Phonak, Unitron new ITE hearing aids sell out globally in just 7 days!

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It all started with the release of the Audeo V (Phonak) and Moxi North (Unitron) range of receiver in the ear hearing aids early in 2015, followed by the Phonak Bolero V range and the Unitron Stride BTE range later in 2015. Both these sister companies are owned by Sonova, the world’s largest Hearing Aid manufacturer.

Even though both manufacturers use the same market leading 24-bit chipset, their philosophies and approaches are quite different. Phonak continues to push for better performance in noise, while Unitron is focussed on providing exceptional value for money.

Phonak and Unitron have been padding out their ranges using this new chip since its initial release Once hearing care professionals realised how well these new hearing aids perform, they have been in great demand. So much so, that when the New In-the-ear models were released in later October 2016, they were sold out globally in just 7 days. This lead to a push back of the Australian Launch from November 2015, to the new date of the 1st of February 2016.

The new in the ear range should provide equally great sound quality as the over the ear models released earlier, but in much smaller packages. This launch also brings with it the availability of directional microphones in a smaller hearing aids than had been possible before. These small directional hearing aids are the Virto V MC from Phonak and the Stride mini-canal from Unitron. For those that are wondering what the big deal is about directional microphones – They are the only significant proven way to improve the hearing and understanding of speech in background noise. So to have this available in a very small package, means more benefit to more people, discreetly.

The New Phonak Virto V and Unitron Stride in the ear hearing aids come in all the in-the-ear sizes. These include the smallest IIC (invisible in the canal), CIC (Completely-In-the-Canal), the brand new Directional Mini-canal (MC), small In-the-Canal, (ITC), Half Shell and Full shell in the ear devices. These devices suit hearing loss from mild through to Severe, depending on size.

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