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Our Perth Hearing Centre

Value Hearing is an independent and specialist hearing/audiology centre located in Ardross, Perth, close to Shirley Strickland Reserve, named for the famous Australian runner. We perform some of the most comprehensive hearing assessments in the industry. We also stock a large range of hearing aid brands, makes and models. Our experienced in-house audiologist will take the time to find the perfect hearing solution for you. Our skilled audiologist take into account your level of hearing loss, budget, lifestyle and many other factors when selecting your best hearing solution and we will even custom fit your hearing aids. The service doesn't stop there though, we will also educate you about your ears, your hearing condition and provide ongoing aftercare and support. Our knowledgeable staff provide the highest level of hearing expertise, exceptional customer care, top quality ethical hearing aids and an on-going aftercare program that is far more comprehensive than that of other providers. When you opt to get your hearing solution from Value Hearing's Perth clinic, you'll receive:
  • Lower prices.
  • 3 Years of clinical support.
  • 3 Years of battery supply.
  • Unlimited follow up appointments within the first 60 days of your hearing aid fitting.
You won't find better value anywhere else - we want to enrich your life as best as we can. Come and see us for a no-obligation, free hearing aid discussion appointment. There is no catch, just great value brought to you by our caring, innovative and expert team who are continually striving to offer the best possible services for you. Call now on 1800 157 429 or click here to book an appointment.


Our Perth Hearing centre is located close to the corner of Risely St and Canning Highway in Kearns Crescent (very close to Risely Street). We're on the ground floor of 16 Kearns Crescent so no need to worry about stairs. There is plenty of free parking available around our clinic. Our Perth Hearing Centre is manned full time and has appointments available from Monday to Fridays 9am to 5pm.

More About Our Hearing Centre in Ardross Perth

Value Hearing is a specialist hearing centre that operates various clinics throughout Australia. We strive to providing life changing hearing solutions for our valued customers. It isn't just about our low hearing aid prices. We are very proud of our lower prices, especially for the high quality hearing aids that we stock. We want to provide and fit you with a top quality and customised hearing solution that will offer you true value and enhance your overall quality of life. Based in Perth, we are an independent and privately owned hearing aid retailer, as well as an audiology clinic. Unlike some of our competitors, we can select a hearing aid solution that is customised specifically for your needs and your level of hearing loss. We stock and sell a huge range of hearing aids across various brands and types. With a comprehensive range, we can provide you with more options and choices to suit your individual hearing needs. Many of our competitors are limited in the hearing aids that they offer which can be restricting and often results in customers not getting the best hearing solution. Our comprehensive hearing tests means that we can pinpoint the model of hearing aid that you need from the hundreds available, without over-prescribing technology you don’t actually need. We want to change your life for the better and provide the best after sale support that we can. Call now on 1800 157 429 or book below at our Perth hearing clinic.

Staff Members

Alisha Hardwick

Audiologist // Perth


Alisha Hardwick graduated from the University of Western Australia’s Masters in Clinical Audiology in 2005. She completed her one year clinical internship at Western Hearing Services and went on to work for the company for a further three and a half years. During this time Alisha had the opportunity to gain wide ranging experience in paediatric and adult diagnostics, Central Auditory Processing assessment, tinnitus management and the prescription of hearing aids. After achieving a high level of proficiency in these fields Alisha chose to focus her attention to the area she found most rewarding, adult rehabilitation and she joined the team at Value Hearing.

As a current member of the Audiological Society of Australia she holds a current Certificate of Clinical Practice and works within the Society’s Code of Ethics. As a university qualified Audiologist Alisha enjoys the opportunity to extend her knowledge by regularly attending industry events and professional development courses. In a healthcare industry where many clients have come to find themselves confused or disillusioned Alisha is committed to providing an honest appraisal of your hearing needs and prescribing a product that is most suited to your individual requirements. As Value Hearing is independently owned Alisha can fulfil this commitment without bias and has access to products from every hearing aid manufacturer.

Alisha was raised in regional Western Australia and has had the pleasure of experiencing both county and city life. She brings a variety of experience to Value Hearing and delivers the highest level of client service. In her personal time Alisha likes to keep fit and in 2009 completed her first marathon. She also enjoys living by the coast indulging in water sports including swimming, kayaking and occasionally surfing with her husband and family.

Dr. Raza Hashimi

Audiologist // Perth


Dr. Raza Hashimi has been with Value Hearing since 2018. He has Doctorate in Audiology from University of Florida (USA) and a Masters of Clinical Audiology from the University of Western Australia. He has been an audiologist since 2008 and he is an active member of Audiology Australia and committed to ongoing professional development.

What gives you the most satisfaction in your role?

The satisfaction that client expresses when they report back on improvement in quality of life as a result of improved hearing in their day to day life.

What is the typical reaction of a client once they’ve experienced improved hearing?

Clients are pleased and happy with the quality of conversation that they can now have as a result of improved hearing.

What’s been the most memorable reaction you’ve had from a client?

A client became very emotional after being fitted with hearing aids and when she noticed significant improvement in her hearing, as she was told by her GP and specialist ENT that she would not benefit from hearing aids due to the extent of perforation on her ear drums.

