one make and model over the other for you.


Ones that offer the best warranty and service


Depositphotos_34395091_s-2019All of the major hearing aid brands in Australia offer excellent products. Value Hearing is an independent hearing aid clinic which means we recommend the very best hearing aid to suit your unique hearing loss.

Hearing aid manufacturers offer three year warranties (Oticon offers four years). However some people make the mistake of buying hearing aids overseas in the they are belief they are getting better value than purchasing hearing aids here in Australia.

Manufacturers are under no obligation to service hearing aids bought overseas. And in some cases, software supplied by the manufacturer to Australian audiologists does not support the programming of hearing aids purchased overseas.

If a manufacturer chooses to warrant an aid bought overseas, it is typically for one year only, which means you are missing out on two years of cost-free service and repair.

Money back guarantees

Free short-term trials don’t give you an accurate view about whether a hearing aid will work best for you in the long term.

Wearing hearing aids which have been specifically programmed for you every day over a decent length of time is the very best way to ensure long-term success.

Value Hearing offers a 60 day money back guarantee to give our clients peace of mind that they’ve made the right choice.

Ones that invest in research and development

Hearing aids have changed remarkably over the years. And thanks to advances in technology, they’re only going to get better, more effective and more discreet as time goes on.

Purchasing hearing aids from a manufacturer who actively invests in research and development will help ensure your hearing is supported in the present and in the long term.

Ones that will be with you for the long term

Working in partnership with your audiologist means you will get the best possible use from your hearing aids, including being empowered to clean and care for your aids and attending regular appointments to ensure they are being optimised for you and your hearing loss.