4 Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss

The number of people across Australia searching for ”hearing tests near me” on Google is on the rise. Roughly 3.6 million people in Australia are facing hearing issues, and this number is predicted to continue increasing over the coming years. This increase is in part due to recreational and occupational noise exposure, which is a common cause of permanent hearing loss. It is therefore important to take care of your hearing health and take preventive steps to protect it.

1.  Follow the 60:60 rule when listening to music: If you want to protect your hearing, always remember to regulate sound levels when listening to music. Don't go above 60% of the maximum volume for more than an hour (60 minutes) daily.

2. Start using earplugs: If you spend more than 5-6 hours in a noisy environment every day, you should use earplugs to ensure that the loud sounds are not permanently damaging your ears. Several kinds of earplugs are available for purchase at affordable prices that are also simple to use.

3. Don't insert things in your ear: From cotton swabs to bobby pins and even keys, many people often use these items to clean or scratch their ears. Doing so can potentially damage your eardrum and lead to hearing loss. If you suspect you have earwax blockage, always visit a trained audiologist or GP and opt for professional ear wax removal methods that are safe and effective.

4. Limit alcohol intake and quit smoking: Did you know that alcohol and smoking can negatively impact your hearing? Heavy alcohol and cigarette consumption increases your risk of developing hearing loss.

Don’t ignore your hearing health. There are several reputable audiology clinics in Perth, Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, and other Australian regions that can provide services like wax removal, hearing tests, and tinnitus assessments.

If you are concerned about your hearing, or are experiencing hearing difficulties, the first step is to have a hearing test. Search for ‘hearing specialists near me’. An audiologist in Perth can help guide you in managing your hearing concerns. If you have been diagnosed with hearing

loss, you can find reputable independent audiologists who can provide a wide range of hearing aids in Perth and nearby areas on Google.

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