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Phonak Audeo B50-R - Lithium-Ion Rechargeable

Phonak Audeo B50-R - Lithium-Ion Rechargeable
  • Brand Phonak
  • Model 50
  • Device Code B477PHO
  • Series Belong
  • Technology Level Standard Level
  • Battery Type Lithium-Ion Rechargeable
  • Avg. Performance in noise
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New Rechargeable Battery

The Phonak Audeo B50-R comes with a built-in lithium-ion battery capable of providing 24 hours of hearing with one simple charge.
  • 24 hours - full day use
  • Quickest charging and no battery deterioration over time
  • Smart charging options ideal for people on the go
  • Easy handling, no more hassles with disposable batteries
The B50-R is larger than the other Audeo B50 devices however, for those with dexterity issues or who want to be able to make both volume and program changes independently, this is an advantage. The B50-R has an advanced automatic program and directional microphone system, and features a binaural telephone program to help assist listening ability on the phone. While those who have a lot of difficulties hearing in background noise would be better going for higher technology, the B50-R is good for those who wish to hear better in quiet and mild levels of background noise.The Phonak Audeo B50 R hearing aid is based on the latest 24 Bit chipset, which results in exceptional Sound Quality, less distortion in loud environments and fantastic music fidelity.

Key Features

Std Warranty
3 Years
Multiband Adaptive Directionality
Automatic features
Automatic Scene Selection, Program Changes, Noise reduction, Directionality, Volume Control, Automatic Adaptation
Connectivity Options
Ear-2-Ear Control, Ear-2-Ear Coordination, Proprietary short-range wireless connection to brand accessories, Audio Streaming between Left/Right Hearing aids
Special Features
Acclimatisation manager, DuoPhone, FlexControl, FlexVolume, IP68 rating, NoiseBlock, QuickSync, Real Ear Sound, SoundRecover 2, SoundRecover, Tinnitus Masker, UltraZoom (Standard), User Preference Tuning
Extended Warranty, TV Streamer, Extended Warranty, Several colour options, External Bluetooth Streamer, Remote control, Remote Microphone, CROS Compatible
Noise reduction
Multiband Modulated noise reduction
Automatic & Manual options
Feedback management
Advanced Feedback Management

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