Hearing Aids: What’s New in 2023?


It’s hard to believe we’re almost halfway through 2023 - the year is flying by! Technology keeps evolving, and hearing aids are no exception. The first five months of 2023 have seen some new technology releases from Oticon, Bernafon, Sonic and Unitron, and new styles released in existing ranges from Phonak, Resound and Beltone. Rechargeability improved hearing in noise, and miniaturisation continued to be the focus of these releases. So what’s new so far in 2023 for hearing aid technology in Australia?

Oticon Real 

Released: March 2023

Chipset: Polaris R

New features: Wind & Handling Stabilizer, SuddenSound Stabilizer

Technology levels: 1, 2, 3

Styles: mRITE R, mRITE T, miniBTE R, miniBTE T

Bluetooth compatibility: MFi, ASHA

App: Oticon Companion App



Globally released in March 2023, Oticon Real builds on the success of its predecessor, More. More introduced a new processing chip that used an onboard Deep Neural Network (DNN) for a completely new approach to sound processing. The result? A more natural sound quality with more realistic and balanced sound for the hearing aid wearer, even when in noise - something consistently reported by our clients. Real continues in the same vein - while the processing chip has been updated (Polaris R), it’s not a brand-new chip as we saw with the release of More. So the DNN and its advantages have carried over to Real, but with 2 new features: Wind & Handling Stabilizer, and SuddenSound Stabilizer. While these 2 features don’t sound overly impressive initially, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback from clients who have been fit with Real. The Wind & Handling Stabilizer reduces the impact of uncomfortable wind and handling noise (such as hair rustling, glasses, facemask straps rubbing over the hearing aid microphones and similar). Real is able to detect and clean up wind and handling noise at a rate of 500 times per second. What does this mean? This double-patented technology helps to improve speech clarity and general sound comfort for the wearer as it cleans up unwanted wind and handling sounds. Also new to Real is the SuddenSound Stabilizer, which uses new detectors in the DNN to monitor the sound environment and adapt to keep both soft and loud sudden sounds (keyboard clicks, dropping cutlery on a plate, for example) audible, but not uncomfortably or distractingly loud. According to Oticon, this can handle more than 500 000 sudden sounds during a typical day without compromising speech clarity, and can reduce listening effort by 22%. 

Bernafon Alpha XT

Released: March 2023

Chipset: Hybrid Technology

New features: Hybrid Sound Care

Technology levels: 9, 7, 5

Styles: mRITE R, mRITE T, miniBTE T R, miniBTE T

Bluetooth compatibility: Bernafon App



Like Oticon, Bernafon is owned by Demant, so these manufacturers (along with Sonic) often share similar technology and features in their releases. Alpha XT was released in March 2023, and is a continuation of its predecessor, Alpha. Alpha introduced Hybrid Technology. Hybrid Technology, combined with other new features focussed on minimising unwanted noises to achieve a more natural sound quality while maintaining comfort. Alpha XT uses an updated (but not new) chip and offers a new processing approach - Hybrid Sound Care. This new feature is designed to provide improved speech understanding and listening comfort in situations where there are disruptive signals, such as wind noise, or contact noise (for example, hair rubbing against the hearing aid. 

Sonic Radiant SE

Released: March 2023

Chipset: Extend

New features: WindHandling Pro, Impulse Noise Reduction Pro

Technology levels: 100, 80, 60

Styles: mRITE T R, mRITE T, miniBTE T R, miniBTE T

Bluetooth compatibility: MFi, ASHA

App: SoundLink 2 App



Another member of the Demant family, Sonic released Radiant SE in March 2023. Touted as a ‘second-edition hearing solution,’ Radiant SE is an updated version of the previous Radiant. Radiant SE offers improved control for wind, contact noise and sudden loud sounds.