Customer care really means something

You are very lucky to have the Perth team in your employ, as we, the clients are very fortunate to have access to them. Deidi is always warm and welcoming. To Sarah, 'customer care' really means something. And Alisha is an absolute star, always pleasant, friendly, helpful, and informative. A dream team, indeed. Nigel Gray - Perth

Bob McCarthy

“After realising that my hearing had deteriorated to a point that I was missing out quite a lot in general conversations and interactions with others I carried out some web research and came to the fortunate decision to contact Value Hearing in Perth for an initial appointment. From the outset I was most impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of all the staff and by my comprehensive and unhurried assessment by Alisha. Since purchasing my first pair of Phonak Smart V aids in January 2011, I have continued having regular reviews and adjustments, plus updated my original devices twice (once in 2015 and again in 2019), to make the most of the advances in technology. Having such a trusted audiologist like Alisha to assist with my ongoing hearing problems has been appreciated immensely. I could not rate Value Hearing as anything less than 10/10” Best wishes Bob McCarthy

Clinic: Perth, Technician: Alisha Hardwick, Product: Phonak,

David Chapman (Perth)

What a great experience with Raza today. He was very professional, kind and considerate in ensuring that both my wife and I were fully rehearsed in the use of our hearing aids. What an asset Raza is to Value Hearing. Many thanks for our excellent service today.

Clinic: Perth, Technician: Dr. Raza Hashimi, Product:

Nicole Parnaby (Perth)

The staff are very kind and understanding, Raza spent a lot of time explaining everything, I am very excited about my new Hearing Aids, I can hear so many things I couldn't before.

Clinic: Perth, Technician: Dr. Raza Hashimi, Product:

Ian Whyte

I came to Value Hearing several years ago, after I had a rather unsavoury experience with two audiologists in probably the best known (because of their aggressive marketing) Western Australian audiology firm. I had an excellent audiologist with them at first, but alas, she left. -For some reason..... From her teaching, I found myself telling her replacement the facts of audiology 1.01 Not cool. Next I scored a technical genius in that firm who screwed up an audiological work reference. In a way that impressed the reader with his understanding of audiology, this buffoon managed to cast nasturtiums on my hearing, and so caused a series of flaming hoops in my recruitment process which took nearly three months to resolve. -A learned, stumbling nincompoop. A bloody buffoon. Totally unimpressed, I googled the name of my first audiologist and found her with Value Hearing ! So inspired, I placed my trust with you, and have had several good audiologists since. You have a great management team here in support too, and I enjoy the relationship. Furthermore: I get far better monetary value ! What a contrast to that other mercenary organisation...... ! Christo, "Value Hearing" lives up to its promise and I look forward to a long relationship with you.

Clinic: Perth, Technician: Alisha Hardwick, Product:

Sue Alexander

I expect like many of your clients, I am not the first to have gone through testing through the larger corporation type hearing services throughout all Australian suburbs. I went through two lots of testing, very basic and although not pushing of any products or insisting I would be so much better with hearing aids, both times , I left feeling that I had little real knowledge of my hearing loss causes or whether my hearing could be guaranteed to improve with the addition of aids . This lead me to believe, there was more research to be undertaken on my part, that is time and where does one next go to find this information. BINGO, a glowing reference from a very satisfied Value Hearing Customer who had traveled my path but had also invested in hearing aids at both of the services he attended with an outcome of very little satisfaction and many dollars spent. Well, this kind of verbal satisfaction review from an intelligent and contented aids wearing man saw me with an appointment the very next week! Although I drove a long distance across the city and not such a confident driver, what a delight to enter the rooms of Value Hearing with courteous, exceptional reception staff, tea offered, directed to toilet facilities if needed and then WOW, ushered in to meet the Audiologist , a thorough history taken and then the commencement of the physical ear check, complete with my ears photographically displayed on a large screen in real time and everything about my ear explained , including the wax level, the reason I was feeling some itchiness of the ear related to a little dermatitis. This level of technology blew me away and although I have a nursing background and view client ears on a regular basis, I believe that even people without this knowledge would benefit from seeing their own internal ears leading to a better understanding at the end of their consult, why and how they have their hearing loss. As my consultation continued I was to be even more amazed how this advanced technology would unfold to demonstrate to me the levels of my hearing loss,(not just explained via a paper graph) the reasons for the loss, how it could be improved and once I selected the aids of my choice to have the improvement demonstrated to me in almost a life style scenario when the crowded bar room screen video was adjusted noise level wise to show how adjusting my aids could improve filtering out the background noise. Do I regret my choice of choosing Value Hearing or the cost? No way, I am certain that there is no way I will be seeking any alternative services or expressing negative thoughts to any family or friends but the exact opposite. Although very few people have even detected my wearing of hearing aids and that includes the six doctors I work with, the ones, particularly a sister I have told, my message has been "do yourself a favour, at least go have an appointment  at Value Hearing, you will come out with confidence re your loss and then make a choice to continue with a follow-up appointment and I am sure you will be as satisfied as I have been". I know I can make an appointment at any time or at least talk via a phone call if I am unsure of anything about concerns or the product. Almost daily I wear my aids from waking time to bedtime, find them so easy to adjust the volumes and discreetly if in company and being a woman with my hair style still in place. I have a special sister, Coral and even though she is so busy at the age of 73 years, single-handedly raising a granddaughter from week 5 to now an active 11 month old, she will soon, on my advice be making an appointment  with Value Hearing at Applecross and just this last week after reading some of the emails from you, have been able to tell her that your company includes seeing and helping Pensioners. If ever a lady needed to make things easier for herself which would include a change from her current problematic aids into easy to maintain, stay in place aids that the baby would have less trouble displacing, I would be delighted for her.

