Widex Moment Review (2020)

Widex Moment Hearing aids are reviewed and ZeroDelay Technology explained in this video by our resident Audiologist, Emma. 




Hi there, I'm Emma from Value Hearing. And in this video, I'm going to give you an overview of the latest Widex hearing aid, the Widex Moment which was released back in March 2020. So, Widex have been around as a hearing aid manufacturer for 65 years. They are known as being particularly innovative in our industry, being the first company to introduce a digital in-the-ear hearing aid, for example. They're also known as being a very natural sounding hearing aid.

So they really pride themselves in having a very natural sound quality that allows their users to access even the softest sounds in their environment. But then when there are large sounds, to find them, very, very comfortable.

They also strive to offer excellent customer service. And I can definitely vouch for them here in Australia as offering brilliant support and brilliant customer service. Their technology, their hardware is also known as being very reliable. Widex Moment Hearing Aids are definitely the most cosmetically appealing hearing aids they've ever released. They've also introduced the new model, the Widex RIC RD which is fully rechargeable, using the lithium ion technology. Back in 2018, they released the Widex Evoke, which was a hugely successful platform for them.

At that time they released a rechargeable hearing aid using the z-power technology, which was silver zinc. They've now moved across to lithium ion. As far as lithium ion rechargeable hearing aids go, they have now created the smallest option in the market. It takes four hours to charge it, and that gives you between 20 and 40 hours of charge, depending, of course, on how much you are streaming.

This hearing aid is fully using the 2.4GHz technology. So it has made for iPhone technology and it is also Android ready. We're just waiting on an update for that to become available. So Widex now have the fastest digital signal processing available in the industry of 0.5 milliseconds. The industry average is between six and eight milliseconds. So what does this mean for you? Well, if you're someone with a mild to moderately severe hearing loss, what will happen when you come in to see us in the clinic is that we're likely to fit you with an open hearing aid.

Now, what this means is that we're creating a little bit of a hybrid situation where we're allowing the low frequencies where you're still hearing well to enter the ear naturally. But we are amplifying the middle or the high frequencies, for example, through the hearing aid. What this can mean is that there is a little bit of a discrepancy between the time it takes for the sound that's entering naturally to reach your ear and the sound that's entering the hearing aid being processed and exiting the receiver and entering the ear.

What this can lead to is the perception that it sounds a bit like listening through a microphone. Now, this does not happen to everyone, and most people do get used to it because the brain is a wonderful thing. But to have the option of offering you something that sounds more natural, works faster and is easier to get used to is wonderful. These hearing aids come in 13 different colour options in the receiver in the canal. Their receiver in the canal hearing aids also have three different form factors and they have three different custom hearing aid options available as well. This is Widex's is most durable hearing aid, with improved microphones, more nano coating, meaning they are more dust and water resistant. In fact, they are IP-68 rated. These hearing aids are available in four levels of technology.

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