Who is Value Hearing and who are they best for?


Value Hearing is a unique, client focussed,  independent hearing care provider in Australia, with a number of company-owned (not franchised) brick-and-mortar hearing clinics throughout Australia

Our clients told us they chose Value Hearing because they were:

  1. Ready  to achieve the best hearing improvement while working with a knowledgeable professional who puts the client first, then listens and takes the time to understand their hearing loss and needs before making appropriate recommendations. 
  2. Frustrated by feelings of isolation in noisy social situations and who wish to hear as comfortably and clearly as possible in these challenging situations again. 
  3. Under significant pressure from friends and family to do something about their hearing and want a caring and compassionate professional who will take the time to guide them through the process comfortably. 
  4. Confused by their hearing loss and all the hearing aid options available out there and need someone compassionate, patient, and informed to help guide them to their optimal solution while explaining things in easy to understand language. 
  5. Constantly annoyed by  having to ask people to repeat themselves or answering incorrectly to everybody else’s amusement and want a knowledgeable clinician who can assist them without judgement.
  6. Facing difficulty or ridicule at your work, because they are unable to hear clearly in meetings or on the phone and need a provider who understands how to address these situations effectively. 
  7. Disappointed with their experience with other providers, finding them to be expensive, pushy, unprofessional, uninterested or impatient and want someone who is focussed on the client and their best interests.   
  8. Searching for their next set of hearing aids, but demand better performance and better service than they’ve had previously. 
  9. Finding their current provider lacks the interest, care or ability to get their hearing aids just right, despite several attempts and they just want hearing aids that work.
  10. Confused or overwhelmed by the available hearing aid options and just need a solid, evidence-based recommendation that doesn’t go straight to the most expensive options available
  11. Concerned with the negative impact that less than optimal hearing aids have on cognitive health and want someone who uses gold standard practices and follow-ups processes to ensure optimal hearing
  12. Prepared to insist on  working with someone who is knowledgeable, experienced, service focussed, cost-competitive and up to date with current technology and best practices.
  13. Wanting a clear and full understanding of their hearing loss and appropriate available options without any sales pressure. 
  14. Sceptical about hearing clinics and hearing aids, but really need something that works well without being “sold to”. 
  15. Concerned about being at a disadvantage when looking for hearing aids due to the lack of transparency in the industry and the multitude of options available. 
  16. Disappointed with their experience with  hearing aids in the past, having  found them cumbersome and unsatisfactory or have experienced poor follow-up that resulted in  expensive hearing aids sitting in the drawer. 
  17. Put off finding an audiologist because they worry about the difficult journey of getting used to someone/something new. 
  18. Unsure whether their current audiologist could improve their hearing with their recommendation.
  19. Tired of dealing with a provider that doesn’t listen to them, cannot seem to get things right or simply doesn’t follow-up until it is time to sell you again. 
  20. Shocked at the replacement costs for lost hearing aids.
  21. Anxious about buying new hearing aids, for fear of choosing incorrectly or paying for something that won’t make a difference. 
  22. Expecting things to be right, quickly, and effectively at a reasonable price.
  23. Ready for a refreshing, unhurried, comfortable experience, where time is taken to understand their problem and to explain the issue in easy to understand language without any sales pressure. Taking care to understand their questions and concerns and address them in an informative, helpful and compassionate manner. 
  24. Ready for an experience that will make them excited about their hearing again. 
  25. Ready to feel confident in their choice of hearing aid and hearing provider.
  26. Upset by the recommendation of  an expensive hearing aid they cannot afford with no obvious alternative given, but really need help. 
  27. Mindful of price, but still deserve professional, compassionate care and helpful follow-up.
  28. Ready for hearing aids that perfectly suit at a reasonable price with no sales pressure. 
  29. Frustrated by the minefield of hearing aids and unprofessional, salesy hearing clinics. 
  30. In need of hearing aids, but don’t want them, and yet are willing to talk to someone who takes the time to understand and help make hearing aids an easy part of everyday life. Our clients discover they don’t actually mind needing hearing aids, after all. 
  31. Frustrated by biased opinions, lack of transparent pricing, and high cost of hearing aids.
  32. Struggling with the fact that they’re too young to have hearing aids and need someone who understands and cares and with whom they can have genuine discussions geared to better understanding their loss and options with no sales pressure. 

Value Hearing provides gold-standard clinical processes combined with client-focussed services to deliver the best long-term hearing improvement possible. Our clients are adults with hearing loss, who are either self-funded or who are eligible for government hearing support.  


Our services include:

  • Hearing checks
  • Comprehensive hearing assessments 
  • Tinnitus and diagnostic hearing assessments 
  • Speech in noise testing 
  • Unique Hearing aid selection 
  • Real Ear Measurement-based hearing aid fine-tuning 
  • Hearing aid fittings
  • Hearing aid repairs  
  • Hearing aid training

Value Hearing continues to grow and delight our clients because we are very different from the available alternatives in these important ways: 

  • We are completely customer focussed and we compassionately guide you to clearly understand your problems and appropriate solutions without any sales pressure. 
  • Value Hearing is audiologist-owned and independent from manufacturers. This allows us to provide the most appropriate hearing aids for your particular hearing loss and needs at reasonable pricing.
  • We see you as a partner in your hearing improvement journey and work with you, rather than working on you, to fully understand your problem to best achieve your hearing goals. 
  • Our very unique hearing aid selection process is not available anywhere else and has been designed to find your best solution quickly and accurately, while keeping optimal value and long term outcome front and centre.
  • Any contact with us, in person or via our website, has been designed to be an empowering experience, leaving you better informed than before with your questions answered in a way that makes sense to you.
  • Our clients rave about our high levels of professionalism, service, and customer focus despite receiving highly competitive pricing. We have hundreds of client reviews and testimonials all over the internet attesting to this.