Clinic: Perth, Technician: Christo Fourie, Product: Phonak,

Peter Mueller, Lesmurdie WA

Value Hearing is superb. I went to three different hearing aid providers and yours was head and shoulders above your competition (Bloom and National Hearing)! The information and guidance I got from Hanny was excellent and flawless. She is a not only a delightful person, but also extremely competent and patient. She is also very punctual, as I never had to wait to see her on appointment time. Deidi at the reception makes you feel welcome every time you walk in. Thanks for all the good coffees! I highly recommend Value Hearing in Ardross to any prospective client in Perth.

Clinic: Perth, Technician: Product:

Brian G - Perth

After first attending 3 different hearing clinics I discovered your company online. I was amazed at the comprehensiveness of your initial test. You then explained in detail how hearing works and put a camera in my hear so I could have a look around. The last clinic I had attended was a well-known not for profit organisation that had recommend a top of the range Phonak model at a cost of over $9,000. You explained that with my straight forward hearing loss a mid-range aid would do the job just as well, a saving to me of over $4,000. That was 3 years ago. I chose the after care package and been wonderfully looked after by your Perth staff. Unfortunately well-meaning doctors are still sending pensioner patients to high cost hearing centres where they pay far too much and don't get the personal level of service that your company provides. I can't thank you enough for providing a cost effective alternative to the mainstream hearing clinics.

Clinic: Perth, Technician: Alisha Hardwick, Product: Phonak,

Ray Furfaro

Dear Christo, As you know I have had some bad experiences with other hearing aid specialists, as I have had hearing problems for many years. I also was shocked to learn that you don't have to be a qualified audiologist to conduct hearing tests. When I came to you. I gave you my hearing aid, and asked what do you charge for it, and it was nearly half the price. Every time I come to your Perth branch, I am warmly greeted by my name, which is touching. All your girls (am I allowed to say this, or should I say persons) are such a delight to talk to. Your qualified audiologists are so caring. Apart from the extensive tests, then they ask about your lifestyle, so they can recommend the best hearing aid suited to you. So not only are you the cheapest, the service is nothing like I have ever experience, your staff really care about me. I know you will go from strength to strength.

Clinic: Perth, Technician: Alisha Hardwick, Product: Phonak,

Ann - Perth

Personal friendly service. I feel that I have been listened to and given options. What I thought was a disability head been turned in to a managed condition and the staff approach made it fell normal.

Clinic: Perth, Technician: Product:

Peter D - Perth

I have been a client since October 2014 and have valued the service you and your staff provide. In the last couple of days, I have taken the opportunity to look at your new website and the updated information, vision and values. Firstly, I must complement you on the new direction. Secondly, the new website which works well on PC and mobile. I must compliment Emily for her efforts in fitting and maintaining my Nera Pro hearing aides. I came to Value Hearing as I was not satisfied with a hearing aid or service that had been provided by another organisation. Having Ménière's disease, I felt that what I had read in much of the literature was true; that is people with Ménière's experience difficulties in the fitting of hearing aides. What I appreciate now is that with the a highly skilled audiologist selecting and fitting the most appropriate hearing solution these difficulties can be overcome. Emily has truly excelled in providing my hearing solution. I also appreciate the additional information and services that Value Hearing provide. I know I can easily access the information from your website and enjoy reading the newsletters that are sent.

Clinic: Perth, Technician: Product:


I have now settled down to life with my new Oticon Alta 2 Pro ITC hearing aids.  These were a replacement for my previous Oticon Epoq aids, which were approaching 8 years of heavy  usage.  I have now been using hearing aids for well over 30 years, used a number of different brands, and the technology advances in that time have been spectacular, not to mention ever increasing prices from the reputable manufacturers.  The Alta 2 Pros are very well matched for my specific needs, as I would expect from a top of the line device.  Value Hearing was able to deliver and fit these at a significant discount compared to my previous supplier (which has now been owned by Oticon for a number of years). I would like to thank you and particularly Alisha, Julie and Madi from your Applecross (Perth) Clinic for the excellent service, organisation and value for money that has characterised my relatively short association with your business.  I have interacted with a lot of Audiologists in the past and have to say that Alisha is a stand out.  Her communication skills and technical competence have been an absolute pleasure to experience, not to mention her easy-going manner and significant time management skills.  Both Julie & Madi have also looked after me extremely well, and were also able to help me with some very prompt and reasonably priced repairs to my old aids, which I had managed to submerge in the laundry at home.  I am now able to keep them as an effective backup in case of any problems or accidents with my new ones. I have already recommended my Sister to the girls and from what I hear, her experiences with fine tuning her existing aids have also been very positive. I would be pleased to act as a referee for your business and your staff, should anyone require that additional confirmation. Looking forward to a long & successful relationship.

