Top Benefits of Seeing an Audiologist for Your Hearing Health

by admin

Ear Wax - How Do I Manage It?!?

by Pauline Primrose-Heaney

Once you work with an independent audiologist, it is hard to go back

by Christo Fourie

With so many hearing care options now available in Australia, why is choosing an independent hearing clinic the best way to go? One of the most

Preserve those thinking skills!

by Christo Fourie

Hearing aids help to keep your cognitive fitness in tip top shape.

We want all Australians to feel empowered

by admin

Christo Fourie, clinical Audiologist, and owner of Value Hearing has created a Hearing Aid Buyers Companion for every Australian to read and carry

About Phonak Lumity Hearing Aids

by Sarah McCullough

Swiss hearing aid manufacturer Phonak has recently released its latest platform of hearing aids - Phonak Lumity. This platform follows on from the

Our ear wax can tell us a lot about what’s happening inside our bodies

by Christo Fourie

It really is not my favourite topic by any means and kind of yuck to talk about but just like most excretions out our bodies, ear wax can tell us a

Quickly and Accurately Find a Hearing Aid that Works Best for You

by Christo Fourie

Choosing the best hearing aid for you can be a daunting process, especially if you are presented with a number of options, that you don't fully

A Comprehensive Hearing Test and Hearing Aid Assessment vs a Basic Hearing Check

by Christo Fourie

At Value Hearing our team of audiologists believe in empowering you! After taking the time to carefully understand your needs and hearing issues, we

Hear Better in Background Noise

by Christo Fourie

For people with hearing loss, the number one complaint reported most often is that they cannot hear well when there is background noise, or when they

Do I need hearing aids?

by Christo Fourie

Whether a loved one or a professional says: "you need hearing aids", it can come as quite a shock and frankly be a bit upsetting. You may experience

Hearing Loss, Social Isolation & Depression – R U OK?

by Billy McCaw

Managing your hearing health can have a measurable positive impact on your overall quality of life. Research has found that hearing loss solutions

How do people come to be hard of hearing in just one ear?

by Emma Russell

What are the challenges and solutions? One of the most complex forms of hearing loss is known as a single-sided hearing loss. This means that one ear

Is Hearing Loss a Hidden Risk of Gaming?

by Pauline Primrose-Heaney

People often talk about the dangers of noise induced hearing loss and how to reduce your risk of damaging your hearing due to noise. When we talk

Sudden Hearing Loss - a medical emergency

by Louai Naouri

Sudden Hearing Loss can happen to anyone at any time – here is the most important information you need to know in case it happens to you or a loved

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