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3 Must Have Hearing Aid Features for the Best Performance

by Christo Fourie

The Best Hearing Aids tend to have these features PLUS a few more niche ones for specialist applications Time to Read: 25 minutes How are you

How modern hearing aids mimic natural hearing

by Guest Contributor

Time to Read: 10 minutes Hearing aids have come a long way from what they used to be. Compared to the large devices that people with hearing

The quality difference between various hearing aid technology levels

by Christo Fourie

Time to Read: 8 minutes Hearing aid technology levels are arbitrary levels set by suppliers and hearing aid retailers separate hearing aids into

New Technology On The Horizon

by admin

Time to Read: 2 minutes

Can Hearing Aids Cause Further Hearing Loss As It Makes Things Louder?

by admin

Time To Read: 2 minutes