Clinic: Perth, Technician: Alisha Hardwick, Product:


I had been using hearing aids for a couple of years & I was not happy with the results. Initially I wore them for 10 hours a day 7 days a week but as time went on I was only using them on odd occasions as I began to lose interest because the benefit was of a doubtful quality. My attention was drawn to hearing aids by Siemens and with the benefit of hind sight from my previous experience I then looked around for a supplier. Fortunately this research found Value Hearing & Tinnitus Solutions. I was in a position to obtain a price for a specific brand & model so my comparison was indeed like comparing apples with apples. Not only was I comparing the price for the hearing aid but also for the testing, fitting and after service. Value Hearing came up with the best price which was many thousands of dollars under some of the other clinics. So then came the test & fitting. I rated this as 10 out of 10 which is a bit unusual for me. I could not find  any fault at all & to rate it as 9 out of 10 would have been unfair. I have only had the hearing aids for a couple of days & I am back to using them for 10 hours a day & some of my previous problems have dis appeared already. I'm sure that with help of Value Hearing I am going to enjoy many years of better hearing.

Clinic: Perth, Technician: Product: Siemens,


Being xMilitary I had a benchmark that I expected in terms of a professional, accurate & thorough hearing assessment & consultation.  Those on the "outside" may not know that routine yearly hearing assessment is part of life in the military & given the operational necessity of some positions in the Forces IMO the staff & facilities for Defence members hearing assessment are commonly of a very high calibre. Unfortunately my first experience of a "civi" street hearing assessment fell far short of my expectations & in addition the "discounted" purchase cost quoted was enough to choke on. I don't consider donning a headset for a 5 min test, at a desk by an open window & then enduring a hard sell sales pitch even remotely close to professional. In hindsight I should have just taken the headset off, laughed & walked out before the consultation was finished. But being on unfamiliar ground I succumbed to the sales pitch pressure & laid down the required sizable deposit. However, for days after, thankfully, I could not shake the feeling something was terribly wrong. So embarking on what I should have in the first place, some thorough research had me looking very closely at Christo & Value Hearing. Things were looking good; too good in fact & I was skeptical. But I could not ignore the clear information & advice of the VH website & staff via a phonecall, the range & vastly reduced pricing of products, many unbiased favourable reviews (from various sources) & the fact that when Christo only had the Perth office people were travelling from "interstate" to see his team & still saving as well as getting superior service. Looking at the appointment length alone of anything other than a "quick hearing check" told me that this organisation takes testing, assessment & advice very seriously. What could I lose? Well I would potentially lose my non-refundable deposit to organisation "A", but even so at the very least I would still save several thousand $ going to VH. Three years down the track, my skepticism may have been justified given the industry, but Christo's VH team is a Prince among Thieves. There is no doubt for the self-funded these devices are expensive little beasts but at least at VH the expense is made as palatable as possible & you know you are not subsidising loss of profit margins for other business models & clients. Would I recommend Value Hearing? Yes, absolutely & I already have on numerous occasions without hesitation & will continue to do so. If you have made the decision to invest in a hearing solution then do your sanity, wellbeing & hip pocket a favour & choose Value Hearing. Regardless of the saving these are still expensive products but with Value Hearing you can be confident you are getting the best advice, care, service, & value for your money. I can only hope that Christo & his team/s are around for a long time to come.

Clinic: Perth, Technician: Alisha Hardwick, Product:


"I originally saw Christo because of the great prices he was advertising. Now 6-7 years later the great prices still exist but it is has been the service (thanks Christo, Alisha and admin staff) which has kept me going back to Value Hearing. I live in Geraldton (about 5 hrs drive from the closest clinic) and Value Hearing always accommodate the difficulties associated with that distance"

Clinic: Perth, Technician: Christo Fourie, Alisha Hardwick, Product:


