Why you should pop into Value Hearing for a chat with our audiologists:

Our top-notch audiologists here at Value Hearing have been carefully selected. When we scout for audiologists to join our team, we're particular about whether they align with our Core Values - creating wow moments, having an open mind and having the guts to step beyond their comfort zones.

The seemingly small things truly make a difference, showing our clients that their hearing care is genuinely important to us. We can only craft those wow moments when we listen to what our clients express. Whenever we provide clients with a wow moment, we know we've made a difference in their lives. 

What are these wow moments?
Picture this: Your hearing aids aren't working and need an immediate fix. Our dedicated audiologists and customer support team will bend backwards to find a rapid solution. They think on their feet, and it's not unusual for them or our customer service team to personally deliver loan aids or fixed hearing aids to you. Imagine your surprise when they organise a meet-up at the local Maccas carpark to hand over your hearing aids pronto! Or when they intercept the courier carrying your repaired aids somewhere offbeat, like under a bridge, because the regular courier schedule won't get your hearing aids back to you in time.

The requirement for an open mindset is key:
Our independence sets us apart - we're not tied down to any specific hearing aid brand. We don't have sales commitments to any hearing aid manufacturers. If the hearing aid manufacturer wants to boost sales of their particular product, it has to deliver the goods, and it must commit to supporting us throughout the lifespan of the device. 

Our access to many hearing aid brands ensures we're committed to finding the best solution for you. It's a challenge for any audiologist. They need to have technical knowledge of all the products. With almost 2000 hearing aids listed on the Hearing Service Program in Australia, how do they stay in the know? 

Here at Value Hearing, our audiologists stay in constant contact via our internal chat rooms. They share their experiences, their worries and feedback from our clients about various products daily. They candidly discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly, quickly giving us insight into product challenges and empowering our audiologists to recommend the best device for you. They are perpetually learning from each other, from the latest developments and research shared, and from experience.

Each one of our audiologists must be fully accredited and comply with Professional Bodies' yearly accreditation requirements, including a certain number of hours spent on training and clinical development. We provide our audiologists with educational leave and allowances to ensure their clinical skills and knowledge stay current. We maintain an open-door policy to all our manufacturers to directly communicate, train, and support our audiologists whenever needed or requested. This includes other suppliers in the hearing care industry, such as cochlear implant providers, so our audiologists are aware of all options available to you, even if we don't provide those services or products. Rest assured that if there's a better option available for you, our audiologists will recommend it.

Your time with the audiologist is invaluable. The reason they chose this career path is simple - they care, and they want to help. They don’t want to waste hours on admin tasks or pour over product technical specs. With Christo’s belief in empowering you as a person with hearing difficulties, he also empowers the audiologists by providing tools, like Cognimatch, to cut through the noise (no pun intended!) This ensures they can confidently recommend options based on solid, up-to-date scientific evidence and your unique requirements and needs. A specific product does not drive our recommendations nor by guessing whether a chosen product will meet your needs in your everyday environments.

They've got to have a bit of guts and be willing to step outside their comfort zones. This might mean they need to have challenging conversations with you when the ideal solution is recommended, and it might not align with your expectations. For instance, if you're against an over-the-ear hearing aid for personal reasons, but your hearing needs cannot be met by a small in-ear device. We feel very strongly about ensuring you're well informed of your options, and if your choice is not clinically advisable based on your hearing needs, this will be clearly communicated. They might opt not to proceed or suggest other providers that may be better suited. They will undoubtedly support your choice and work with you to optimise the outcome, which might ultimately cost you more money, time, and potential disappointment - something we always strive to avoid.

So, why wait? If you're experiencing hearing difficulties or want to ensure you're hearing the best you can, our dedicated audiologists at Value Hearing are ready and waiting to help you out. Don't let uncertainty or apprehension hold you back. Make the call today or drop us a line, and we'll guide you through your options in a supportive, open, and respectful manner. Remember, there's no 'right' time to look after your hearing – it's always the right time. We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you experience those wow moments with us. Remember, at Value Hearing, your hearing health is always our priority.

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