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Why you should pop into Value Hearing for a chat with our audiologists:

by Lizette Fourie

Our top-notch audiologists here at Value Hearing have been carefully selected. When we scout for audiologists to join our team, we're particular

A History of Hearing Aids

by Cara Sutton

Hearing aids have come a long way since their earliest inception in the 17th century. The first hearing aid, known as the "ear trumpet," was a

What Skills does my Audiologist have to Help Me?

by Louise Colclough

Audiologists have studied from an undergraduate degree to completing a Master's Degree, including a clinical intern period, to meet the requirement

Top Benefits of Seeing an Audiologist for Your Hearing Health

by admin

Once you work with an independent audiologist, it is hard to go back

by Christo Fourie

With so many hearing care options now available in Australia, why is choosing an independent hearing clinic the best way to go? One of the most

Myth: You Should Buy The Same Hearing Aid As Your Friend

by Emma Russell

Time to Read: 3 minutes In this video, our audiologist Emma busts the myth that your friend has the best hearing aid. She explains why you should not

Myth:  Smaller Hearing Aids Cost More

by Emma Russell

Time to Read: 3 minutes In this video, our Audiologist Emma explains away the myth that you need to pay more to access smaller hearing aids. Budget

I can hear people talking, but I can’t understand what they’re saying

by Jacqui Carling-Rodgers

Time to Read: 5 minutes

How to find the best audiologist near you

by Christo Fourie

Whether you are considering getting a hearing test, or looking for a solution to your hearing problems, you are likely to cross paths with an

The colour of noise

by Jacqui Carling-Rodgers

Time To Read: 7 minutes Did you know that sound has a colour? We take a look at the spectrum of noise and what they're used for and how they may help