I’ve only been a Value Hearing customer for just over 2 weeks but have wanted to get a few things down in writing before I forget them! J I had known that my hearing was not fantastic and had slowly been getting worse for a number of years, exacerbated by the fact that I was pretty much deaf in one ear due to an acoustic neuroma. I woke one morning a few months ago and noticed a step diminishment in the hearing in my “good” ear, something that had happened a few times in the previous few years but would then return to it’s previous level after a few days. This time it didn’t. It prompted me to ask about this next time I saw my GP, on the off chance there was a wax plug or something similar to explain it. However my ear was clear so my GP recommended a hearing test and gave me the contact details of a nearby clinic. I was very happy with the service I received at this clinic. As well as the basic hearing test I was tested for speech recognition, etc. The audiologist was very professional and explained things well. I was given a quote for 4 different hearing aid options (I later discovered that these were all from the same manufacturer). The most expensive option was the Juna 9 hearing aid @ $6,300 for one. I then spent the next week googling information about hearing aids, hearing loss, and costs. It soon became apparent, mainly from discussions I saw in some user forums, that things were not always as they appeared. I was also concerned about the link between some hearing clinics and hearing aid manufacturers. This prompted me to use the “ask for a quote” button on the web sites of a number of local Perth hearing clinics, specifically for the Juna 9 aid mentioned above in the original quote. I received an immediate email response from Value Hearing acknowledging my request, and letting me know that I would receive a quote soon. An automated response no doubt, but reassuring all the same. The next day Jodie (Shipard) emailed me with the quote, along with other information about Vaule Hearing (I only received a response from 1 other clinic, and that was 4 days later). Imagine my surprise when the quote for the same Juna 9 hearing aid was $6950 for a PAIR, compared with $6300 for ONE from the original hearing clinic I was tested at. I replied to Jodie saying I actually only needed one, due to being deaf in one ear, and cheekily asked if one aid would be half that price (not expecting that it would be). The reply was basically yes (+$250). But more importantly Jodie mentioned that as I had no hearing in one ear there was the option of a Cros, made by Phonak. This was never even mentioned by the other clinic, obviously as their “brand” did not have that type of unit/technology. I then decided to take up Value Hearing’s offer of a  free hearing aid discussion with an audiologist. This is when I met Emily (Cook). Now I’m not sure exactly how long these free discussions are meant to last but 1 ½  hours later I left Emily’s office! In the end, even though I had my previous results, Emily essentially retested my hearing, including a much more thorough speech recognition section than my original test at the other clinic. She also provided her suggestions and recommendations as to what she thought was the best solution for me, along with some quotes with varying support levels. I was ready to sign up there and then but just wanted to go through a couple of things with my Financial Director (wife! J) first. The next day I contacted Value Hearing to say that I wanted to go ahead with the purchase of the Phonak V70 with the Phonak CROS II. A week later Emily fitted me with my hearing aids.  Wow, what a difference. It only took me a day to get used to them. The CROS II works really well. I can’t believe how bad it sounds when I take them off now. I had to tell the family to stop shouting at me, as I can hear them now. I can also listen to the TV at the same volume level with them as well. No-one really notices them, but I happily point them out and tell people how great they are, and the story of the cost and of clinics and manufacturers. I shouldn’t forget to mention Madi (Rowe), who has also been very helpful in setting up appointments and reminders. I’m due for my first “tune up” appointment with Emily this week and can’t help but look forward to it. She’s back from a 2 week holiday that I hope she’s enjoyed. J In summary, great prices, but just as (or more) important has been the service. Both in terms of quality and responsiveness. The other big plus obviously is being independent of all the hearing aid manufacturers, and therefore being able to really tailor a solution specific to the individual and their unique hearing loss characteristics. Thanks to everyone

Clinic: Perth, Technician: Product: Phonak,

Marino Benvenuti

Hi Christo, On arriving home I done some googling and found the Value Hearing website, it had so much information about the ins and outs of hearing loss, different brands of aids available and the testimonials were truly amazing to read. I immediately contacted your Ardross office and Julie booked me an appointment with Emily. My appointment day arrived and the thoroughness of testing by Emily to arrive at the best possible result was amazing. I saw the insides of my own ears for the first time. The test result was in line with previous tests but I had more knowledge of where I was at, ALL information Emily gleaned about my hearing loss she shared with me. I had never had this level of care since my very first personal audiologist some 50 odd years previous. Emily also offered me a complimentary trial set of Phonak BTE aids which I took up along with a very affordable quote for new Phonak Q50 BTE aids some 25-30% cheaper than competitors. These competitors endorsed the complimentary aids offered but would not match the deal. My hearing loss is unique in many ways and Emily did have issues setting them up, however she persevered and called in the services of Phonak Australia representative Anne- Marie and between them they have hit the jackpot. These aids are truly amazing, 4 programs, no more feedback ringing, Bluetooth for my phone, personal mic, product backup etc, I can now hear much better than I have had for some time. Christo, you have a good team here at Ardross, Julie, Emily, Madi, these girls are a credit to you, so courteous, friendly, precise, it is a pleasant experience indeed to walk into that office. Someday I hope to meet you also, I commend you on your customer philosophy you preach. I will certainly spread the word. Thanks for being there helping the hard of hearing people of our communities.

Clinic: Perth, Technician: Product: Phonak,

Perth Client

I have worn BTE hearing aids nearly all of my life, 66years,  being diagnosed with nerve deafness  in my first year at school. WA Education Dept supplied me with an aid all through my schooling years. I have had many different audiologists and suppliers but I always preferred the Phonak brand. Having lived in  WA’s wheatbelt for most of my life I found them to be very reliable and good value for money. I always had 2 sets of aids, 1 set for work and the other for social/ home use. This year August 2015 I decided to upgrade  my social/ home set and sought an appointment with my local hearing supplier here in Armadale WA. On the day I discovered that my personal audiologist had moved on and I had a stranger do all the necessary tests and unprofessionally present me with a quote price for new BTE aids which was exhorbitant to say the least and not my preferred brand either. They did not deal in the Phonak brand.

