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About our clinic   Our Sydney City Hearing Centre   Value Hearing is a specialist hearing and audiology clinic located in Sydney, NSW and located in the heart of Sydney’s historic CBD and a short walk from Wynyard Station.   We perform one of the most comprehensive hearing assessments in the industry with state of the art technology. This allows us to identify any hearing problems that you may have and provide the most relevant treatment right from your initial visit.   We also stock a large range of hearing aid brands, makes and models. We do not stock out of date hearing aid models, factory seconds or hearing aids that are considered to be of a low standard.   Following your hearing assessment, our experienced in-house audiologist will take the time to find the perfect hearing solution to suit your needs. Our aim is to get it right the first time.   Our skilled audiologist takes will factor in a range of considerations prescribing your hearing aid options including your level of hearing loss, budget, personal needs and lifestyle. We will even custom fit your hearing aids for you and provide you with knowledge and education about your ears, your personal hearing condition and answer every question that you may have.   Our expert staff have exemplary hearing knowledge and deliver exceptional customer care, a high standard of ethical hearing aids and an ongoing aftercare program that is far more complete than that of our competitors.   When you choose to come to our Sydney Hearing Aid clinic, you’ll receive: Expert advice Empowerment through our informative processes Highly competitive pricing, despite industry leading levels of service 100% 60 Day Money back guarantee on any hearing aid purchase for a risk free trial You won’t find better value anywhere else – we can improve your hearing and enrich your quality of life.   Visit our Sydney clinic for a no-obligation, completely free hearing aid discussion or Hearing Aid Assessment appointment. There are no catches, simply great value brought to you by our caring, innovative and expert Audiologist. At Value Hearing we aim to provide you with the most appropriate products and beneficial treatment. Call us or simply book online, directly into our schedules   Our Location   Our new Sydney Hearing Centre is located on Pitt Street in the Sydney CBD.   Our Sydney Hearing Centre is fully equipped and has appointments available weekly.   (By Appointment Only)   More About Our Sydney Hearing Centre   Value Hearing is an independent hearing centre that operates many clinics across over Australia providing life changing hearing solutions.   We are very proud to offer highly competitive prices, especially for the high quality hearing aids that we stock and the value that we add to our service.   We want to provide and fit you with a top quality and customised hearing solution that will offer you true value and enhance your quality of life, whilst still being reasonably priced.   Huge Range Of Hearing Aids   We are a privately owned hearing aid retailer and audiology clinic. We can select a hearing aid solution that is customised specifically for your needs and your level of hearing loss. We don’t upsell – we just want you to get the solution that is right for you.   We stock and sell an array of hearing aids across various brands and types of hearing aid.   At Value Hearing, we give you more choices so that you can find a product that suits your specific needs. The majority of our competitors are limited in the hearing aids that they offer which can be restricting and often results in customers not getting the best possible hearing solution.   Let Us Help   We want to change your life for the better and helping people is at the core of everything we do.

Staff Members

Pauline Primrose-Heaney

Audiologist // Sydney
About Pauline is a graduate from the University of Queensland with a Masters in Audiology Studies, Master of Philosophy and a Bachelor of Music. She joined Value Hearing in 2011. She enjoys the flexibility of being able to offer any product from any manufacturer, which means that she is able to recommend the most appropriate hearing aid for her clients, rather than being limited by manufacturing obligations. Having lived and worked in Brisbane, Hobart and Sydney, Pauline brings her experience of working with people of all ages and various walks of life to Value Hearing. She also has a keen interest in hearing protection for musicians, having completed Bachelor and Master degrees in music performance prior to becoming an audiologist.