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Understanding Your CROS Options for Single-Sided Deafness

by Pauline Primrose-Heaney

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The number of people across Australia searching for ”hearing tests near me” on Google is on the rise. Roughly 3.6 million people in Australia are

Importance of Having an Audiologist for your Hearing Health

by Christo Fourie

An audiologist is a professional who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss and balance disorders. There are several reasons why

How to improve our hearing in 2023: 4 Effective Exercises

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Have you been worried about your hearing health? Are you experiencing early hearing loss signs and symptoms like difficulty hearing conversations in

When Prosecco & Chatter Drown Out Your Superhero Hearing Aids

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Once upon a time, I found myself at an International Women's Day Prosecco Brunch, surrounded by a lively group of 80+ ladies aged 35 and above. It

How does yawning affect hearing and how we hear ?

by Christo Fourie

Yawning is a common bodily function that is often associated with tiredness or boredom. However, did you know that yawning can also affect our

Hearing Aids with Bluetooth Connectivity

by Billy McCaw

Hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity offer a range of benefits for individuals with hearing loss. These devices allow for seamless communication

A History of Hearing Aids

by Cara Sutton

Hearing aids have come a long way since their earliest inception in the 17th century. The first hearing aid, known as the "ear trumpet," was a

New Custom rechargeable Hearing Aid - Resound One

by Pauline Primrose-Heaney

How Well do you Hear during Festive Social Events?

by admin

As the festive season rolls closer, we are all reminded of how tricky it can be to hear in noisy environments. Many people will be throwing Christmas

Once you work with an independent audiologist, it is hard to go back

by Christo Fourie

With so many hearing care options now available in Australia, why is choosing an independent hearing clinic the best way to go? One of the most

Preserve those thinking skills!

by Christo Fourie

Hearing aids help to keep your cognitive fitness in tip top shape.

About Phonak Lumity Hearing Aids

by Sarah McCullough

Swiss hearing aid manufacturer Phonak has recently released its latest platform of hearing aids - Phonak Lumity. This platform follows on from the

Hear Better in Background Noise

by Christo Fourie

For people with hearing loss, the number one complaint reported most often is that they cannot hear well when there is background noise, or when they

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