Unitron Vivante

Released: May 2023

Chipset: PRISM

Technology levels: 9, 7, 5, 3, 1

Styles: Moxi V-R, Moxi V-RT

Bluetooth compatibility: Made for All (Bluetooth Classic)

App: Remote Plus


Launched in May 2023, Unitron Vivante is an update to the previous Blu. Both Blu and Vivante use the PRISM chipset, so no new chip for this release; rather just some updated features. Unitron has introduced a new AutoFocus 360 with HyperFocus, which automatically adjusts the hearing aids for improved hearing in situations with very loud noise. In addition, a new 360 Conversation in Car manual program option is available, which automatically focuses on speech, regardless of where passengers are sitting. Vivante is available in a rechargeable receiver-in-canal (RIC) style only at this stage, and comes with a redesigned charger, which is more compact and easier to manage compared to the previous charger. For those familiar with Phonak Lumity, you’ll find that the new features and charger are very similar - Unitron and Phonak are both owned by Sonova. However, Unitron continues to offer its Flex:Upgrade option in its Vivante range (Flex:Upgrade gives the hearing aid user the unique ability to upgrade their hearing aid technology to a higher level within the same family after purchasing, for a fee). 


So that’s the new technology ranges released in 2023 to-date. Now, for the additions to existing ranges:

Phonak Lumity - Audeo Slim

Released: May 2023

Chipset: PRISM

Technology levels: 90, 70

Bluetooth compatibility: Made for All (Bluetooth Classic)

App: myPhonak


Phonak released the Lumity range in September 2023. At the time of release, only 2 form factors were available, both of them rechargeable RIC styles. Recently, Phonak has added to the Lumity family - once again, with a rechargeable RIC style - Slim. Interestingly, Slim was slated to be released in the Paradise range in 2022, but it simply never arrived. Well, the wait is over. Not only is it here, it’s been released in the latest Lumity range. What’s different about Slim is its design, which isn’t a conventional hearing aid design. While not quite unique, as Signia have had its Styletto design since 2018, Phonak has put their own spin on it, by adding a 7 degree angle to the devices so that they are specific to left and right ears for a more ergonomic design. So for those with issues with wearing glasses and hearing aids, Slim may be a good solution to consider. Slim also has a brand new charger, specific to its unique design. 

ReSound Omnia - miniRIE, BTE and custom devices

Released: June 2023

Chipset: Organic Hearing

Technology levels: 9, 7, 5

Styles: miniRIE, CIC, ITC, ITE, BTE (rechargeable and non-rechargeable)

Bluetooth compatibility: MFi, ASHA

App: Resound Smart 3D


The new Omnia range was released in December 2023 - RIC devices only. ReSound are now completing the Omnia range with an almost full complement of styles - those wanting in-the-canal (ITC) or in-the-ear (ITE) styles that aren’t rechargeable will need to look at the older Linx Quattro range. However, Omnia will soon be available in completely-in-canal (CIC), rechargeable ITC, rechargeable ITE, and the full range of rechargeable and non-rechargeable RIC and BTE styles. Not only that, a brand new miniRIE (RIC) is being released. Long overdue, the miniRIE will put Resound back in the game for those who have baulked at the noticeably thicker and larger design of the previous rechargeable RIC (note that while this design looked large, it actually fit well behind the ear, so looks can be deceiving!). The new miniRIE design is more comparable to the size of rechargeable RIC devices from most other manufacturers. 


Beltone Achieve - miniRIE, BTE and custom devices

Released: May 2023

Chipset: Organic Hearing

Technology levels: 17, 9, 6, 4

Styles:miniRIE, CIC, ITC, ITE, BTE (rechargeable and non-rechargeable)

Bluetooth compatibility: MFi, ASHA

App: HearMax


Beltone Achieve - is worth mentioning for those who are interested. In Australia, Beltone and ReSound are essentially the same. However, while ReSound has been made more widely available, Beltone has more of a boutique approach, being made available to independent clinics only. The released technology is exactly the same as ReSound, with Achieve being the Beltone equivalent to ReSound’s Omnia, although Beltone does offer an entry-level product in their range that ReSound doesn’t have. The other difference? Beltone releases their products slightly sooner compared to ReSound. The new line up of CIC, ITC, ITE, miniRIE, BTE is currently available from Beltone.


So there you have it - the new hearing aid releases until May 2023. We anticipate there will be more releases towards the end of 2023, as is typical in the hearing aid industry. There are some exciting technology developments on the horizon, which we’ll continue to keep you updated about as we learn about them ourselves. If you’d like to learn more about any of the current hearing aids available and see what might suit you best based on our best practice of testing speech in noise, feel free to call Value Hearing on 1300 586 104 to book an appointment

Written by Pauline Primrose-Heaney, Senior Audiologist/Learning and Development

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