Hearing and COVID-19, what do we know?

by Louise Colclough

I have been prompted to do some research because I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with Long COVID, and she asked me how it may impact her

How does yawning affect hearing and how we hear ?

by Christo Fourie

Yawning is a common bodily function that is often associated with tiredness or boredom. However, did you know that yawning can also affect our

How do I get a Hearing Test in Australia?

by Cara Sutton

Hearing loss is a common problem that affects many people in Australia. If you suspect that you may have hearing loss, it is important to get a

Hearing and Listening, what's the difference?

by Louise Colclough

It's a fairly common frustration that audiologists hear from clients/clients' families; “I don't know if they can hear me, or if they are just not

Hearing Aids with Bluetooth Connectivity

by Billy McCaw

Hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity offer a range of benefits for individuals with hearing loss. These devices allow for seamless communication

"Ringing, Buzzing, Whistling...Oh My!" A Guide to Tinnitus and Hearing Aids

by Louai Naouri

Hearing Aid Fittings for Lifestyles

by Cara Sutton

Choosing a hearing aid that fits an individual's lifestyle is crucial in ensuring that they are able to fully utilize and benefit from the device.

A History of Hearing Aids

by Cara Sutton

Hearing aids have come a long way since their earliest inception in the 17th century. The first hearing aid, known as the "ear trumpet," was a

What Skills does my Audiologist have to Help Me?

by Louise Colclough

Audiologists have studied from an undergraduate degree to completing a Master's Degree, including a clinical intern period, to meet the requirement

Guide on Selecting a Hearing Aid in the Modern Era

by Christo Fourie

The internet is full of articles detailing how to choose a hearing aid for you.

The Importance of Giving your Ears a Break this Christmas

by admin

Every individual should be protecting themselves from loud sounds as to not do permanent damage to their hearing. This means celebrating with safe

Hearing Aid Selection Re-Imagined and Re-Engineered

by Christo Fourie

Finding the right hearing aid can be a daunting task, even for an experienced hearing care professional like myself. Despite massive changes in

New Custom rechargeable Hearing Aid - Resound One

by Pauline Primrose-Heaney

How Well do you Hear during Festive Social Events?

by admin

As the festive season rolls closer, we are all reminded of how tricky it can be to hear in noisy environments. Many people will be throwing Christmas

The Importance of your Hearing Support Team

by admin

So, you have just been told you have a hearing loss, and you might need hearing aids. This can be a lot of information to process all at once and

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