Why Can't I Have The Same Hearing Aids As My Friend?

Time to Read: 8 minutes

I didn’t think I had hearing loss but my friend Mandy recently got hearing aids and she was just raving about them.

Well, not at first.

It wasn’t until I asked her about her hearing that I knew she had them at all.

You see for a little while now, I noticed she didn’t participate in our book club conversations as much anymore, but last month she was the one leading the discussion. I thought it was because she really enjoyed the book.

Anyway, she showed me her hearing aids and I couldn’t believe how small they were! They fitted right into her ears - not much bigger than a peanut. When she had them in, you wouldn’t know she was wearing them at all.

I just had to try them for myself.

Yes, yes, I know... it doesn’t sound very hygienic but when you’ve been friends for more than 50 years, then you tend to do these things.

Well! What a revelation! I heard sounds I haven’t heard in years. Everything is much brighter, louder. I couldn’t believe I was missing out on hearing the wrens nesting in the bush outside my dining room window.

Mind you, these hearing aids weren’t very comfortable, but I can imagine that won’t be problem to get ones like that to suit me. After all, they’re just like getting a pair of glasses, aren’t they?

As I mentioned, I didn’t think I had hearing loss, but if I’m honest with myself, I’ll admit that hearing the grandchildren and going out to restaurants has been difficult over the past few years.

I decide to make an appointment to have my hearing tested.

Strange, I thought getting my hearing tested would be like going to my local optometrist.

You know: pop into the shop, get tested, make a selection from the array of products and go home with a brand new set of ears.

I couldn’t be more wrong.

First of all, my hearing test was far more comprehensive than I thought - it took more than an hour!

The audiologist explained to me about the frequencies I couldn’t hear, as well as why I had so much trouble hearing my friends when we dine out at restaurants or the high voices of my grandchildren.

She assured me that there was a hearing solution that would suit my hearing loss.


I tell her all about my friend Mandy’s hearing aids and how I wanted a pair exactly the same.

Well, imagine my disappointment when I was told that I couldn’t have the same small, in the ear hearing aid as my friend.

Why? I ask.

She explained that my years and my hearing loss are unique to me. My ear canals are not the same shape as my friend’s; nether is the pattern of my hearing loss. She also told me the small hearing aids would make me feel blocked up and not work as well in noise for my needs. 

She recommended a behind the ear model. I was surprised at the size of it. They are really small. I have earrings bigger that those!

I’m still not convinced, but I agree to at least try them on.

Wow, the sound is impressive - even better than when I tried on Mandy’s hearing aids. When I look in the mirror, I can’t even seen them behind my ears. My audiologist tells me I can even choose a colour that blends in with my hair, so no one needs to know I’m wearing them.

The audiologist explains some of the features she knew I’d like - the multi-directional microphones, the Bluetooth connectivity, even rechargeable ones which means I don’t have to bother with those fiddly little batteries.

Now I get a better understanding why an invisible hearing aid is not the right one for me and why I can’t have the same hearing aids as my friend Mandy.

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