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Why you should pop into Value Hearing for a chat with our audiologists:

by Lizette Fourie

Our top-notch audiologists here at Value Hearing have been carefully selected. When we scout for audiologists to join our team, we're particular

How to Check an Audiogram Test for a Hearing Loss Patient?

by Billy McCaw

A pure tone audiogram test is a common way to assess the degree and type of hearing loss in a patient. The test measures the patient's ability to

How do I get a Hearing Test in Australia?

by Cara Sutton

Hearing loss is a common problem that affects many people in Australia. If you suspect that you may have hearing loss, it is important to get a

Hearing Aid Fittings for Lifestyles

by Cara Sutton

Choosing a hearing aid that fits an individual's lifestyle is crucial in ensuring that they are able to fully utilize and benefit from the device.

A History of Hearing Aids

by Cara Sutton

Hearing aids have come a long way since their earliest inception in the 17th century. The first hearing aid, known as the "ear trumpet," was a

How Well do you Hear during Festive Social Events?

by admin

As the festive season rolls closer, we are all reminded of how tricky it can be to hear in noisy environments. Many people will be throwing Christmas

The Importance of your Hearing Support Team

by admin

So, you have just been told you have a hearing loss, and you might need hearing aids. This can be a lot of information to process all at once and

Once you work with an independent audiologist, it is hard to go back

by Christo Fourie

With so many hearing care options now available in Australia, why is choosing an independent hearing clinic the best way to go? One of the most

Hear Better in Background Noise

by Christo Fourie

For people with hearing loss, the number one complaint reported most often is that they cannot hear well when there is background noise, or when they

Do I need hearing aids?

by Christo Fourie

Whether a loved one or a professional says: "you need hearing aids", it can come as quite a shock and frankly be a bit upsetting. You may experience

Unitron: An introduction

by Emma Russell

Time to Read: 10 minutes

Oticon More - Update

by Emma Russell

Time to Read: 7 minutes

Do noise cancelling hearing aids exist?

by Jacqui Carling-Rodgers

Time to read: 7 minutes

Brain Training and Hearing

by Jacqui Carling-Rodgers

Time to read: 8 minutes

Invisible hearing aids - What you need to know

by Christo Fourie

Time to Read: 8 minutes Many people want the smallest, best, cheapest and most reliable hearing aids all in on product. Unfortunately, such a single

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