Clinic: Perth, Technician: Product: Phonak,


I have had such an excellent experience with the people from Value Hearing , especially the Ardross clinic. This is not in only getting the initial issues addressed but the follow up and long term care is beyond comparison. I recommend Value Hearing to anyone with hearing issues.

Clinic: Perth, Technician: Product:

K D - Beechboro

Thank you Alisha for a very professional consult and explanation. You were extremely helpful and I appreciate all the help and advice you have given me. After care and assistance was readily available for which I am very thankful. I have now had my hearing aids for over a year and have not had any problems. It has changed my life remarkably and my wife and collegues also appreciate the changes. I would have no hesitation in recommending you.

Clinic: Perth, Technician: Alisha Hardwick, Product:

R B - Rockingham

Since my last meeting with Alisha and Rachael, all I can say is that everything you wrote in your previous emails regarding, listening to the customers needs, plus the level of service was absolutely spot on. My wife also commented on how very professional each person we had contact with within your team , and how knowledgeable they were within their field of expertise. This also includes Julie who's front of office manner was so highly professional and welcoming. With only a short time to get my new hearing aids fitted and the sound correctly adjusted, I was much appreciative to the time both Alisha and Rachael gave to me to ensure that I was fully satisfied with my new hearing aids. I can now go on our holidays with the peace of mind that I have comfortable and correctly adjusted hearing aids. Please pass on my sincere thanks to each one of them for me . Thank you so much.

Clinic: Perth, Technician: Alisha Hardwick, Product:


“I had noticed a change in my hearing and could no longer put off finding a new audiologist.  I just knew it meant goodbye to the old friends my existing hearing aids had become and a hard period of adjusting with the new.  A quick search online and I was drawn to Value Hearing Services by their testimonials.  It wasn’t so much the free initial hearing test that attracted me though that was a bonus but the testimonials stating fantastic customer service. I went in for my appointment and Julie, the receptionist, greeted me with a genuine smile putting me instantly at ease.  Alisha Hardwick was my audiologist that day and with her too I was very much at ease.  That was important for me as communicating with someone about my hearing can be difficult but not with Alisha she made it easy!  After checking with me first she took the time to explain what an audiogram means.  I have been wearing hearing aids for 36yrs and it was amazing to me that no one had thought to explain it to me before.  Thanks to Alisha I was able to make informed decisions about my hearing future. I have had my new hearing aids for 3yrs now and after a couple visits for minor adjustments I have been able to move forward with my life.  I like the reminder emails they send to have your hearings aids checked to make sure they are still working fine and then check up before warranty expires. I would and have recommended Value Hearing to anyone who feels they need to have their hearing checked or have noticed ringing in their ears.  I do that knowing that the staff at Value Hearing will take good care of them and only offer what they genuinely need. Warm regards to all the team and keep up the good work!”

Clinic: Perth, Technician: Alisha Hardwick, Product:

Denise Castillo

Selecting a new hearing aid for me is extremely stressful as I have had a couple previous to going to Value Hearing and was never completely happy with them. Oh so happy now with my new hearing aid. Alisha was amazing, so so patient and resassuring, there was not a thing she could have done more to assure me my aids were perfect for me and right she was, they are wonderful. I can hear at meetings, I can hear the TV and people are commenting to me how well I am hearing, so that makes me feel so very confident. I recommend anyone to go to Value Hearing as they really give you the best service.

Clinic: Perth, Technician: Alisha Hardwick, Product: Siemens,


“Sourcing an important item such as a hearing aid is not something I would normally do over the internet but when I came across Value Hearing and the prices being charged I HAD to consider it. I live in Melbourne and had visited audiologists to obtain quotes on the type of hearing aid I wanted. When I worked out the expenses, even with airfares and accommodation, it was still worth my while going to Perth to see Christo. I contacted Value Hearing and discussed with Christo my options and finally made an appointment. I must admit I was very dubious of attending a clinic without any referral or recommendation and did not know what to expect. When I arrived I found a modern building and well presented offices. I found Value Hearing (and Christo) to be friendly, understanding and very professional. I could not fault them in their care for me and would recommend them to anyone. It was well worth my trip. I had a holiday in Perth, the make and model aid I had chosen in Melbourne with funds over as well. Thank you Christo."

Clinic: Perth, Technician: Christo Fourie, Product:

"Sharzi" - Shara West

I was born profoundly deaf and have faced many challenges so far on my journey of life. Maybe this is why I am a "challenging" client for an audiologist to handle? :-) The past 10 months have been difficult, a stressful journey with the new hearing aids I purchased and this finally ended two weeks ago when another caring audiologist introduced me to Christo.............. If you want an audiologist who listens to you, shows their passion, dedication, professionalism, but at the same time being casual and at ease, shows empathy, genuinely cares, provides the best service to you, and is very competent with the computer programs and software, I have full faith in recommending Christo! To have my life back and living like a normal person again, is worth more than winning lotto! Priceless...... I will be recommending Christo wherever I go, and have full confidence Christo's business will be successful, and he will have many happy clients! I'm already one of them!! Thank you Christo from the bottom of my heart...

