Why I Hate My Hearing Aids

Time to Read: 4 minutes

Depositphotos_8529389_xl-2015I hate the fact that I need hearing aids.

I don’t want them.

I didn’t really want to have my hearing tested. I was nagged into it.

I hate the fact that I was ushered into a doctor-like surgery and treated like a patient.

I hate the fact that I was spoken ‘at’ and not ‘to’, you know, like a real human being - ‘Hello, I’m here, I can hear you… well, mostly hear you’.

I hate the fact that I was rushed through the process and left spat out the other side with a bill for $8000-$10,000.

What am I going to do with these useless things?

I hate the way they look. Everyone is going to think I’m old and useless.

I hate them.

They’re too fiddly. What do you mean I’ve got open the wretched things to turn them off every night?

I hate the sound of them. Everything’s too loud. They give me a headache.

I gave it a go but I reckon I hear better without them. So they’re sitting in the drawer and have done so for the past two years.

No one has called me to follow up, to ask if I needed anything, to offer help. Just more proof that they’re all rip-off merchants.

That’s why I hate my hearing aids.

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If this sounds like you, then we want you to know that we understand.

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