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Introducing the new Phonak Paradise CROS

by Emma Russell

Time to Read: 6 minutes

Hearing Aid Trials: Free Vs. Paid

by Emma Russell

Time to Read: 8 minutes

The Hidden Costs of Hearing Aids - Part 1

by Emma Russell

Time to read: 12 minutes

‘White/Private label’ hearing aids. What are they and how do they impact you?

by Christo Fourie

by Christo Fourie

Introducing the Hearing Aid Buyers Companion

by Jacqui Carling-Rodgers

Time to Read: 3 minutes

Unitron: An introduction

by Emma Russell

Time to Read: 10 minutes

Top 10 Hearing Aid Advances Since 2015

by Emma Russell

Time to read: 10 minutes

A brand new hearing aid from Oticon - Emma's initial thoughts

by Emma Russell

Oticon is about to release a new hearing aid! Emma discusses her initial reactions and thoughts on Oticon's latest hearing aid, "More". Due to be

Beltone Imagine Review

by Emma Russell

Introducing Beltone Imagine

by Pauline Primrose-Heaney

Time to Read: 7 minutes by Pauline Primrose-Heaney When it comes to hearing aid manufacturers, many people in Australia may be less familiar with

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