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Karen Moloney - Como

I came to see Christo after a less than satisfactory experience with another Hearing Service provider that was restricted to recommending and selling a particular brand. Christo’s business is outstanding in the respect he can compare and recommend the most appropriate aid regardless of the branding. He is not restricted by a parent company. Come and see Christo if you want outstanding knowledge and professionalism and an unbiased recommendation for a hearing aid to make your life easier. After purchasing my hearing aids ( 22% less expensive than I would have paid elsewhere), I now wear them everyday with comfort and am able to participate in conversations in all sorts of crowded and noisy situations. I am extremely pleased with the attention and service I received from Christo. I would not hesitate to recommend his business to you. If you needed glasses there would be no hesitation. If you think you need a hearing aid, don’t hesitate catch up with Christo at Value Hearing.

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Mark Schneider

Thanks Christo, my new Phonak hearing aids have greatly improved my life. Their sound quality is outstanding, the Bluetooth connection means I can now use my mobile phone with ease and they even look great! I couldn't be happier with them and with the excellent service you provided. I thought I'd never be able to afford such excellent hearing aids but I saved thousands of dollars by buying them through Value hearing & Tinnitus Solutions. I'll certainly be recommending you to other people.

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Gerald Kerrigan - Myaree

For several years I wore hearing aids that I found very uncomfortable. I put up with these as I thought they were helping my hearing. Some of my friends were wearing a different type of aid and spoke highly of them. l noticed that Value Hearing & Tinnitus Solutions of Applecross advertised this type in the "Have a Go" newspaper and contacted Christo Fourie, the Senior Audiologist & Proprietor making an appointment to discuss my needs. I found Christo to be both professional and caring and he was able to show me several models suitable for my hearing loss. I came away with very comfortable, barely noticeable hearing aids "on loan" for 48 hours to enable me to "try before you buy". The very thorough testing of my hearing loss prior to fitting of the aids and the follow up service since then has been terrific. I can now tolerate wearing hearing aids all day, carry on a conversation in a group situation, talk on the telephone without remove my hearing aids and have the volume control on the TV at a level that is comfortable for other family members. I do not hesitate to recommend Christo Fourie of Value Hearing & Tinnitus Solutions to anyone looking for value service and personalised care.

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Don Thornhill

Just a few lines to say thank you for restoring my hearing to almost as good as it was before my hearing started to fail fifteen years ago. The ”PHONAK" aids you supplied me with are the finest I have ever had. The first night I wore them I was at a social event which was very noisy and had loud music playing and yet I was able to hold a conversation without any difficulty at all which was something I had previously been unable to do. Also in the thorough and professional way in which you conducted my assessment, and your explanation of my hearing problem. The “iCom" digital wireless system which allows me to use my mobile phone through my hearing aids was an added bonus which means I no longer have to depend on other people to make my telephone calls. I have been singing your praises to all my friends and would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone with a hearing problem, also the fact that you saved me over four thousand dollars on a set I had previously been quoted by my former supplier. Once again Christo a heartfelt thank you from a very grateful client.Perth

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Anonymous Perth client

I started having hearing problems over 10 years ago and have dealt with the same audiologist in that time up until this year, 2010. I have major tinnitus problems and the people I dealt with never seemed interested all they did was sell me hearing aids and fob me off. Thankfully a family friend did a bit of research for me as he knew I was unhappy. He came across Christo’s webpage and suggested I make an appointment. Christo was so empathetic to my problems and after a very thorough appointment which, covered everything I walked out with a set of demo hearing aids all set up for me, at no charge for a week and also a trial of the Phonak Icom. I was blown away to be honest, that someone would be so trusting and I felt so emotional as for the first time in years my tinnitus was under control - no more ringing in the ears. We did have a few teething problems along the way, but nothing was too much trouble for Christo and I never felt stupid which, some people make you feel. I am so happy to say after saving $2000.00 dollars and being able to watch TV at a reasonable level due to my Icom and also talk on my mobile as clearly as if I had normal hearing. Needless to say I bought the Phonak Icom which is with me all the time. I cannot thank Christo enough for what he has done for me he has turned my life around. All of you people who have hearing difficulties will relate to what I mean. My life was terrible due to bad hearing 24/7. I will never hesitate to recommend Christo to anyone I know who has hearing difficulties. Nothing is ever a problem for him and he will fit you in at anytime and listens to every word you say which is nice. anonymous Thank you so much Christo

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Could you please pass on my thanks to Julie and Alisha for their warm welcome today and professional assistance at my assessment? The process from walking through the door was an amazing experience in today's world. I felt personally welcome and gained complete assurance and information about every step of the way. While I still have a few weeks to try the new hearing aids, I feel that my several hours since getting them have proven their worth, quality and effectiveness. Thank you again for the impressive quality of the customer service that I received. From my general experience, it is at a level rarely experienced in today's society. Well done, to you all, and thank you. With warm regards,

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I feel the need to express my gratitude to Alisha and the staff at Value Hearing for the courtesy extended to me from the first time I phoned to get an appointment to my most recent visit. I cannot speak highly enough in this regard. I personally picked behind-the-ear hearing aids by Phonak and have never been so pleased with the vast improvement to nearly all of my hearing requirements. They are so comfortable to wear I often forget that I’m wearing them and the neat, small size makes them hard to be seen by others. An added bonus was the price which was about $2,000 to $3,000 less for a pair … excellent value for money. The amount of attention given during the initial test process far exceeded what I had experienced elsewhere. I got the impression that Value Hearing could not have done any more tests to rectify my hearing loss. I have no hesitation in recommending Value Hearing to any prospective clients.

