Myth: You Should Buy The Same Hearing Aid As Your Friend

Time to Read: 3 minutes

In this video, our audiologist Emma busts the myth that your friend has the best hearing aid. She explains why you should not necessarily buy the same hearing aid as your friend. She talks about the ownership of Apple or Android phones, and how this impacts on hearing aid recommendations. She also discusses hearing loss, and the ability to understand speech in background noise having a huge impact on which hearing aid is best for you. 

Watch the video or read the transcript below: 

Hi there, my name is Emma from Value Hearing. 

Today I'm going to talk to you about one of the most common myths associated with hearing aids. 

That if your friend did well with a particular hearing aid manufacturer then you will too. 

Now, we hear this every week in our clinics. It really is not true, so although most of the manufacturers out there nowadays produce good quality hearing aids they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

Some of them will suit certain types of hearing loss better than others. Now, your hearing loss can be and is likely to be very different from your friends, also your ability to understand speech in noise is very individual and it's these results that partially help us decide which hearing aid manufacturer will be most appropriate to you. 

So just because your friend heard well in noise with their manufacturer, it doesn't mean that that's the best one for you. 

There are other things as clinicians we take into consideration such as the hardware, the handling and management of the hearing aids and that can really vary from one hearing aid to the next. 

Nowadays we often take into consideration the type of mobile phone you have and if you want to be able to use an app or stream from your mobile phone, for example. So if your friend has an iPhone and you have a Samsung we may recommend different hearing aid manufacturers. 

So really, when a friend is very happy with their hearing aids what you should do is find out who was their clinician, what company did they go to, if that company is independent there's a good chance they'll be able to offer you that brand or a choice of other brands.

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