Your hearing aid prescription may be wrong at worst and average at best

by Christo Fourie

Tune into the Festive Season

by Christo Fourie

Tune Into the Festive Season with Value Hearing's Exclusive Promotion!

Understanding Ear Wax and Its Removal

by Louise Colclough

What is the purpose of ear wax?

Enhancing Your Hearing Experience: Unmatched Service and Support with Value Hearing's Audiologists in Perth

by Emma Russell

At Value Hearing in Perth, our experienced and dedicated audiologists provide exceptional, individualised care. Renowned for their expertise in

Why you should pop into Value Hearing for a chat with our audiologists:

by Lizette Fourie

Our top-notch audiologists here at Value Hearing have been carefully selected. When we scout for audiologists to join our team, we're particular

Understanding Your CROS Options for Single-Sided Deafness

by Pauline Primrose-Heaney

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When Prosecco & Chatter Drown Out Your Superhero Hearing Aids

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Once upon a time, I found myself at an International Women's Day Prosecco Brunch, surrounded by a lively group of 80+ ladies aged 35 and above. It

Top 5 ways of Hearing Tests that have Changed in the past 10 years

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Guide on Retention Locks for the Ears

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A retention lock for the ear is a device that is used to hold hearing aids or earplugs securely in place within the ear canal. This can be especially

How to Check an Audiogram Test for a Hearing Loss Patient?

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A pure tone audiogram test is a common way to assess the degree and type of hearing loss in a patient. The test measures the patient's ability to

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