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I recently called your practice to enquire about purchasing hearing aids. On my visits I was attended to by your Senior Audiologist, Alisha Hardwick. This lady is indeed a credit to your organisation and my wife and I were most impressed by her friendly and helpful attitude and her obvious expertise when explaining the details of hearing aids. We were fortunate in choosing Value Hearing and Tinnitus Solutions after visiting various other hearing aid companies. The quality of the services provided was excellent. In conclusion please convey our sincere appreciation to Alisha.

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Irma H.

Over several years, my partner, (I'll call him T), and I have been to several audiology clinics trying to find a way to improve his hearing. He has trialled a number of hearing aids in this time with two major and expensive purchases. They amplified sound - but that amplification extended to the sound of a child squealing in a restaurant 20 metres away or a woman unwrapping a sweet 10 metres away. I got used to seeing T wince when some unwanted noise blasted his hearing. In the end with both of these expensive pairs of hearing aids, he pretty much gave up because the adverse affects far outweighed the benefit. T described the sound through these hearing aids as artificial - electronic or tinny; not at all like natural sound. This year, 2011, T decided to try one last time to find better hearing aids. But he said if this pair didn't significantly improve things, he wouldn't bother again. It was now or never. He went to a local audiology clinic, was tested and was quoted the prohibitive sum of $12,430 for a pair of hearing aids. What we were unaware of then was that the supplying clinic was wholly owned by a single manufacturer and thus alternative brands were not offered nor considered. T was offered their hearing aids whether or not their brand had the best solution for his particular situation. But it was the very steep price that was just too much for T (as a self-funded retiree) to pay. At this point I got to googling. And thank goodness I did, because I found Christo Fourie's Value Hearing website, and that was the beginning of a short and easy journey to unbelievably improved hearing for T, greatly improved quality of life for both of us, and thousands of dollars of savings. Everything on the Value Hearing website made sense and rang true. I became aware that most of the audiologists we had previously dealt with had narrower training and experience than Christo. Also, importantly, Christo offered a broad range of quality brands. The testimonials were very impressive - and I can now vouch for how true they are. T phoned Value Hearing and was impressed at the informative and transparent response he received from dedicated business manager, Jodie, who said Value Hearing could supply the same hearing aids (for which T had locally been quoted $12,430) for $8,700. A massive saving of $3,730. So we made an appointment to see Christo in Sydney. At our first meeting, Christo listened closely and with empathy to T's description of his experiences with hearing loss and with hearing aids. It was obvious Christo understood the physiology and the lifestyle effects of hearing loss and the science of audiology. He patiently answered all our questions so that we were comfortable each step of the way. The hearing test was done meticulously and Christo said there were two Phonak options he would recommend for T's particular situation, and clearly explained the options. Both represented a further considerable saving on the $8,700 T had thought he was going to be up for. T made his choice but the alternative remained an option pending a trial. Christo explained that Phonak hearing aids (he calls them 'instruments') have an advanced microprocessor that is capable of instantly reducing audio input if a loud noise is detected. Christo demonstrated by clapping loudly. I looked over at T, expecting to see him wince. But no - indeed, just as Christo had said, the hearing aids had instantly compensated for the loud noise and, for the first time, I believed that T had hearing aids that might work well for him. When T and I left the clinic, I was surprised to find that, on Elizabeth St with the busy traffic passing by, T easily heard conversation without being disturbed by the amplification of traffic noise. More surprisingly, he could hear me when I was speaking at normal volume on his right. It had been more than ten years since he could hear speech to his right. Over the years I had learned to always walk or sit to his left. Pretty much a miracle, really, that he could now hear me when I was on his right - even with other noise around us. We went home for the two-week real life trial before returning to Christo for possible adjustment of the instruments. From the very first day, the instruments improved T's hearing - so much so that at the end of each day, he didn't want to take them out, they so comfortably and naturally improved his hearing. Two weeks later we returned for the adjustment - but Christo had so perfectly set up the instruments the first time, no adjustment was required. Christo is an expert audiologist, who has developed a very professional and also caring practice - extending to his support staff. He has a wide range of hearing aid brands and models in stock - so chances are, when you go in there for your hearing test, he will be able to fit you with the best instrument for your situation, there and then. The price savings were considerable and much appreciated. But just as important was the feeling that Christo actually cares about improving people's hearing, and cares about each patient as a human being with his/her own individual needs and preferences. It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial, and to unreservedly recommend Value Hearing as by far the most professional and caring audiology clinic and best value hearing instrument supplier either of us has encountered. I hope this recommendation encourages others to check them out and see for themselves - all it takes to start is to make a no-obligation phone call. From our experience, it's the first step to greatly improved hearing. Christo Fourie and Value Hearing - they're in a league of their own.

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