Same-day Hearing Aids

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In today's world of instant gratification we see a lot of services offer same day benefits. You can get same day crowns from some dentists and you even get same day glasses from a limited number of optometrists.

Portrait of happy female patient showing thumbs up sign while standing with doctor in clinicDo you get same-day hearing aids?

Yes you do, but many clinics don't seem to offer this as it requires they carry expensive stock, or they might simply not allow sufficient time to allow a test and proper fitting to occur on the same day.

Same day fittings are also not possible with custom made hearing aid shells or moulds, as this would require in-house shell and mould labs, which are prohibitively expensive.

Same day fittings are possible with receiver in the ear hearing aids, fitted with domes. These hearing aids make up the bulk of hearing aids sold world-wide today. So there really is no reason, apart from a clinic's unpreparedness, to prevent this from being a reality.

Benefits of same-day hearing aids

  • Save the time and travel costs associated with arranging another visit to get the hearing aids fitted after the initial assessment
  • Ordered hearing aids can take up to two weeks to arrive, so you'll be with less-than-optimal hearing for longer. This is especially a problem for someone who's lost their hearing aids and are seeking replacement.
  • Your motivation to get started with hearing aids is never as good as when you are first tested and your results explained (if done in a caring and comprehensive manner). Waiting for the fitting creates uncertainty, which may lead to less motivation and could even mean that you decide to cancel your fitting altogether. Delaying your decision means suffering with poorer hearing for months or even years.

Smiling business team standing together with their thumbs up in successHow we do same-day hearing aids

I certainly cannot speak for other clinics, but we commonly do on-the spot-or same day hearing aid fittings. In fact about 50% of the fittings I do are done on the same day and in the same appointment as the assessment.

We achieve this by various processes:

  • Having stock of multiple popular brands and models on hand
  • Having an accurate selection process using speech in party noise testing, to help identify which model is most likely to work well for you without going to the most expensive model.
  • Allowing sufficient time for a fitting. This should be your preference for a proper, verified fitting to ensure best initial comfort and sound quality.
  • Letting you try the hearing aids in the clinic, with simulation in noise and quiet before you choose to buy them. This way you have a good idea of how they feel, look, sound and perform.
  • Asking when you book your assessment, and during our online case history form, whether you'd prefer on the spot fitting. This allows us to allocate even more time to allow for this.
  • Using online speech in party noise testing to determine the technology most likely to be prescribed prior to the appointment and making sure we have appropriate stock of the brands and models most likely to suit that loss.
  • Pre-ordering hearing aids, in the event that you know exactly what you are interested in, so that the fitting can take place at the same time.

Frequent Questions regarding same-day hearing aids

Portrait of a happy man on holidays in MiamiWhat if I am not happy with the initial hearing aid?

You enjoy two protections with us (this might vary between clinics).

1. We allow you an option to exchange where we can use the learnings gained by fine tuning your initial choice, to determine the model best suited to address these issues. You simply pay or get refunded the price difference and receive another 60 day money back guarantee on the new aids.

2. We offer a full 60 day money back guarantee. So if you decide for whatever reason that you are not happy with us or the hearing aids, simply return them in a working condition for a 100% money back refund within 60 days of purchase (no restocking fees apply).

What if I need a different colour hearing aid or different battery type from what you have available?

You can still take the less than optimal model home to start enjoying the benefits. We will simply order the same model in a different colour or with a different battery type in for you. As these features don't affect hearing aid performance, we can still use the information from your initial usage to fine tune the new "correct" hearing aids, saving you a visit.

What if I need a mould or custom tip for the hearing aid?

We would still fit you with the hearing aid using off the shelf domes, which comes in various shapes and sizes to fit most ears and hearing loss configurations. We would also take an impression of your ear/s at the initial appointment. You would wear the aid with the dome until your follow-up (usually 2-4 weeks later). Our clinicians will then fit the new moulds or tips to your hearing aids at the follow-up, saving you a visit.

Does it any extra to be fitted on the spot?

Not at all! You get the same great value  hearing aid and service at no extra charge.

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